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So we’ve hit the radar once more followed by a wave of new followers (thank you tumblr). I reckon it’s time to reintroduce myself.

Yes it’s all in the name, expect a large stream of news keeping you up to date with international happenings. By the way you guys are super, so thank you all for following. 

One thing I like is interacting with followers so why not let me know something about you?

Today is World Humanitarian Day, recognizing and honoring the sacrifices made by those who work as aid workers and give humanitarian assistance. It is a “celebration of people helping people.” US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s press statement on the occasion read:

In situations of conflict and instability around the world, humanitarians stand up against violence, human suffering and indifference. On this World Humanitarian Day, we honor their sacrifice. Whether by defending their own neighbors, or helping to save lives in distant countries in conflict, the work of humanitarians is an essential component to promoting peace and stability around the world.

There is never a time when humanitarian aid workers aren’t much needed and giving their all in some rough situations, but at the moment their necessity is particularly highlighted in crisis in the Horn of Africa. One of the Tumblr news community’s own is actually there right now. Sayid Ali of NewsFlick is in Somalia with the aid agency he works for and has been posting some original photos and documenting some of his experiences there. Much luck to you, Sayid. 

(Thanks to Sam Rubenfeld who sent me some of the links and info for this post.)

Get to Know a Tumblr - Sayid Ali
  • Get to Know a Tumblr - Sayid Ali
  • Future Journalism Project
  • FJP Podcasts Vol I

Get to Know a Tumblr - Sayid Ali

The Future Journalism Project is relatively new to Tumblr and we thought we’d start getting to know those who are inspiring us here.

Best way to do it, we think, is to hop on Skype and learn who the people are behind Tumblrs we’re following.

First up is Sayid Ali who focusses on news from the developing world with the great current events site

We’ve been following him. We think you should too.

Run Time: 12:18. Download (Right Click).

Right - that’s more than enough to get us on board. We’ll be rolling on Tumblr before days end. In the meantime you can catch our current old school liveblog here.
—  Mohamed Nanabhay of Al-Jazeera English • Informing the world of Tumblr that, after a campaign to get them here started yesterday, they’re coming by. Thanks to everyone who reblogged and caught their interest! Thanks to newsflick for sparking the idea. And thanks to copyeditor for helping by reaching out!
Tumblr Tuesday Quotes & Recommendations

"Each revolution must be assessed in its own context, each had a distinctive impact. The revolutions spread from one point to another. They interacted to a limited extent. … The drama of each revolution unfolded separately. Each had its own heroes, its own crises. Each therefore demands its own narrative …" - Peter N. Sterns as quoted in Anne Applebaum’s Every Revolution is Different

  • Pantsless Progressive consistently has the most comprehensive news roundups on events in the Middle East and North Africa.

"NEWSWIRE: Area Man Urges Calm In Middle East So He Can Catch Up On News" -@theonion.

  • Newsflick drives area man insane with constant Middle East updates, but what can you do?

“Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.” - Louis D. Brandeis, What Publicity Can Do

  • Sunlight Foundation's tumblr understands that actual sunshine is a pretty terrible disinfectant, but accountable and open government is a strong antidote against corruption and bad public policy. I'm especially enthralled by Sunlight Labs whose Open States project is going to transform the way activists deal with state government. 

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Ok…so we’ve reached a thousand plus followers now and we have a winner. It was a long and hard decision especially for 5 year old Yaqub. Play this short video to find out who won. 

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a canvas of art and resistance

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Ok… so I have been insanely blogging lately and this year more than ever. This led to a flood of amazingly supper new followers. Now you must be wondering what that photo above has to do with anything. Well I am nearing 1000 followers and to be more precise only 10 away. NF would love to give away this super t-shirt to a lucky follower indeed. If you want to be in a chance to get one, heart this post and I’ll randomly select one.

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newsflick replied to your post: I love that there are so many people reblogging…

I hear ya!

it’s kind of like a momentary filter since I’ve been meaning to do unfollowing for a bit. My dashboard gets so cluttered and irrelevant to my interests and that’s my fault for following what I thought would be good blogs. But in blogging stuff from something so unimportant as other more pressing matters occur you kind of get that chance to justifiably unfollow :D

I was getting a tad bit worried and bewildered by the sudden influx of followers today, and then it hit me; one of my posts was featured on the radar, a first.

So all of you newbies welcome and be warned of the heavy newsy content.

Here we go again...

This being the first post of 2013, I would like to thank you guys for sharing this amazing journey with newsflick. I look forward to another year of posting news from around the world.

Thank you for following.