Green Day is nominated for two MTV European Music Awards!

Vote for them here for Best Live and Best Rock. You can vote as many times as you like, so make sure your fucking fingers bleed for this band as much as your hearts do. The EMAs take place in Rotterdam (Netherlands) on November 6th.

They’re up against Coldplay, Metallica, Muse and RHCP in the Best Rock category and against Adele, Beyoncé, Coldplay and Twenty One Pilots in the Best Live category.

Zelda Wii U rumors point to 2014 release, voice acting under consideration

Our friends over at Zelda Informer have received a tip from an anonymous source claiming to work at Nintendo saying they have some new information regarding the Zelda project for the Wii U. Although we take rumors published by Zelda Informer with a grain of salt, it’s always fun to speculate. Here’s what they’re saying:

  • It won’t be revealed until E3 2013.
  • It won’t be released until 2014 at the earliest.
  • The graphics will be that of Skyward Sword.
  • Nintendo of America prefers the motion controls to the Gamepad’s features and buttons.
  • Nintendo of Japan was surprised at the well-received romance between Link and Zelda and plans to make it a larger part of the story.
  • Developers are weighing the pros and cons for Link speaking, as well as whether or not to include full voice acting in the game.
  • A well-known character from a past game will be returning, but not in the same role or form as the past.

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hey guess what

clark kent is a character who has canonically suffered from depression, experienced severe emotional, mental, and physical trauma, and felt isolated for most of his life

if you don’t like a superman who feels negative emotions/depression/sadness you just don’t like superman


The website for the Hetalia anime has announced that there will be an extra disk for Hetalia: The World Twinkle released on February 24, 2016 containing the extra episode “Surprise Halloween!” - adapting the 2011 Halloween Kitayume site event. Unlike other episodes, it is projected to have a longer running time. It will be packaged with the Soundtrack album for The World Twinkle as well as the song “Hetalian☆Jet Retake Ver.”


The LEGO of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Were you ever disappointed by the fact that in over 20 years of its existence, Zelda series never had an official LEGO block set for imaginative fans to play with? I’m 25, and I swear that if I saw a Legend of Zelda LEGO set, I wouldn’t think twice about buying it.
Well, if you’re a dreamer like me, your dreams may come true. Recently a dedicated Hylian soldier Michael Inglis revealed his CUUSOO project: Ocarina of Time themed LEGO set. Unfortunately, his idea was rejected by the company because of the need for custom parts that would have to be created in order for Hyrule to shine in all its blocky glory. But he was not the only one to try and take on this task!
A fellow creative member of the Hylian Royal Guard started his own CUUSOO project, which achieved the necessary number of votes and is currently in the review stage. We can only pray that this one passes the company’s standard criteria so we can rush to the stores like the true Zelda fans we are and get us our own block set. Then we can embark on a journey to Hyrule — in our heads of course.

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I am no longer funemployed but I am now fully employed!!! I’ll be moving down to LA (at last) to work in TV animation as a storyboard revisionist!! 

See you on the brighter side, in sunny LA! 


The Master Palette By Mario from Anastasia Beverly Hills will be AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 29th online and October 4th online at Sephora, Ulta, And Macy’s. In stores October 15th.

Limited time, until it’s sold out.
Fallout 4 achievements available - Blog:News - The Vault, the Fallout wiki - Fallout: New Vegas and more

As you may have noticed, the full list of Fallout 4 achievements and trophies has been released. Among others, you can notice a couple of interesting facts:

  • The Brotherhood of Steel, the Railroad, and the Minutemen are joinable factions.
  • You can apparently betray the Brotherhood of Steel, indicating a degree of non-linearity.
  • You will decide the fate of the Commonwealth at the end of the game, implying multiple choice endings.
  • Settlement building features are an actual part of the gameplay.
  • Blowing up the Prydwen is worth an achievement.
  • Companion romances are also a thing.