Ryo-chan making things awkward since 1984

Arashi announced their new single. To be released on April 2017!

4/19 total 51-second new single ‘I’ll be there"released! Now film-AIBA Masaki starring drama “aristocratic detective” of the song feel the cool songs steeped in dynamic and gorgeous melodies linked to mysterious world of drama theme songs, such as “adult storm”…… It is fun!

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Things you'll understand if you're a NEWS fan...

1. You usually look at Tegoshi and/ or Massu’s hair to figure out when the pictures were taken.

2. How much Tegoshi likes to elongate the end notes of the song, so that we can hear his vibrato even after the other three finish singing.

3. Po~Po~Po~

4. Where is Shige’s uvula?

5. Massu’s 6 years of soccer career that is hidden under Tegoshi’s soccer obsession.

6. “Koyama happy birthday”-by Shige, Tegoshi & Massu.


8. That one time when three of them were half naked on K-chan News.

9. You want Tegoshi’s positivity, Massu’s smile, Shige’s cooking ability, and K-chan’s kindness.

10. You feel awkward seeing them acting…

Yamapi talks about NEWS on Radio (04/28/2017)

Bolded part is when he reads off of the letter sent to the radio:

April 28th, Friday. Who’s birthday is it today? It is this person who also has ‘P’ in her name: a comedian Yui-P from Okazukurabu! Happy birthday! I can’t lose to her as a same ‘P-buddy’. She sure is my rival lol. 

By the way, on one of the TV shows the other day, Yui-P said her favorite Johnny’s group is NEWS! Oh darn! hahaha. Apparently, every member is super nice and friendly person. Oh yes, they are. I know. Each has their own character and unique in their own way. I think they are really good balance within the group. 

But Yui-P san, I am the P-buddy and also an ex-NEWS member, so take care of me too! 

Oh, and I heard that Tegoshi said ‘Happy Birthday Yamapi’ at the last concert! Thank you Tegoshi!! I sure am getting old! hahaha….”