Geraldo Rivera absolutely destroys a Fox news anchor for saying Iran is “the greatest threat”, and showing him that it’s the Saudis who are the greatest threat. 

“I think what you just recited was the propaganda that you have been spoon-fed by the Saudis.” 

EXO news anchor au where you’re the camera person

I’ll do my best! *salutes*

Xiumin: *he would trail off on every end sentence when he would look at you*

Luhan: *would look at you for support*

Kris: *would be making a lot of like sexual/deep eye contact with the camera/you*

Suho: *would have to give himself a pep talk before doing the news everytime*

Lay: *would get confused a lot when accidentally making eye contact with you*

Baekhyun: *he would be talking and then completely loose his train of thought after looking at you*

Chen: *would be trying really hard to keep the broadcast professional*

Chanyeol: *would accidentally ask you out during a live broadcast* 

D.O: *completely forgetting everything*

Tao: *smirk* dead

Kai: *would be cute to you during commercial breaks*

Sehun: *secretly checking you out*

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Statement of Solidarity with Black Lives Matter and Baltimore Uprising

Statement of Solidarity with Black Lives Matter and Baltimore Uprising

What we have witnessed in the streets of Baltimore this week is a popular uprising - it is Black resistance to repeated and unchecked state violence. As white anti-racists, we stand in solidarity with Baltimore and Black resistance to white supremacy.

The mainstream media only has one frame of reference for covering these events: to undermine and discredit its significance by using ready-made and racialized labels such as “riots,” “looters,” “thugs” and “criminals.” These terms are not ahistorical, and these terms are not apolitical. Every time a news anchor wags a finger because of the destruction of property or paternalistically wrings their hands over their imagined idea of the broken Black family, they are affirming the violent anti-Black bedrock that this country sits upon. This is not ok. This is a feedback loop of hypocrisy and denial.

Either/or thinking (“good” protesters vs. “bad” protesters) and double standards characterize our media coverage, immediately erasing the context out of which these actions emerge. When white people express rage, such as when there is a loss in a major sports game that results in a “riot,” the media coverage is much more forgiving, and never refers to those engaging in “violent” behavior as “thugs.” Similarly, the “good” cops vs. “bad” cops binary fails to take into account the role of policing in Black communities - justifying the over-policing of Black communities and other communities of color and suggesting that it’s only those rare “bad” apples that contribute to the fear and rage in Black communities toward law enforcement. It is Black communities, not white communities, who are subject to unfair searches through “stop and frisk” laws that disproportionately target people of color and Black people, not white people, who are targets of legally sanctioned, yet dehumanizing, policing tactics on a daily basis by “good” cops. It assumes that “good” police officers are somehow devoid of conscious and unconscious bias when interacting with the communities they are sworn to protect. This binary assumes that policing is necessary in order to keep residents safe from crime, and that it is not the state’s tool for social control.

Too often our white skin privilege renders us indifferent to the reality of Black people’s lived experience. We can assume that police are there to protect us. We need not worry that an interaction with police may result in us taking our last breath. Time and again we’ve witnessed videos of police interacting with armed white men pointing a gun at officers, which rarely results in an officer’s use of force, let alone lethal force. Yet we have been conditioned to see Black communities, and Black bodies, as objects to be feared.

The media perpetuates the ideology that property is more valuable than Black lives. By focusing on the “looters” and “violence,” mainstream media gives permission to a national audience of people sitting in the comfort of their own home that they, too, should be outraged at property damage, and diverting attention from the focus on police murders, lack of accountability, and lack of investment in Black communities. As white people, we are encouraged to “pray for peace” in times of uprising; instead, let’s work to end police brutality and invest in Black communities. The media’s call for “peace” is really a call for a cease in the disruption of white comfort. Naming this is essential.

We support Black people expressing themselves in response to oppression and brutality in whatever forms that takes. We recognize Black people’s right to lead their own struggle and determine their political strategies, and we recognize the important leadership that provides to all people committed to justice. We don’t believe it’s our role as allies to dictate what such struggles and strategies should look like.

We commit ourselves and call on other white people to engage in critical self-reflection and examination about the meaning of race and whiteness in our lives. Our on-going work is to question the assumptions we hold about security, law enforcement, and the tactics of change; to excavate the lies and distortions we have internalized about American history and the color of justice; to be honest and radical in our evaluation of inequities and the privileges we have been afforded.

The greatest tool we have toward this critical learning is our ability to listen. We must recognize and lift up the experiences and wisdom being expressed by Black people about what it means to be Black in this country. We also commit ourselves and urge other white people to take action and organize. Engage other white people in conversations about racism - call them in to the community of justice and transformation. Reframe conversations in white communities from “peace” to a focus on systemic racism and state sanctioned violence. Build relationships and networks with other white anti-racists and show up when allies are needed in this struggle - at rallies and actions to support the Black Lives Matter movement or helping with planning and providing needed resources. Promote and defend the voices of Black dissent and resistance against state repression and media racism. Help provide material and legal resources and court support for Black and other people facing such repression for standing up and speaking out against racist police murders. Let’s dismantle white supremacy.

