Burn notice Traditionally, headlines were manually kerned by a typesetter, For instance, the Vo pair would not have such a massive gap between the characters. A professional would also increase the space between the last two letters in the headline. Even if this Australian-owned newspaper in New Zealand, the Sunday Star–Times, were to turn automatic kerning on, some of these issues would not have arisen. (We also spotted a hyphen in the intro that should be an en dash, or an unspaced em dash.) Photographed by Leisa Epplett, on Twitter, used with permission.


@sixpenceee, a while back there was a snakeskin on my ceiling. Now I’ve found something even cooler. I live in a pretty old house, I think it was built in the mid 1800s, but my grandparents added an addition in the 60s. My grandmother lives in the addition. My mother, aunt and I all went upstairs looking for a leak that was dripping into my grandmother’s bathroom. We have a bathroom right above hers, and in the bathroom’s closet there’s a little wooden panel covering the pipes for the bathtub. My aunt and mom and me look in there to see if there was any water damage, and sure enough, the wood under the tub was wet. I looked around with the flashlight some more; there was a little scrunched up washcloth absorbing some of the water in there. Then I looked around the side of the tub, and was surprised to see a yellowed newspaper, balled up and crammed in there between the wall and the tub. I managed to get the newspaper out with some tongs, carefully unfolded it, and saw the date was from March 19th, 1963! I showed it to my grandmother and asked her if someone maybe put it in there to absorb excess moisture or something, but she couldn’t remember. I think I’ll replace it with a recent newspaper. Who knows, maybe someone else will find it in 60 years