An Ohio mother is sharing a magical surprise her teenage son planned for his younger sister.

Photographer Christina Angel said her 13-year-old son asked her to get him a Prince Charming costume so that he could do something special for his 5-year-old sister and best friend.

Angel told ABC 7 Chicago her son suffers from depression and his sister has become his biggest cheerleader, so he wanted to thank her with a princess photo shoot.

Angel bought the costume and her son found a pair of black dress shoes at a thrift store. He wanted to get the details perfect, she said, even shining the shoes the old-fashioned way with polish and a rag.

When they were ready, the mother and son surprised the little girl with a brand-new Snow White dress.

The proud mom said her little girl loved every second of her photo shoot with her “favorite boy in the world.” And it shows!


This is worth watching, especially the part where he tells Alex Jones and WikiLeaks to “grow the fuck up.“

Scared Omega Headcanons

-If an Omega is scared they will wrap up in a blanket and either tuck themselves up in their nests or drag a bunch of blankets under their bed and hide out there

-An Alpha convincing their Omega to play a scary video game and getting really excited when they know a jump scare is coming because the Omega literally shrieks and almost falls right out of their chair every time

-An Omega walking home from their Alpha’s house at dusk and after a few minutes they hear someone running up behind them and they tense up right before they take off sprinting. As they run their panic starts rising because the person behind them keeps getting closer…and then the Omega trips. They curl up on the ground gasping for breath and so terrified, and then someone drops down next to them and wraps them up in their arms and the Omega startles when their Alpha is suddenly crooning and scenting them and the Alpha’s heart is racing from the thrill of chasing an Omega. The Omega is so relieved that they start crying and sputtering out a “what the hell was that?!” and the Alpha sheepishly hands the Omega a sweatshirt, “you left this at my house and it’s cold out and I thought I could run and catch up to you but then you ran and I couldn’t help chasing you…and yeah” and the Omega wants to yell at the Alpha but they are too busy trying to breathe

-A pregnant Omega going through a phase of constantly being afraid to go outside because they think something bad will happen that could harm the babies, so they stay in the nest where they feel safe

-An Omega’s Alpha getting really into Halloween and convincing their mate to listen to old ghost stories. The Omega reluctantly agrees and pretends to not be at all effected by the stories but later on when they are trying to sleep they keep startling because they think they hear footsteps or stairs creaking and finally the scent of their distress wakes their Alpha who just sleepily rolls over and tucks the Omega firmly under their body, resisting the urge to tease their mate as the Omega finally drifts off to sleep

-An Omega hearing about people dressing as clowns and chasing people around local parks and they become so incredibly paranoid that their Alpha thinks it would be really funny to leave a clown nose on the Omega’s doorstep one night before ringing the doorbell and running off…the hysterical crying on the phone at 2 AM wasn’t very funny and neither was the enraged screaming once the Alpha explained their prank

-An Omega waking up to a weird noise and then shaking their Alpha awake because it sounds like someone screaming outside the window and the Omega is really scared so the Alpha checks and then laughs because the “screaming” was just an angry cat, the Omega is relieved but pouting about being laughed at

-Omegas are most afraid when they think something is wrong with their mate or child

-If an Omega mother is scared they will tuck their children into a nest with them because it reassures them that everyone is safe

-A lot of Omegas low key disliking the Halloween season because everybody thinks Omegas are easily frightened so they always end up being targets for pranks and scares


New Mike Brown Footage Discredits Ferguson Police Account

Advertisers are starting to pull their ads from Sean Hannity’s Fox News show

  • Fox News host Sean Hannity has lost at least four advertisers amid calls for a boycott against companies that advertise on his show. 
  • The calls have come after Hannity continued to promote a discredited conspiracy theory on his program even after Fox News itself retracted the story fueling the theory.
  • A spokesperson for the mattress company Casper said in an email interview on Wednesday that it had reassigned its ads so they will not run during Hannity’s program.
  • has also pulled its advertising from Hannity’s show, along with the cycling studio Peloton and the mattress company Leesa Sleep, BuzzFeed News first reported on Wednesday.
  • Spokespeople for and Leesa Sleep confirmed the decisions to Mic. Peloton announced its decision on Twitter on Wednesday. Read more (5/24/17)

GUYS GUYS so there was a news story just now how two college students tried to steal a test by one waiting outside and the other one crawling through the ducts and into the instructor’s room BUT THE INSTRUCTOR WAS WORKING LATE. 

OMG someone please write this with Eliot/Quentin! It’s perfect! Can you imagine? 

