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What the fuck is going on in your brain that drove you to run this travesty of a blog?

I wonder what could (autism) being going on in my (autistic) brain to make me (an autistic) run a blog called Autistic Character Of the Day. I just (autism) just don’t know. It’s a complete and utter mystery. I have no idea. Whatever is going on

smosh announced so many new shows! we're all gonna die!

at least, I’m gonna die, ‘cus I have an extreme weird thing about watching right at scheduled times which means they really gotta drop some shows wow because can I watch these at work?? uh… yeah! am I supposed to? I don’t even actually know and I’m not gonna ask!!! GET HYPED

anyway here is the new schedule though…! I’ve added the start date of each new show! the new ones start dropping monday! holy fuck I’m not ready I’m scared of change

Mondays - Smosh Animated (starts Oct 3)
Wednesdays - Every Blank Ever / The Big What If (starts Oct 19)
Fridays - Sketch Videos

SMOSH 2nd:
Mondays - Smosh is Bored
Tuesdays - The Show That Has No Name! (starts Oct 4)
Every Other Wednesday - Smosh Lab (starts Oct 5)
Thursdays - Squad Vlogs
Saturdays - Put It In My Mouth / Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover

Smosh Games:
Mondays - Maricraft: OUTLASTER
Tuesdays - Honest Game Trailers
Wednesdays - Press Start (starts Oct 12)
Thursdays - Reality Shift (starts Oct 13)
Fridays - Game Bang 2.0 (starts Oct 14, first live punishment Oct 28)
Saturdays - Cell Outs & Smosh Games Animated (starts Oct 15)
Sundays - Board AF (starts Oct 16)

So what are yall most excited for? I’m really eyeing Board AF since it looks like Ivan may be cast on that a lot and they obviously play Secret Hitler; Press Start and [name redacted] may be fun too!


Elf Cosmetics NEW Precise Brush Collection

Bottom pic L-R:

•Multi Blender Massager $12 for foundation, powder, or bronzer.
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•Eyeliner Brush $5
•Smoky Smudge Brush $5 great for smoking out eyeshadow, for underneath the lash line as well
•Eyeshadow Brush $5
•Sculpting Brush $10 for contouring
•Airbrush Stipple $10 The different hair lengths make your foundation, blush, highlighter, go on lightly and diffused.
•Airbrush Blender $10 slightly angled, for contouring, bronzer, or other powders
•Powder Brush $12 for pressed and loose powders.

Will be in stores in October!!

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Zelda Wii U rumors point to 2014 release, voice acting under consideration

Our friends over at Zelda Informer have received a tip from an anonymous source claiming to work at Nintendo saying they have some new information regarding the Zelda project for the Wii U. Although we take rumors published by Zelda Informer with a grain of salt, it’s always fun to speculate. Here’s what they’re saying:

  • It won’t be revealed until E3 2013.
  • It won’t be released until 2014 at the earliest.
  • The graphics will be that of Skyward Sword.
  • Nintendo of America prefers the motion controls to the Gamepad’s features and buttons.
  • Nintendo of Japan was surprised at the well-received romance between Link and Zelda and plans to make it a larger part of the story.
  • Developers are weighing the pros and cons for Link speaking, as well as whether or not to include full voice acting in the game.
  • A well-known character from a past game will be returning, but not in the same role or form as the past.

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The website for the Hetalia anime has announced that there will be an extra disk for Hetalia: The World Twinkle released on February 24, 2016 containing the extra episode “Surprise Halloween!” - adapting the 2011 Halloween Kitayume site event. Unlike other episodes, it is projected to have a longer running time. It will be packaged with the Soundtrack album for The World Twinkle as well as the song “Hetalian☆Jet Retake Ver.”


hey guess what

clark kent is a character who has canonically suffered from depression, experienced severe emotional, mental, and physical trauma, and felt isolated for most of his life

if you don’t like a superman who feels negative emotions/depression/sadness you just don’t like superman