Hello! New to simblr. Kind of. I tried making a simblr before but it turned into a cc finds page cuz that’s all I ever post on there anymore. I made that “simblr” before making the twins that I love ever so dearly <3

My old page is if you’d like to see it cuz I have no idea how to change it or whatever but it’s all good.

If you have a simstagram, I’m @simese.twins ( I tried to be clever… Get it? SIM-ese twins? No? Okay. I promise I’m not that horrible at spelling. ) If you know me from there… This is literally a fetus picture of the twins.

Nice to meet you! Hopefully this blog stays nice and neat <3

New Simblr - Ivy Rowe

Ivy Skye Rowe, 21 Years Old, Willow Creek.

Ivy was born into the family of Patricia Lee and Joseph Mikael Rowe, later on down the road followed by little brother Drew Alan Rowe.

Ivy was a very bright, creative, and adventurous child. She loved to draw, paint, craft, but her favorite past time was playing outside. She was what you would call a “flower child”, and practically still is. She now meditates, is becoming a very skilled yoga instructor, and has also recently started a small family with Mr. Travis Jones. Ivy and Mr. Jones are not yet married and probably won’t end up marrying, because marriage is not something Ivy really believes in. She’s very untraditional when it comes to these things.

Ivy and Travis have a newborn son named Orion. Orion is a very, VERY giggly baby and loves the outdoors already just as much as Ivy does.

I hope that was a good, small-ish backstory/introduction to Ivy. :)


5 more followers and I’ll release my first followers gift! Thank you to all of you that have followed me already and have helped me start my little Simblr corner here in the Sims Community *hugs* ;] I was thinking as a followers gift, I would release a brand new Sim for you guys! I’ve gotten plenty of questions about the Twins so I thought maybe you guys would like that :D

Just one question: Would you guys prefer a female Sim to download or a male Sim? I’ll try not to use too much CC for those of you who don’t like a lot of CC in your game. I’m thinking of maybe just making two versions of the same Sim just one with CC and one without :] that way everyone can enjoy the gift :D

Please share  your thoughts! <3

Brief Bio

Heres’s a little autobiography for anyone who cares: 

I’m 16 years old and recently moved across the country (USA). I’m starting school again in a matter of a few weeks. One of the few things getting me through this uneventful in-between time is playing TS4 and going on CC binge-downloading sprees. 

I was just as horribly addicted to TS3 but never really expressed an interest in getting involved in the social aspect of the game until…RIGHT NOW! Feel free to message me any time if you have any tips/tricks for a girl like me just getting started. If you’ve read this far and haven’t gotten bored, I love you. 

the surprise house warming party.

- Alex : *grabs Hazel*  “you enjoyin’ the house baby?” 

- Hazel : “Of course, but you could’ve told me that your momma and them were coming… I could’ve put something else on.” 

- Alex : “you look fine bae… you know momma and them love you anyways… you trippin.” 

- Bethany (Hazel’s mom): “HAZE! Come take a picture with me in YOUR new house… damn if feels good to say that!” lol. 


just a little something because I’m  bored. I’m reading a book called If I Stay by Gayle Forman and decided to make the main character as a sim. I just can’t wait till the movie comes out. I might make a “The Fault in Our Stars” Sim because its my favorite book/movie lol.

A New Simblr!

This is literally just a regular simblr, but I’ll mainly post Sims 4 thingys. This is a whole new thing to me, so join me on my journey if anyone is reading this, (which is highly unlikely at this point.)

So, yeah… Let’s stalk some sims!

Hi everyone! It’s been a year that a follow a lot of simblrs, and I play ever week at the Sims 3, so yeah, I thought it could be nice to share you my actual legacy. I did one few months ago, just for fun, and I played 6 generations until my computer decided to delete the heir and the adults of my familly –”I’m sorry if I don’t write well in English, it’s not my mohtertongue, and I speak a lot of languages ^^Well, as you can guess, she will be the founder of the legacy.

Her name is Cora Holmes. She’s a green thumb, a natural cook, family oriented, vegetarian and workaholic.

She went to the university and met Aron, her boyfriend. She wants to move in this town with Aron, but he’s working in Monte Vista. Meanwhile, Cora moved into her brother’s house.