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What do you think of that black out shit tomorrow? They can have a black out but we can't have a white out wtf is that bullshit

Lmfaooo what??? I think it’s a nice idea and I’ll totally be reblogging some of my black followers selfies calm yourself white people don’t have to steal every single thing from black people seriously if ya’ll wanna see whiteout go google pics of the US government or look at Fox News anchors or some shit lol


Bill O’Reilly’s claims are demonstrably false. Now he threatens to bring down an entire network of hacks with him

Conservative media critics simply cannot abide major news figures wallowing in “obfuscation” and turning a blind eye to “honesty.” Unless his name is Bill O’Reilly and he works for Fox News. Given that blind support, can you imagine how utterly toothless and irrelevant the next conservative campaign is going to be if, and when, it zeroes in on a dishonest news anchor regarding fabrications?

Conservatives they have to admit they were wrong about O’Reilly and publicly call him out if they want to be taken seriously.

ok so i saw gone girl and here are my thoughts
  • it wasn’t a bad movie by any means but i hated how a good chunk relied on validating misogynistic fears in order to advance the plot
  • amy was an interesting villain at the start when her plans relied on her critical thinking but this very interesting setup crumbled once they starting relying on the above ex how amy has a string of false rape accusations to keep her seeming frail and victim like-especially when you contrast this to her thought out plans that work out terribly ex her Country Gal disguise 
  • and also her seemingly endless supply of money to do what she does? where did that all come from? another thing that bugs me about her characterization is how her plans rely on her having an endless stream of money(even after she gets robbed!!) which is a lazy way of getting out of having to develop how resourceful and malicious she can be
  • what was that one part where the news anchor looking to slander nick was talking about how domestic homicides are one of the highest causes of deaths in women? were they trying to imply that a good chunk of women who are presumed to be murdered by their husbands are really just framing them? the anchor’s entire character was just a mess focused on pushing point one. 
  • and more about nick: in the books he’s apparently portrayed as being as cold and calculating as amy? i feel like they didn’t really attempt to develop him in this sort of way in the film as much as they tried to make him out to be an emotionally stunted everyguy caught up in the Evil Schemes of a Woman. if they went with the presumed original depiction it could have made for an incredibly engaging dynamic between the two.
  • margo didn’t grill nick hard enough for cheating on amy with one of his students oh my god

Billy Ray Harris: Homeless Man Returns Platinum Ring

Back in February of this year Billy Ray Harris was still just an ordinary man, living homeless, panhandling on the streets of Kansas City. However, his rise to fame was nothing short of extraordinary.

Having been handed the opportunity to cash in on a strangers mistake, when a platinum engagement ring was accidentally dropped into his cup, along with some change, Billy Ray Harris decided that honesty and integrity was worth more than money, and his good will was duly rewarded. Despite the ring’s estimated value of over $4,000, Billy Ray Harris chose not to pawn it and potentially buy his way out of homelessness, and keep hold of the ring, just in case he saw the young lady, again, in order to return it to her. And that’s exactly what he did, the very next day.

His remarkable gesture was so well received that the ring’s grateful owner, and husband, set up a donation fund for Harris as a reward, which, in a matter of weeks, had toppled $170,000. The publicity even meant he could be reunited with his estranged family of 16 years, proving he did exactly the right thing and chalking one-up to good karma.

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WGN-TV anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange have worked at the Chicago station together for 20 years, and have had lots of time to practice the most intricate commercial break handshake that’s ever existed.

This is the relationship that I want to have with my future co-worker.



Ever feel like US news shows are a more of hotbed for wild, gaffe-filled drama than a place where you get information?

Well, guess what: it’s not just an American thing. Watch our hilarious supercut of the funniest moments from local news here. 


Chris Miller: Doing Cosplay The Right Way

In the Summer of last year, Amateur Superhero enthusiast, Chris Miller set about building a life-sized replica Iron Man suit, as something of an extravagant hobby, with the added bonus of being able to boast the perfect halloween costume. A year on, and an investment of almost $1,500 later, Miller is now using his self-appointed powers for good, by attending local events, children’s hospitals and various charities, wearing his Iron Man suit, to make the day of unsuspecting children.

There are certain legal implications with using Disney’s ‘Iron Man’ trademark, but Chris Miller told Huffington Post"I would hope they would overlook a guy doing a little charity work and making some kids’ days a little brighter" and we definitely hope that is the case, too. It’s not every day that children get to come face to face with their heroes.

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Cincinnati News Anchor Sings Traffic Parody of Frozen’s “Let It Go”  

Tune in next week, when all the anchors perform the news in their own interpretation of Newsies.

A news anchor for a Fox affiliate in Ohio described Lady Gaga’s Academy Awards performance as “jigaboo music” live on the air Monday in front of her black colleague.

Kristi Capel, who co-hosts Cleveland-based WJW’s “Fox 8 News In The Morning,” was discussing the performance when she said: “It’s hard to really hear her voice with all the jigaboo music.”

"Whatever you want to call it, jigaboo," she added.

Capel’s co-host, Wayne Dawson, quickly turned the conversation back to Lady Gaga’s vocal talents.

Capel soon apologized on Twitter, saying she didn’t know the meaning of the word.

The Oxford English Dictionary describes “jigaboo” as a “depreciative and offensive” term for blacks.


James Harrison: The Man With The Golden Arm

At the age of 14, Australian James Harrison underwent major chest surgery, requiring 12 litres of donated blood to keep him alive. By way of proving his gratitude, to those responsible for his life-saving ordeal, Harrison pledged to begin donating blood as soon as he reached the legal age to do so, and this promise soon allowed him to begin saving many lives of his own.

Harrison was initially unaware that his blood contained an incredibly rare plasma composition, which is used in the treatment of Rhesus disease in unborn babies and their mothers. However, upon learning of the rarity and consequential biological value of his particular type of blood, aged just 18, Harrison began donating as often as possible.

Fast forward over half a century to 2011 and, having donated once every 2-3 weeks, Harrison was able to celebrate his monumental 1000th donation. This number is impressive itself, but when coupled with the fact that his donations have saved the lives of an estimated 2.4 million babies, the continued selfless actions of James Harrison, appropriately dubbed ‘the man with the golden arm’ have undoubtedly led to him becoming a real hero to many.

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[get to know me meme] 10 Female Characters (7/10): Robin Scherbatsky (How I Met Your Mother)