newsies guys

In the fight scene of Seize the Day, I watch how Jack spends so much time looking out for Les, panicking when he sees he’s in danger. He has that instinct to look out for the younger kids.

I can’t help but imagine that among the younger Newsies, each has their own tale of the time The Jack Kelly came to their rescue. He’s been in so many fights he could have avoided, if he weren’t looking out for the small kids.

More than once, he had it kicked out of him, because some of these kids join the Newsies and they have no street sense whatsoever, getting themselves into the most dangerous situations.

But he’ll take whatever he has to to make sure his boys all come back at the end of the day. The older boys, possibly some who had their own tale to tell when they first came to Newsies Square, they’re inspired to look after the kids when they can too. Take them under their wing and keep them out of trouble because Jack can’t possibly look out for them all at once.

And that’s how Jack makes a band of brothers out of the Manhattan Newsies. They all know he’ll take a punch to keep them safe, and that’s what makes them determined to do the same for him if he needs it.

So today was the first day I met with my therapist. I tried to write a list of things I’d like to talk to her about down on a Google Document, but I got a bit distracted, as you can tell.

Let’s just say I didn’t use my notes during my session.

Parts of musicals that make my heart feel Full™ Part 2

* The very end of 96000 where everyone is singing Lin Manuel Miranda is just amazing
* “Cosette… I love you very much”
* The high note at the end of Worst Pies
* “Viva! La vie! Boheme!”
* Man, just, all of That’s Rich. By far the most iconic song in the entirety of Newsies imo
* when they get faster and faster at the end of We Both Reached for the Gun
* The back and forth in Crazier than You
*“We loathe it all!–ooooOH WHAT IS THIS FEELING”
* The crap players yelling in the back of Luck be a Lady
*The high note in Requiem it kills me every time
* The very last “I hope that you… burn” in Burn
* Heather Chandler’s bit after she shoves Heather Duke in Candy Store
* Michael in the bathroom I CRY
* One of my favorite lines from all of musical theatre: “ I CAN’T BELIEVE JESUS CALLED ME A DICK!”