Ask the Steamworld Crew has hit 1k!

This askblog is still very new, and we haven’t progressed so far either in terms of the story, so we can hardly believe that we’ve gotten this much support so quickly! Here’s something we both did to commemorate the moment. :’)

Thank you so much to everyone who’ve sent ‘letters’, kind messages and gifts, and we hope that everyone will look forward to what we have planned for this AU!

(and on another note; to those who are wondering where Edd and Matt are, well… do stick around ;) Thank you guys for being so patient! )

- Mod Tom and Tord

Public Enemy?

Easton Hulks out
January 19, 2017

Easton babe, we just can’t get enough of you. Tuesday night was one hell of a night for Mousai. One question started it all. Can teachers and students be in a relationship? Is it ethical? Then the claws came out with Easton accusing his roommate Josh Williams of dropping his trousers for his professors. But which professors? We dug deeper, doing all the dirty work for you little gossips, and found Williams linked to the two photography professors and our hunk of the month. That’s right, you heard it here first. If we were giving awards for Teacher’s Pet, he’d win it.

On a similar note, new professor of photography Beau Alastair has not only been seen flirting with Josh under the guise of cooking, but he’s been linked to the bed hopping professor. We don’t know much about writing, but the only thing Strömberg is proficient in is warming people’s beds.  Izzy, Anabelle, Beau, who will be next?

We’re not just watching on campus either. Imagine our surprise last week when we it a local club and ran into Professor Lysher. For someone so standoffish at school, he sure knows how to have fun. We saw him with no only one, but two partners, swapping spit in the middle of a dance floor. If he wanted to be subtle, he should wear long sleeves and cover up the damning evidence. Now, the pictures weren’t the best quality, and we couldn’t really tell. But that sure looks a lot like a certain blond-haired performing arts student here. Could it be her? Is that you we see Georgie Sumner?

Do you have information we missed? 

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Celebrate #YourPublicLands!

The first issue of Your Public Lands, BLM’s E-Newsletter was sent out today! This monthly E-Newsletter will bring you the latest stories from across the Bureau of Land Management. Today, the BLM manages 10 percent of the land in the United States and a third of the nation’s minerals. BLM-managed public lands stretch across the nation, from the Arctic Ocean to the Mexican border, and from Key West, Florida, to Washington’s San Juan Islands. 

This year, BLM celebrates two significant milestones: our 70th Birthday and the 40th Anniversary of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA), a federal law that provides direction for the BLM to sustain the health, diversity and productivity of America’s public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. 

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Happy New Year Mousai:

This week in Mousai Gossip news, everyone is a fucking alcoholic. Professor Lysher, our neighborhood grumpster, was spotted at a local bar getting pissed with a fellow colleague. Not just once, mind you but twice!

New student, Chandler Linwood was seen stumbling across campus so drunk he couldn’t stay upright. Lucky for him, Damien Blackwood came to the rescue, walking him to his room. I’ll leave what happened when they got there to your imaginations. I’m sure anything involving Mr. Blackwood is scandalous. It’s not the first time he’s disappeared into someone else’s dorm room. He’s been seen leaving Desmond Whittemore’s dorm on more than one occasion. Is there something brewing there? But we thought Whittemore was hooking up with his roommate, and everyone’s favorite Daddy, after they were spotted making out in the halls.

We’ve also been seeing a lot of flirting between students and professors. Tell us, Mousai, who is the creepiest professor on campus? And who’s most willing to get on their knees for that ‘A?’

@mrlysher , @aiwannadrawit, @writer-damien-blackwood, @james-chandler

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Fortune Friday

Check this blog to see any updates on upcoming Fridays or Saturdays and how it fares for the general populace (and which Lunar Zodiac gains the most & least from that day)! Despite the title, I won’t be doing this every week, so make sure to subscribe!

January 14, 2017

Bodes fortune for Ox people.
Bodes misfortune for Sheep people. 

This day is best for new beginnings in your job (such as starting a new role or cross training), starting a business, negotiations and other new ventures, such as marriage proposals.

Do not do these on this day: Drilling/digging holes, entering cemetaries, refrain from large scale construction and landscaping.

Warning*~ Have caution with your money & spending habits today. Avoid contracts and other lawful areas concerning finance.

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 Erm so yeah I’ll probably start once I have 20 emails or something. 

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