-Written by a collective in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and in affiliation with AWARE-LA

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last night i had a dream where me and my friends were planning on going on a road trip to some where. I backed out at the last minute because i wanted to do something else and friends were disappointed but went on without me, then some weird time lapse occurred until the evening. I got some garbled call from a  friend of my friend who went on the trip and informed me that the group was involved in an accident; apparently some truck transporting a bundle of large steel tubes fell loose into the freeway. I was suddenly watching the news about the accident where a distressed looking news anchor, live on the scene, reported 8 dead and 15 injured/critical condition as the camera panned over the area where multiple cars, steel tubes, and people were scattered around. I then some how ended up in the hospital where most of my friends were admitted. One friend told me about another friend who was in critical condition because she was stuck in the drivers seat when the gas from the car ignited and left her trapped in the fire, but by the time the rescue team got to her, she had already received 3rd and 4th degree burns throughout her whole body. While my friend was telling me this we transitioned in front of my burn victim friend who laid in a pure white room with multiple machines behind the glass window we were looking through. Suddenly the room we stood in smelt of burnt flesh, smoke, and antiseptic and my vision blacked out . All i heard was the sound of metal screeching, fire crackling, and muffled screaming until my vision opened into hazy image of my burn victim friend wrapped in layers gauze with her left arm and leg amputated and her whole body trembling as she made some muffled gurgling noises, and then i woke up.

note: I usually don’t write out my dreams, but I thought this time would be a good idea  since the dream i had was incredibly striking, as i often don’t have extremely detailed dreams like this and remember them from start to finish. It was  relatively an interesting process .

anonymous asked:

Can you explain the picture of that woman news anchor with that bracelet thing on her ankle? I don't get it..

I think it’s from a news segment on the “thugs” (their words not mine) rioting in Baltimore the irony is she’s wearing an ankle monitor meaning she’s under house arrest or parole. Or it’s saying that it’s hypocritical of the media to report the protestors as being thugs when their own newscasters are criminals. Idk either way hope that’s explains somewhat



Ever feel like US news shows are a more of hotbed for wild, gaffe-filled drama than a place where you get information?

Well, guess what: it’s not just an American thing. Watch our hilarious supercut of the funniest moments from local news here. 


News anchors can’t stop laughing at Ryan Lochte 

#14. KIMBERLEY KENNEDY - "Someone who was left at the altar."

Kimberley Kennedy was at the rehearsal dinner the night before her big, Southern wedding.

Her fiance was late, but Kimberley wasn’t worried. He was usually late. Meanwhile, she was preparing for the next day when the Atlanta church would hold 500 guests. Both of the couple’s families sat waiting for him to start the rehearsal.

When her fiance finally showed up, he sent his sister to get Kimberley and bring her to the priest’s office.

There, he said five words that changed her life: “I just can’t do it.”

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Responding to Ridiculous Thoughts About Baltimore

Police brutality is a serious issue plaguing our nation, but so is stupidity. Here are some of my responses to some of the stunningly stupid thoughts about Baltimore I’ve seen circulating the Internet

People are rioting because they’re fed up

Ok? Scream. Cry. Express your anger. But don’t try to climb to an ivory tower on the corpses of dead black people to justify this godless anarchy, or pretend that anyone lighting cop cars on fire or stealing cell phones is doing it for Freddie Gray or to end police brutality. You sound like those news anchors talking about kids who go on killing sprees, and how they were “bullied their whole lives.” Being “fed up” doesn’t absolve you of your responsibility to be a decent human being.

The police deserve it

Um, no. No they don’t. The ones that have acted outside of their duties and jurisdiction should lose their jobs and face prison sentences. They shouldn’t have to defend themselves from gullible high schoolers that are trying to reenact the 2nd Purge movie.

People care more about broken windows than an unarmed black man being killed by police

Maybe if there weren’t people throwing bricks at windows, lit torches at cop cars, and boulders at law enforcement, the media would be covering the actual issues, and not the savagery surrounding them. 

Violent protests are effective

Effective at what exactly? Yes, there was violence in the 60s as black Americans fought for equality. But I’m willing to bet every penny in my bank account that I don’t owe my rights to some vintage low life capitalizing on chaos so they could rob a store while the actual revolutionaries were protesting.

You can’t condemn looting when this country was built on stolen labor in stolen land and stolen resources

I think considering the fact that virtually every country has participated in slavery among other grievous crimes against humanity, and that while the British introduced slavery to what is now known as America, the United States abolished it relatively quickly in relation to its founding, and that despite its economic benefits most people were able to conclude that it was wrong… Yes you absolutely can condemn looting. And of course America was in the wrong concerning its treatment of Native Americans, but that that’s generally how territory was gained in the context of history. Almost every border in the world has been drawn by war. I won’t speak on the stolen resources aspect because I don’t know enough about it, but I’m guessing you’re still a dumb hippie.

