Santa Fe 7/4/15
  • Santa Fe 7/4/15

Okay, here it is. You can hear the sneezes at around 1:40 

PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE IN THE CAST, ESPECIALLY DAN!! I don’t want to make him feel bad so please

anonymous asked:

give me a modern davey headcanon?

one time davey almost got run over by a car when he was crossing the street and he was like wow i’m really upset should I flip them the bird.. 

but then he completely forgot which finger to use and ended up giving them a very aggressive thumbs up instead.

Fansies this is for you

So listening to Ben’s ‘Letter From the Refuge’ dissolved me to a puddle of tears, much like Zachary’s does.

But what if Race ended up in the Refuge?

I’ve seen some of these, but I’ve attempted to write it with correct rhyme scheme and such. I tried. Please enjoy- Race’s Letter From the Refuge.

'Dear Jack,

Greetings from the motherfucking refuge.

How are you? I’m in hell. I hate it here- god, what is that smell?

Plus, somebody nicked my cigars. Oh yeah, this is Race, if ya couldn’t tell.

Synder’s an ass. Nothin’ new. Didn’t like it when I told him that, too. But my roommates ain’t so bad- he got cigars. Hope he don’t notice I stole one or two!

(Ha ha 😈)

Ya know, I kinda miss you…

With your big old dreams of out west, not lettin’ nothing block your way. And talking our damn ears off every day.

Anyways. I want out. I’m goin’ crazy just thinking about all the dumb things I could do to get out before I hear from any one of you lot.

Maybe though, I’ll sit tight. Can’t sleep and still ain’t feeling right.

So Jack, get me the hell out, and then Pulitzer, he’s gonna know what happens when you mess with Manhattan.

Callin’ on our boys in Brooklyn, let’s bring 'em to the square, and we’ll strike until our price is fair and square.

And we’ll be the kings of new-

*gets punched by bunkmate* “Ow! fuck off!”

It’ll work. We just need you. And me, you all will need me too. So Jack, better work quick, we can’t lose after coming this far.

And tell all the fellas to keep their hands off my cigars!

The end.

Your friend.

Here 'til the end

Or somethin’ better…


(Jack I ain’t kidding get me the hell out now this is no place for the king of New York.)

((This would probably make more sense sung tbh maybe I’ll record it.))