can we..stop pretending europeans are so perfect to syrians like throwback when someone burned a refugees tent and throwback when borders were closed and throwback when they beat up people to death forcing them to sign w their fingerprint and throwback to the reporter who made a syrian man trip etc etc

Right this is starting to annoy me that the IH fandom are in our tag commenting on how good their shipping is please go to someone who literally gives a f**k. And I’m saying this in a loving way. And you know what I’ve just realised that some of you people in the IH fandom think like Orihime, Naive in this so called make believe world of love and knight in shining armour!!!! WTF

First off let me tell you that, why are you commenting in our tag? are you that insecure that you don’t have enough evidence that Ichigo loves Orihime or that your canon was so undeveloped. And or are you trying to convince or should i say brainwash the ichiruki fandom to come into your so called shipping, newsflash us ichiruki fans would NOT lift a single cup in your name.  

You know why here is why:

We and the non-shipping fan believes the ending was bad. It was not only because of the undeveloped shipping and the some of the characters such as yoruichi and urahara and Ichigo’s dad where are they????  (ichigo’s dad left probably because he married Orihime and not his third daughter never accepted the marriage in the first place.) Also the OCC of the characters may i remind you Ishida and chad what in bloodily hell happened to these two.

We all know that from the very start that IH relationship was stagnate, all the interaction they had  was Ichigo ignored her or don’t even consider her feelings. As well i will point out quite plainly ichigo comment “ her shield did not work” and left her lying on the ground lol yes that is such a loving relationship to leave her dying on the ground. Hahaha

- Lastly It’s all about ichiruki, ichiruki, ichiruki in all the media, the fandom of Bleach, SJ and Kubo always commented on them two and on their relationship. We even had the name DeathBerry that Kubo wrote, the colour spread and the poem. What does IH let me think NONE hardly anything.

On another note forget all the shipping rant here is what i’ve been taught when reading this chapter and the IH canon which I can teach to my children so when they marry a guy, I can relate them to this.

1)    To Never marry a man that finally recognise your name from so many years and say it once in a lifetime.
2)    To Never marry a man who can’t see your reflection in his own eyes but see’s another person in his eyes

3)     To Never be a just a housewife showing Admiration and glory to your husband and treat him as your trophy husband.

4)      To Never marry a men to only end up looking like a reflection of his f**king MOM* (Even I would feel like he only wanted me because I can replace his mom and to look after his every need just as his mother did. As a woman to me that is sexist and highly offensive.)
5)      To Never marry a man who would not listen to me or acknowledge me for so many years.
6)      To Never marry a man that only cares about my shield NOT working and leaves me lying on the ground half dead.
7)      Have to show my huge boobs and wear revealing dress to have him finally notice me NOT by my personality but the outside physicality of my huge boobs.
7)      To Never marry a guy that even though he is married to you that he still concentrates on another girl
8)       Not be the reason to know his shady side of why he married you is to stop the one person terrorising the world who promised to come back when he is the most happiest. To only marry me so he could have a s**t miserable life as a definition of a monotone just to save the world.
9)        To be the reason why he is bald is because his is married to you and have a s**tty life because in truth I know that it is a loveless/ onside love. And he has only eyes for another girl
10)      Lastly To Never marry a guy who’s only happiness is not him marrying  and having a kid with you but see his happiness with another girl his soul mate and moon*

In conclusion this relationship is purely a unrequited love, so pitiful* remember kids find a guy who realises and sees u from the beginning and to the end of time NOT from the end.