A riot is the language of the unheard

So, instead of writing your local congressman, rob CVS. Makes sense. Now that the world is listening all you’re telling them with your actions is that you couldn’t give a rat’s ass about your community, so why should they?

Property can be rebuilt but no one can give back the black lives that have been lost

Tell that to the pastor of the church that was building a affordable housing for senior citizens that was burned down. And you’re right, no one can give back the black lives lost. Especially not a 17 year old on twitter.

When white people riot over sports games no one bats an eye but when black people riot over things that matter we’re demonized

Who do you know that thinks sports riots are acceptable? The difference between sports riots and these “social justice” riots is that the sports riots are incited by drunk fans and last for a night. These social justice riots last for days, sometimes weeks on end, and while the sports riots are transparent in their ridiculousness, the social justice riots try to claim moral high ground when in reality they are hiding behind a “cause” to indulge in their own selfish, criminal vices.


said: Is it too much to give you another prompt? Like, Cas getting dared by half-sister Charlie to kiss the newsanchor who is doing a live broadcast on the street they’re walking on. He accepts, bc she promises to get him this really expensive anthology on the nature of bees. What he doesn’t expect is Dean to be so enthusiastic in returning his impromptu kiss. ~uwu~

They had been playing a low-key game of truth or dares all day as they walked through the streets of the town they lived in, window shopping and trying weird drinks from the hippy coffee shop on 22nd street. The game had been slowly escalating all afternoon, until all of Castiel’s siblings apart from Gabriel and Charlie, self-proclaimed dare champions, trickled away to do their own thing.  

Castiel knew he shouldn’t have dared Charlie to go and ask out the cute girl behind the register at Lush, because now he knew that Charlie was going to give him an even bigger dare on her next go, which usually meant bad things. Castiel can’t even refuse to do the dare, because a, he’ll have to do the forfeit task, and b, he’ll be ribbed by Gabriel and Charlie for probably the next month.

No one is allowed to turn down a dare in the Novak family. Even when they’re dared things like run around the neighbourhood in a my little pony costume and acting like a brony, or posting a pole dancing video online; both of which Gabriel had done.

“I did it!” Charlie exclaims as she runs out of Lush. “I got her number!”

Gabriel rolls his eyes, shoving Cas’ shoulder. “Cas, I told you asking out a cute girl was a terrible dare. She’s been crushing on that chick for months.”

Castiel shrugs. “Maybe I’m just a better brother than you are, Gabriel.”

Charlie shoves between the brothers and loops her arms in theirs, and they begin to walk down the street once again. Charlie has a mischievous smirk on her face, and Cas just knows that he’s going to be doing the worst of the day. Like pretending to get run over by a car, or standing on top of a table and doing the Macarena.

They’re just rounding the corner onto the next block when Charlie lets out a happy gasp, grabbing tightly on Cas’ arm. “Cas, I have the perfect dare for you.” She grins, looking excited.

Cas groans, pulling away from her. He wonders what the chances are of running away right now without one of them catching up to him. Probably not very high, seeing as Charlie and Gabriel both love to see him squirm. They’d probably end up giving him a worse dare if he tried to get away.

“What is it, Lee?” Gabriel asks, shielding his eyes and looking around. He spots something, and turns to Charlie with a grin. “Are you thinking what I think you’re thinking?”

Charlie smirks, before throwing an arm around Cas’ shoulders. “Bluebird, you know the channel three news right?”

Cas frowns. What did the channel three news have to do with dares?

“And you know the hot news anchor that you always drool over?” Charlie continues.

“I do not stare.” Cas scoffs, crossing his arms. “I just have an interest in current affairs, Charlie.”

Charlie and Gabriel both give him identical are you fucking kidding me? looks.

“Okay, I might stare a little,” Cas admits, “But you both always look at the weather girl like she’s the last woman on earth!”

They both let out dreamy sighs at the mention of the weather girl.

“She’s hot, Cassie, even you have to admit that.” Gabriel says with a smirk.

“Anyway,” Charlie points. “Lover boy news anchor is right over there.”

Castiel’s eyes widen in shock, and his eyes follow the direction Charlie’s pointing in and he sees that the man, Dean the-hottest-news-anchor-around Winchester, in question is in fact standing on the other side of the street, doing a live broadcast.

He’s even better looking in person, Cas realises.

“So, what?” Cas asks. “Are you going to make me talk to him or something?”

Charlie and Gabriel share a look.

“No, Cas.” Charlie grins. “You have to go and kiss him. I dare you.”

Cas splutters, looking incredulously between Dean and Charlie. “After he finishes the broadcast, right?”

Charlie rolls her eyes. “What would be the fun in that?”

“No,” Cas shakes his head firmly. “I’ll do a lot of dares but being rejected by a straight man on live television is something I do not want to do.”

“Cassie, if that man is straight then I hate candy.” Gabriel scoffs. “No man with features that delicate doesn’t like a hot dog in his bun once in a while.”

“Gabriel!” Cas hisses, even though he knows Dean can’t hear him.

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