“He’s getting creamed by guys twice his size, but he doesn’t care because it’s all about the team. And all he wants, he just wants to be on the list to dress for the game. And it’s the last game of his last year of college and he’s not on the list – They walk in, one by one, put their jerseys on the desk and say ‘Coach, I want Rudy to take my place on Saturday.’ And there’s a whole line snaking out of the coaches office of players holding their jerseys.”

Reese: If I hid in a locked vault buried under the AWM building, Will would find me so I could break down the numbers for him because Will McAvoy is the biggest ratings whore in the business, I’m not the bad guy.
Charlie: Nobody’s the bad guy. Though if you call Will a whore again, I’m going to take out your teeth one punch at a time. [Smile]
Reese: Anything else?
Charlie: No, sir.
—  The Newsroom
DID YOU THINK I DIDN’T KNOW I FUCKED UP?! I’ve been saying it. I have $45,000 in student loans to pay off. I spend three weeks take home on half a one bedroom apartment the size of a tool shed and I’m sitting alone at a bar with a drink that was made an hour ago. A good day is when I have quarters for a dryer, a bad day is when I blow a newscast. That’s my spectrum.
—  Maggie Jordan

Sorry, not sorry for The Newsroom spam.

Re-watching this show I remembered thinking about how on the mark it was when I first started watching it last summer. Having watched it again I hope that more people do and realize the important messages this entertainment television show is providing that our actual media isn’t.

“America isn’t the greatest country anymore, but it can be.”