“Dean Fogg … ? I … isn’t this office hours?” 

Dean Fogg: 

Look at all these people with happy good news to tell us!


It’s always okay to proud of you, friends!!! Remember, no matter what it is, or what other people think, if something is difficult or challenging for YOU then that is something you can be proud of!


- The SAA

I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to talk real with you for a minute. I’m overwhelmed. Fifteen to twenty hours of my work week is spent on the phone, discussing headlines and current events. Every casual conversation with friends and family eventually turns political. Twitter, which used to be my escape from all of that, has now turned into a solid wall of apocalyptic news stories, followed by a dozen people playing Insult Tennis. I think a large part of that is because the news, in general, has become the dirty guy on the corner, wearing a doomsday sandwich board and screaming, “WE’RE ALL GONNA FUCKIN’ DIE!”

I’ve just had enough, you know? So as a service to myself (and hopefully at least a few of you), I’m taking a break from this horseshit-covered circus and turning my attention to some truly awesome, happy stuff. And if you have some you’d like to share, please, please, please do. God knows my sanity could use it.

It’s Time To Get Happy. Like Right Now.

a brief list of things that help me when i see something online that makes me upset

  • showering. it’s hot water, there’s a womb-like quality to being in there by myself, it’s like 30 minutes by the time i’m out and done with all my skin products. very rarely do i get in the shower and still feel as bad when i get out
  • making food + eating it away from the computer
  • doing a single, digestible chore, like vacuuming or washing all the dishes in the sink. i used to upset-clean a lot when i was in college, it seems to vent nervous energy well and when i’m done the house looks better than it did before
  • tweezing my eyebrows. usually needs to be done anyway, and provides the stress relief of being able to [constructively] pluck things for a while
  • spite writing/art
  • going somewhere very different, like running errands or to the mall, where i can see a bunch of strangers doing ordinary tasks and not being bothered by the thing that’s bothering me
  • venting to a friend, but in moderation. past a certain point, i start reliving the sadness/anger, and it dredges everything up. i want to just hit that note of “wow, friend, that really sucks, you’re right!” before i go and pick another activity off the list
  • watching TV or a movie in a different room
  • asmr videos, especially if they involve personal attention or a roleplay element. it’s hard to think about whatever set me off when i’m concentrating on following an imaginary doctor’s pen light
  • if it’s late enough at night, honestly, just going to bed and sleeping it off. if i can’t sleep, lying there in the dark until i pass out. everything is easier when i’m fresher, even if it hasn’t fixed itself.

18th of March,2017, 3rd Anniversary of Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement.

To participate in society and current affairs, was an action we took to show our concern as a citizen .

anonymous asked:

I don't really like the way everyone is making the tragedy about Harry, when it should be about the victims and Ariana. I know it's Harry's home town but he wasn't the one who had to live it, i don't really know why people are kind of acting like he was?

I don’t think anyone (at least that I have seen) are acting like he lived through it or that it was his show??

When something like this happens in your home, when a place is attacked that you walk by, or drive by regularly, when it’s a place you’ve been to, when it’s a place you could have been. It affects you differently than when you hear about another tragedy on the news.

A couple years ago when there was a gunman on the loose in Parliament Hill in Ottawa it affected me in a way I hadn’t felt before. Because I’ve been exactly where the gunman had been walking. I /should/ have been near there. And when people from your neighbourhood are involved, when they get hurt or when they die, it’s different. It’s /different/. Even if you don’t know them, your parents might, or you know someone who does. It’s not just an abstract news story anymore. 

What happened was horrific on top of that for Harry I imagine because it /could/ have been him. He’s played that arena with the boys. Another place, another time, another set of circumstances, that could have been a one direction show. That is not to take away from what Ariana and her fans actually experienced. That should be acknowledged and respected. 

But most people you are probably following are Harry fans and 1d fans, and people relate tragedies back to themselves in order to help understand it. Personally I’m not an Ariana fan, and I’m not following her very closely, beyond what is on the news or on my dash. I do follow Harry quite closely and just because of the nature of my account I’m exposed to more content about him. The people I have seen focusing on Harry have also foused on the attack as a whole. I think you just need to remember that in context you know. 


Judge Accepts Class Action Lawsuit Against Use of Slave Labor in Private Detention Centers

Let’s stand in solidarity with the Tibetan people to show them that they are not alone and that the world is responding to their calls for freedom.


(Courtesy Photo: PTI -A Tibetan little girl during a rally to mark 54th Tibetan National Uprising Day in New Delhi.)