Cara Delevingne Comes Out On Top In Amazingly Awkward Local TV Interview (Updated)
Cara Delevingne, treasure to all the world, destroyed this early morning talk show interview after an anchor called her "Carla."

What assholes. I mean, seriously. Press junkets and interviews are such a tiring process, she obviously had a big night out, she’s only 22, she doesn’t get up at the crack of dawn every morning like these news anchors. Some of us just aren’t morning people. Top it off their questions were so boring.

What really gets me is the condescending tones that were used and the bad-mouthing after the interview ended. 3 grown adults ganging up on a young girl. 

I mean they couldn’t even get her name right.

The ladies on the view weighed in on Cara’s awkward interview calling her a bitch. Listen there is NOTHING wrong with how Cara acted in the interview. For starters the interviewer called her CARLA. They asked her if she read Paper Towns, I’m sorry but if you ask a stupid question you’re gonna get a stupid answer. The news anchors also said you may recognize Cara from Taylor Swift’s music video. Excuse me, but Cara is a world famous model first and foremost.Lastly, they proceeded to call her out on how attitude mid interview. Cara did nothing wrong, and deserves an apology.



These news anchors made this one of the most cringe worthy and awkward interviews out there. So awkward in fact that it will make you feel uncomfortable.

Ok, that Cara Delevigne interview is pissing me off so much. The media legit made her look snobby and mean and not happy to be in a movie when it was just the news anchors winding her up to get a reaction. Obviously she would be irritated with the sort of questions they were asking but she still continued to reply politely.They then say “oh yeah you were also in Taylor Swift’s music video.” Is that the only thing she’s being recognised for? Not the many modeling jobs she has had and covers of magazines she’s been on. No she’s only remembered for this movie and being Taylor’s friend. 

She is such an amazing woman and no one should treat her this way. No one should treat anyone this way. 

Then she stopped the interview before it got any worse and they got all offended as if they hadn’t done anything. They then go on being plain rude while she’s not there so she’s not even able to defend herself.

Thank you once again to the media for twisting the stories and the images of innocent people and celebrities.

Another thing, can you imagine if this was a male film star? Would they be asking any of these types of questions? 


Let me just say, never have I EVER seen news anchors be so purposefully rude towards a guest on their show as did the ones who interviewed CARA (not Carla) Delevigne on Good Day Sacramento. Sure Cara was not jumping up and down screaming about how much she loved Paper Towns at 8 AM but there was no plausible reason for them to blatantly make her uncomfortable, insult her, and then when she left the air, act like high schoolers by continuing to bad mouth her amongst each other and on live TV. I have actually never been more appalled by the talk show industry and want Cara to know that I support her, and hope Paper Towns is a great propelling factor to her acting career.

Ps Cara isn’t just in one movie and in Taylor swifts music video, she IS also a highly successful model, so maybe they should do a little background fact checking before interviewing anyone



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[via Kotaku]