《ザ少年倶楽部プレミアム》-Shounen Club Premium 03.15.17

Each member has their own strengths and weaknesses; so they cover up those weaknesses for each other, and let each other shine whenever those strengths are needed.

Massu mentioned how Shige’s singing ability has improved by a lot. He said that the fans might have noticed it too, but as a member who sings with him, he feels that way more than anyone else.

Massu also said that the members have passed the point where they stopped telling Tegoshi to stop being such a goof ball and sometimes inappropriate (to the extent where the directors have to cut it to show on TV). According to Massu, this is because he trusts Tegoshi for things he does, and if that part of Tegoshi is lost, then it will be boring.

On the other hand, when Massu does his jokes and gags, Shige and Kchan don’t always react to it and just let it pass. But Tegoshi justified that by saying that when he’s looking at them in those situations, he can tell that Shige and Kchan are ignoring Massu on purpose sometimes because they know that the jokes won’t bring them anywhere (doesn’t lead to anything more). But when they know that it will, they actually pick it up and react to Massu’s silliness.

K-chan mentioned that when they sing for the show with live orchestras/bands, his hands don’t stop shaking due to the nerves–he says the amount of pressure he has to sing with Tegomass (who are used to singing with live band) is so much.
But when Tegoshi is off the camera, he secretly puts thumbs up when K-chan hits the right note.

Along with that, Tegoshi expressed his desire to lead everyone in the singing field, while giving credits to K-chan for his ability to talk well on the show and doing such a good job as an Emcee.

It’s just these little things that makes my love for this group grow even more.

I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but they’re incredible.


Ryo-chan making things awkward since 1984

Arashi announced their new single. To be released on April 2017!

4/19 total 51-second new single ‘I’ll be there"released! Now film-AIBA Masaki starring drama “aristocratic detective” of the song feel the cool songs steeped in dynamic and gorgeous melodies linked to mysterious world of drama theme songs, such as “adult storm”…… It is fun!

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Things you'll understand if you're a NEWS fan...

1. You usually look at Tegoshi and/ or Massu’s hair to figure out when the pictures were taken.

2. How much Tegoshi likes to elongate the end notes of the song, so that we can hear his vibrato even after the other three finish singing.

3. Po~Po~Po~

4. Where is Shige’s uvula?

5. Massu’s 6 years of soccer career that is hidden under Tegoshi’s soccer obsession.

6. “Koyama happy birthday”-by Shige, Tegoshi & Massu.


8. That one time when three of them were half naked on K-chan News.

9. You want Tegoshi’s positivity, Massu’s smile, Shige’s cooking ability, and K-chan’s kindness.

10. You feel awkward seeing them acting…