“Weeps in her cell as Paris mobs riot”, from the Washington [DC] “Times”, 3/18/1914 [p.1]. The latest on the murder of the editor of “Le Figaro” by Madame Henriette Caillaux, wife of the Finance Minister in the French cabinet. Whether or not there actually was a threat of “riot”, it is clear from this and other articles that people were divided over whether to feel sympathy for her. Another newspaper editor compared her unfavorably to “a streetwalker,” while other journalists described her as “beautiful” and composed lurid descriptions of her weeping and refusing food in her lonely, cold jail cell.

At one south side home yesterday a group of girls who all knew him from childhood cried together when they talked of ‘Dickey’ Loeb.
“he was so sweet and kind and dear,” one girl said, as she frankly cried into her tea. “I always loved that childlike face of his-almost like a girl’s sometimes, when his eyes were soft and happy and he laughed.