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NEVERLAND Wakayama Concert 05/27/2017 ~Report translation~ 

Tegoshi explains about his scandals

“I have two things that I want to tell you guys. 

The first one is about the tickets. It is true that my parents and people that I am thankful for come see NEWS concerts. However, they actually pay their own money to come see it. For instance, my parents joined the fan club with their own name and get the tickets through the same process as you guys do. So, please know that Johnny’s absolutely does not give out free tickets.

The second thing is about the guy who has been rumored. First of all, I discovered about this guy’s name and his face for the first time, and I do not have any relationship with him at all. It was seven years ago, so maybe when I was 22 or 23? At that time, I took the picture with him without thinking much, and that has caused some accusations. But whatever that has been rumored and is going around is not true. 

I am going to be yelled at by the agency later on for saying these things on my own. But I am a selfish guy (for not listening to the agency), and I wanted to clear this up for everyone. I am sorry.

That being said, just because I said these things on my own, that does not mean other Johnny’s members are the same. Just because they are not speaking with their own words about their scandals, that does not mean the scandals are true. They have their own reasons for not being able to say it. 

I am sorry for making you guys feel uncomfortable during the first half of the concert. But let’s have fun for the second half!“ 

At the end of the concert, he commented:

“To be honest, I have never felt this scared to stand on a stage before. But I love all of you so much. As long as my body exists, I will do this job. So please continue being a part of NEWS.” 

Thank you, Tegoshi, for always showing us your love for us through your justified beliefs and exact actions. You are my idol who I look up to and respect as a person that is so brave and doesn’t fear to stand up for things he loves. 

He very well knew that by speaking us about his issue, he would get into a huge trouble afterwards. But he could care less about it because he felt the need to tell us with his own words. This shows how much he cherishes his fans, as well as his job and NEWS itself. 

K-chan NEWS 170614

Koya: 0AM the other night, I received a message from Tegoshi: “Kei-chan, can you come here now?“ I asked him what’s wrong since it’s his private time. Within less than 20 minutes I arrived at the restaurant. Sitting in the corner was a really small Tegoshi, looking completely lost. I asked him what happened, after hearing his story I comforted him saying “Because it’s Tegoshi, everything will work out.” His friends staying with him then told me he was obviously down. Can I say this? Tegoshi was wearing a hat, he pulled it down so nobody could see his eyes, and suddenly I heard this *imitated sobbing sounds* The blond was crying? I asked him “Are you crying?” and he kept weeping soundlessly like that. I pulled him into my arms saying “What is it?” Tegoshi had moments like that, I helped him fix his mood and give him advices. At that time, I thought he was just a human being.
Tego: I didn’t want anyone seeing my cry, I’m the terminator.
Koya: Keep contacting me like that afterwards okay? When things happen we can help each other out
Tego: Being a member means that, right?
Koya: Being each other’s strongest comrades.

Cr: JnsNW_零0零


Just imagining this scene kills me

He had friends, yet he called Kei-chan there.

And yet, Kei-chan came.

And despite sitting there in the corner for God knows how long, He broke into tears only when Koyama arrived. 


Happy 14th anniversary, NEWS!

This year is a vital point as all the members are already in their 30′s (well, you’re next Tegoshi. Very soon). Rather than a transition, I believe it’s another restart. Years ago, when the group became four, all of us depended on the words of comfort that we patiently gave each other–there were some activities, and it kept us alive, yet it was mostly the verbal assurances that we preserved our faith. Years later, the aftermath of the past was completely dissolved. No more fears, no more halts. NEWS is moving forward. NEWS is at the top of its game.

I realized that now we are just like any successful fandom–our struggles are different this time. We see more scandals, encounter more haters, etc. We’ve become used to seeing them anytime, everywhere; we think they need some rest! A lesser time frame between releases–our standards are getting high! But we deal with these problems the same. We deal with it by showing a stronger love for the members and for the group. Our support is continuous. It should be, because NEWS’ adoration for us is mutual. #ProudFanHere #iKnowMyIdolsReallyLoveTheirFans

Furthermore, it’s not actually the numbers that we anticipate. I feel that NEWS is eternally between the senpai-kouhai line–see, they’ve matured in many ways but they’re waaaaay too youthful I can’t even ;; And despite their youthful quips, they aged really well! The balance was good, now it’s better, because:

  • Koyama -  the oldest member, is getting younger everyday!!! 
  • Shige - the ojisan, is looking like his age now (plus I think he is becoming the actual visual / eyecandy of the group!)
  • Massu - the babyface, has become an adult. Hmm. Smexy.
  • Tegoshi - the youngest member, is either stuck in his teens or is a proud 29-year old who is excited to enter the world of kakkoii 30s (well, very soon! hahaha)

To not make this post longer, it’s better to savor the gifs and feel the taste of what NEWS has reaped for its members and for us all this year. Once again, happy anniversary, my beloved group! ♥♥♥♥