lucienn  asked:

7 12 22:)

favorite caster

It is not my job to answer people’s asks. I’ll not be a pawn in an ask meme, made an example of, or deliberately misinterpreted to fit a vore callout post. I am not your newsblog, or your paragon of political pepe memes. I am flawed, perpetually learning and finally - unashamedly loving uber on main

which owl players discords are you in

geguri, fissure, ark and…muma’s :// i dont talk in them often tho bc linkzrcord too OP

if you could move 1 current team to another city, which team would you pick and where would you move them?

monkey paw, move a team to chicago for alex, finger curls back, that team is shock

In other hot Hillary discourse on Twitter and newsblogs, the new hot take is that Sanders is bad for the third world because his stance on trade deals would end sweatshops and That’s Bad