applicable to individuals (friends + lovers) as well as groups (genders + races) who choose not to acknowledge your huemanity. | filming a conversation on #currentevents + #repatriation + #segregation. i won’t share my innerstanding quite yet but i’m curious to know, what do you think? what solutions exist in we the #melaninwar? #igchat #discussion #sooncome #newseries #assaultsagainstmymelanin #vlogger #melanin #knowthyself #marcusgarvey #segregation #quote #writer #freethinker #staychocolated #yaheard! (at

Sad King

First entry in a series featuring myself and tribecalledflex

I have everything I could ever ask for
Yet, is this it?
I’m numb to it all
The people
The gifts
But why is this?
The emptiness
It fills this throne room
I’m numb to it all
My kingdom is slipping out of my fingertips
Everything I worked for: Gone
I can’t let it happen
Yet the motivation to move just isn’t there
Like a moth to the flame
I creep closer to my end
The end of my reign?
The end of my life?
Maybe both
I’m numb to it all….

Do I wear this crown or does this crown wear me?
What have I become in my ascent into royalty?
The descent into destruction
Creation of obstruction
I guess I’m just fiddling your strings playing with the percussion
Do the jesters entertain me or am I the one at center stage?
Who’s really the fool?
I’m numb to it all