Hello Everyone! Welcome to my simblr !! My name is Akila and Im new to this community. Im v awkward tbh so Sorry if this seems weird. But anyways! You people are all so freakin’ cute & so are ur blogs and im like how???  I hope you can all welcome and accept me to your lovely community !! 

This is my simself aka a mess.

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Hi Guys, been lurking on Tumblr for a few months now and reblogging cc that I wanted in my game. I’ve gotten really inspired by all you amazing simblr’s that post gameplay and decided/gathered up the courage to post some of my own. 

I’ve started a new save, with a new sim and I am going to be trying parts of the game I never seem to explore. And hoping to make some friends along the way.

Anyway, I will be posting my founder sims profile and backstory soon and hope some of you lovely people enjoy/follow my story. Very open to questions or suggestions, my inbox is always open!

Squirrel Simmer xxx

New Simblr !

hi! my name is kennedy but you can call me dee and this is my simblr 🎉 i will mostly be posting my new legacy challenge (not started) and maybe some sims that i make from time to time ! other than that, i love kpop and dancing and playing with my dogs 🐶🐶

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well, that’s all for now, happy simming!!


I’m a New Simblr looking for some friends hehe *insert a cheeky smile here*

Are you a Maxis Match Simblr

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Wow, I gotta say I’m looking forward to see your profile pictures in my notification and I hope I can contribute in the Simblr Community with you all!

Xoxo, Lotsolove :))


wassup simblr people. I’m all new to this simblr stuff. I mean i been playing sims for some time, but i been really admiring how much support and love these black simblrs be getting. I would love to become something like that on here. I mean a 28 year old can still play games like this right…right? ha nah but i came anonymous and im trying to be known in the black simblr community and i hope i have a very good welcoming and get planety of support and help as needed. Let me tell you a little of background of me. My name is Gage im bisexual and single. Born and raised in Bronx New York. Im 28 at age. Im a model and all that jazz.  A few i repeat a FEW (i got to many to list ) simblrs i love are @ebonixsimblr @sheplayswithlifeee @streetxsims @prettyxsimblr @prettyxreblogs@xmiramira @blvck-life-simz that’s a lot I know but whatever. Your guys simblrs really inspire me to be on here and not anonymous. Thanks a lot guys 😎❤️ hopefully I’m welcomed here and loved lol