The Post and Courier’s front page shows who we should really be talking about 

The Post and Courier’s powerful Friday front page featured all nine victims prominently just below the masthead and accurately captured the grief of the community. Most telling of all, the gunman was nowhere to be found. While this dignified may seem obvious, many other papers around the country were not as respectful.

Bangladesh in Positive Light

news feed (unsurprisingly, today many in Bangladesh receive news  through the internet. but a lot of people continue to dive into the pages of their dailies and weeklies as soon as those are delivered in the morning. in addition to radio and television newscasts, newspapers continue to offer topics for day-long discussions and disagreements to a vast audience. it’s hard to imagine this tradition of consuming news from print media will dramatically decrease in Bangladesh any time soon, but that is of course a topic for an engaging debate)

dinajpur | january 2015

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