newspaper fiction

Authors: funblade and amipiai, Promo Image Artist: xuunies (source)
Type: Mixed
Tag: #Future AU

SO IN A WORLD WHERE EVERYONE IS HOPEFULLY ALIVE AND GRADUATED PAST BEACON, Team RWBY grows and settles further into adulthood with a variety of professions. (Source)


Mech-armed, one-eyed Ruby, suspenders/it’s-a-combat-tux Weiss, slicked-back-hair Blake, and absolute firearm Yang are the hallmarks of this AU. Also includes some Penny and some JNPR.

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Magic: the Gathering - Hanweir Chronicle

Interesting link just put up by our fav MTG fiction writer Doug Beyer on his Tumblr Page ( linking to a new Tumblr account called ‘The Hanweir Chronicle’.

If you recall, the two of the main villages in the Nearheath are Estwald and Hanweir. Estwald is the center of woodworking in Gavony and part of the Wittal Parish. Hanweir is the agricultural jewel of Gavony. Hanweir is the site of the largest open-air market, the place where livestock are traded and trappers from Kessig bring their wares. Hanweir is in Videns Parish, and the River Kirch runs through the village, making it a bustling port where goods are brought in from the other provinces before being transported up to Thraben by horse and cart.

It appears from this lovely fictional newspaper article, things are not very pleasant in the countryside at all.  Love to read more when Doug (or the mystery writer) posts more.  For now, here’s some awesome artwork from the double-sided Hanwwier Watchkeep and Ban of Hanweir.