wassup simblr people. I’m all new to this simblr stuff. I mean i been playing sims for some time, but i been really admiring how much support and love these black simblrs be getting. I would love to become something like that on here. I mean a 28 year old can still play games like this right…right? ha nah but i came anonymous and im trying to be known in the black simblr community and i hope i have a very good welcoming and get planety of support and help as needed. Let me tell you a little of background of me. My name is Gage im bisexual and single. Born and raised in Bronx New York. Im 28 at age. Im a model and all that jazz.  A few i repeat a FEW (i got to many to list ) simblrs i love are @ebonixsimblr @sheplayswithlifeee @streetxsims @prettyxsimblr @prettyxreblogs @xmiramira @blvck-life-simz that’s a lot I know but whatever. Your guys simblrs really inspire me to be on here and not anonymous. Thanks a lot guys 😎❤️ hopefully I’m welcomed here and loved lol


The girls were spotted in the city cruisin’, shopping and bringing you LYFE in Savannahs new Porsche! Camilla got a new hair color, Savannah is slaying me in them military jeans!



Hair - @darkosims3

Tall Bun - @simpliciaty

Necklace - @salem2342

Top - Colores Urbanos

Pants -@tajsiwel

Shoes - @greenapple18r


Hair - @elliesimple

Bottoms - They are just white stocking/leggings that are already in game

Top - @tajsiwel

Glasses - @starlord-sims

Car - @maximss

Poses - @flowerchamber

@sims4Savannah De La Torres

Twin sister to Camilla, but more down to earth and humble. She’s top of her class and can be a little shy at first. Unlike her sister is doesn’t like the limelight, she’s more…nerdy. She likes science and experiments and discovering new things. Whatever she does in the future she wants it to make a change in the world around her. Kind, friendly, and loving, many seek her heart but none have been able to claim it just yet.

Top & skirt: @sims4-marigold

Hair: @missparaply


just a little something because I’m  bored. I’m reading a book called If I Stay by Gayle Forman and decided to make the main character as a sim. I just can’t wait till the movie comes out. I might make a “The Fault in Our Stars” Sim because its my favorite book/movie lol.