Always take the free newspapers they hand you when you get off the metro/train/plane in Europe. You never know when…

You’ve just arrived in Toulouse. You’re enjoying a nice walk down by the Garonne river. You sit down to read your free newspaper. In it, you read a piece about how the former president Nicolas Sarkozy is arriving that day to give a talk and signing at a local bookstore.

I probably won’t see him…and I’m sure there’ll be crowds of people at the bookstore…so it won’t be worth it to actually go…but it’s cool to know that he’s here on the same day I am!

Well I was walking along a boulevard later that afternoon, and there was a crowd of people surrounding a bookstore. I asked one of the bystanders, “Sarkozy va bientôt arriver?”, he jokingly answered, “Oui, je suppose”.

Sarkozy arrived about 10min later surrounded by bodyguards, paparazzi, and then the crowd.

As I was leaving, a woman smiled at me and said, “Il est tres court, oui?”

None of my pictures actually show him, but it was pretty cool nonetheless!

BREAKING: Trump Picks Up MAJOR Endorsement Weeks Before Election…

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No major newspapers have endorsed GOP candidate Donald Trump and in fact many papers that traditionally support the Republican candidate are supporting Hillary. Why? Beats the hell out of me. 

Well, Trump finally scored his first major newspaper endorsement of the cycle yesterday when the Sheldon Adelson-owned Las Vegas Review-Journal endorsed him for President, according to TheBlaze.

According to the newspaper’s editorial board, “[h]istory tells us that agents for reform often generate fear and alarm among those intent on preserving their cushy sinecures. It’s hardly a shock, then, that the 2016 campaign has produced a barrage of unceasing vitriol directed toward Mr. Trump.”

The Review-Journal editorial board praised Trump’s “corporate sensibility,” which they believe will help him challenge an “ossified Beltway culture” and reform the tax code. Trump’s view of the Supreme Court also played a key role in the editorial board’s thinking:

“Mr. Trump prefers nominees who recognize the Constitution’s checks on federal authority as a bulwark against tyranny. Mrs. Clinton would be a disaster in this regard.

Protections enshrined in no fewer than five amendments in the Bill of Rights could be eliminated or diminished under a progressive high court.”

Why is this one endorsement relevant? Well, a win in Nevada is pretty important for Donald and this could help. Let’s hope so.

Frankly, I believe that actual newspapers are a thing of the past, which is sad. I delivered papers when I was a kid on my Schwinn Stingray. Good times.

But with the internet and social media I fear those days are gone.




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“The Press” Fancy Dress Gown, 1866

Worn by Mrs. Matilda Butters at the Mayor’s Fancy Dress Ball on 20 September 1866, again 14 days later at the Return Fancy Dress Ball 4 October 1866 and 23 December 1867. Made by Mrs. Dobbs.

The white satin panels of the skirt were printed with pages from 13 Melbourne newspapers including the Age, Argus, Herald, Australasian, Leader Illustrated Australian News and Punch. On slips inserted between the panels, the titles of all the Victorian newspapers were printed.

via Australian Dress Register


@sixpenceee, a while back there was a snakeskin on my ceiling. Now I’ve found something even cooler. I live in a pretty old house, I think it was built in the mid 1800s, but my grandparents added an addition in the 60s. My grandmother lives in the addition. My mother, aunt and I all went upstairs looking for a leak that was dripping into my grandmother’s bathroom. We have a bathroom right above hers, and in the bathroom’s closet there’s a little wooden panel covering the pipes for the bathtub. My aunt and mom and me look in there to see if there was any water damage, and sure enough, the wood under the tub was wet. I looked around with the flashlight some more; there was a little scrunched up washcloth absorbing some of the water in there. Then I looked around the side of the tub, and was surprised to see a yellowed newspaper, balled up and crammed in there between the wall and the tub. I managed to get the newspaper out with some tongs, carefully unfolded it, and saw the date was from March 19th, 1963! I showed it to my grandmother and asked her if someone maybe put it in there to absorb excess moisture or something, but she couldn’t remember. I think I’ll replace it with a recent newspaper. Who knows, maybe someone else will find it in 60 years 

“Attention, the Gruftis are coming!” Apparently my man-thing and I are in the paper this week, and next week we’ll be on TV in a documentary! Channel MDR at 10:35pm, Thursday May 12th in Germany. Called “Mein Leben in Schwarz” (my life in black) :p

Basically HOLY SHIT. For all o’ y'all elsewhere in the world, it should be viewable online afterwards, will link when I know! We’ll be on TV again on channel ARD in June, but not sure what day. If you’re in Germany, be sure to tune into MDR this Thursday! ♡