To conclude this wordily essay here is my opinion of the IH relationship. I’ll let the pics do the talking:

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@ people saying vic isn’t “playing big brother” bc he “only does good in comps”: comps aren’t a apart of big brother anymore? playing comps is not playing big brother? then why do you all always talk about your comp queen janelle? why do you all value hoh’s so much? why do you all value veto’s so much? NEWSFLASH.. HOH’S, VETOS AND ETC. ARE ALL COMPS! lmfao

You kno it’s kinda funny how if I ever say I hate guns around someone who fuckin adores them their first response isn’t “oh to each there own” or something decent it’s “I bet you haven’t even shot a gun”

And my only response is I haven’t gone to a fucking nude beach but I’m sure as hell confident it would make me feel uncomfortable. So newsflash I don’t need to have shot a gun to hate them.

i think it’s funny that y’all vic shitters wanted bridgette and day to win the buyback, claiming how iconic and deserving they were to win the entire game, but when vic wins it, its the ultimate shit comp, undeserving game move of the century, and he doesn’t deserve to win, bc he already was evicted. newsflash.. day and bridgette were evicted .. too!

I hate people

Newsflash! Just because Johnny didn’t hit her in the video doesn’t mean she isn’t a victim of abuse. In the video he’s verbally abusive, you can hear how Amber is treading lightly like she’s scared a bomb will go off. Also, has everyone all of a sudden forget that he gave her a black eye? Has everyone forgotten the texts that she put out. JOHNNY DEPP HAS VERBALLY AND PHYSICALLY ABUSED AMBER HEARD. The fans who are still trying to defend him look genuinely stupid at this point. Don’t try and say he did nothing to her because you’re lying to everyone, including yourself. Don’t say she’s a gold digger for exposing him. How would you feel if you were married and had to live with someone like that? The fact that people are still being mean to her and trying to defend an abuser makes me physically sick.

Ok I’m going to go off for a second because I am bothered by some damn foolishness.

Let me try and get this straight, y’all being vague out here over not wanting to be fans of Chris anymore due to his ‘choices’. You need to be more specific because I need to know what category of trash to put you in. 

Is it the coke rumors? Cause those have been going on for a decade and you late as fuck. Also, newsflash, you can do drugs sometimes and still be a good person.

Or is it the most common reason right now? Jenny. 

Are you mad he’s dating somebody that isn’t you and it fucks with you jerking off to him and writing about him? He don’t owe your ass shit.

That Jenny allegedly cheated on her husband with Chris? Even though we know nothing about her marriage or when they started dating. Fun fact: people fall out of love with one person and in love with another. Either way, she did what was right for herself by getting a divorce. Also you all damn well know you would cheat on your significant other for Chris. I know I’ve seen ya say it.

Why are you so mad he went to her show? That’s what couples do for each other. Being supportive of your girlfriend is bad? They can only date as long as you never ever see them in public? That makes no sense. Him and Jessica had a very similar public relationship (going to premieres and events, being in movies together etc.) and he was super serious about Jessica. Maybe he hasn’t done it since cause he hasn’t been serious with a lady friend since then and it’s not up to us how/where someone decides to appear with their significant other. They’re celebrities. Public life is apart of their lives. They shouldn’t pretend they aren’t together because you think it’s disingenuous. He didn’t change, he just might be happy.

Here’s a list of actual things I’ve seen people say about Jenny:

  • ‘She such a terrible influence’. I didn’t realize being an outspoken feminist was a bad influence. Chris is actually publicly the most ‘woke’ he’s ever been. I call that a win.
  • ‘She’s a gross stoner and has a crude sense of humor’ You naive as fuck to think Chris doesn’t smoke weed. Get your life together. Crude sense of humor? She talks about sex and bodily functions something everyone has. If that’s not your cup of tea that’s one thing but you all were out here cackling and thinking it was hot when Chris said on TV ‘I love fucking girls in the butt’ You can’t have it both ways.
  • ‘She’s ugly and I don’t get why he would be with her’ You’re disgusting. She’s a beautiful woman with a slamming body. Comments made about her nose especially are antisemitic and you can all burn. I can’t.

I’ve stanned for Jenny just as long as I have Chris. I ain’t playin.

So if you’re one of these people, come into my inbox, let me know what kind of garbage you are.

Cool and useful Flash family timeline from The Flash: Secret Files & Origins #1 (1997)