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Give me a reason why Owen loves Amelia more than Cristina than .. you can love other people I get it but you can have only one true love in life. Owens true love is Cristina 😉



I am kidding. It is actually because Owen said he wished Cristina had died on that plane crash.

Oh wait.


For real now, if you want to believe Cristina is better for Owen, that he loved her more and all of that, feel free to do so. You have every right to feel that way, I am not here to change anyone’s mind about their ships or win any discussions. But if you’re asking me why I think Omelia are much more functional than Crowen ever was, that I can tell you.

First off, I disagree that a person can only have one true love. I don’t think you can romantically love two people concomitantly but I don’t buy this fairy tale belief that there is only one person for everyone. In a world with 7 billion human
beings, finding your only true half would be pretty hard to tackle.

I think that Owen really did love Cristina. But he doesn’t anymore. And he hasn’t for a long time. He loves Amelia now (so by logic, he loves Amelia more than he loves Cristina 🌝). But who says that only love is enough to build a functional live as a couple? That only love is enough to make a marriage work? Crowen’s relationship is there to prove only love isn’t enough. You gotta be on the same page, you need to want the same things. Love isn’t enough when there is no respect, no admiration, no partnership. When there is a constant fight for control and an underlying resentment that the other person doesn’t think or feel what you wished they did.

In two years with Amelia, Owen was able to share more of himself than he’s ever done with Cristina in more than half a decade. With Amelia, Owen doesn’t need to lie about who he is, he doesn’t need to pretend or try to be something he is not, there’s no one asking him to change himself, telling him that what he is isn’t enough.

Amelia loves Owen exactly for whom he is and they prioritize the same things in life. Owen knows that he can selflessly give all of himself because he will be appreciated by it and will get the same in return.

Amelia would never offer him in return for medical education; she would never prefer an award over him. Cristina does have one true love, and that’s her career. No other relationship will ever be more important, and that’s fine but her biggest mistake was to demand that Owen accepted that reality while demanding to be the number one priority in his life in return.

Owen doesn’t need to ask Amelia to change. To be a better person, to have empathy, to give affection. He already loves who she is, not the illusion of what she could become.

And combining that with love is the real recipe for success.

*drops 🎤 *