So here’s the thing about representation… Kids or people in general look to the media and popular culture for influence and as much as we don’t want it shapes our opinion of ourselves and others around us. So when you never see someone who looks like you in ads on the runway in positions where they’re considered beautiful, you do start to question your perception of yourself. Even career wise- if you don’t see poc as news anchors you start to question whether it’s the career for you. It takes a mental toll on you.


Take a Tour of the UAE’s Fantastical, Futuristic TV Sets

The United Arab Emirates hopes to become the world’s next tech hub, which might explain the futuristic look of its television shows. News anchors, talk show hosts, and sports commentators preside over neon-bathed realms seemingly inspired by sci-fi blockbusters even as they wear attire typical of Arab Gulf countries.

“I like the contrast between the design of the sets and the anchors wearing their traditional dress,” says Jaime Puebla, who photographed the sets for his series TV. “I think it’s a metaphor for the way UAE see itself—as a country that wants to be modern without losing its traditions.”

The Chilean photographer stumbled on the subject while working in the UAE. He was channel surfing and realized most of the programs shared an ultra-modern aesthetic. It was radically different from western talk shows, which favor homier sets. “I thought it was so surreal, and I’d never seen anything like it,” he says.

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theres these annoying boys, who call themselves libertarians so that they feel like intellectuals, in my government class and uugggghhh theyre so disgusting but there’s this beautiful manboy with 5 o’clock shadow all the time whose last name is pronounced hymen who sits with them bc theyre acquaintances but theyre lying to him theyre telling him “hillary clintons stupid bc she believes women are unequal and is a feminist and the email scandal means she knew about benghazi and she didnt do anything bc she wanted to make money for her foundation”? which is wrong on so many levels, the woman is horrible, but that is so ignorant i cannot believe. and he talked like a fox news anchor like as if benghazi is a confirmed thing? tbh i really am not in the mood to defend hillary clinton, but suffice to say, it was not critical analysis with the needs of vulnerable populations as a top priority. and tbh i turned involuntarily turned around and rolled my eyes a couple times too many times that i got involved in the conversation (and our shoulders touched when i walked with them ! i am that sexually frustrated ! ) and hopefully he’s not just assuming these are all facts from an actual article

We’ve compared the numbers between TV shows premiering in 1978 and 1981 so far, and they’re about even with a little over a 20% success rate. Those aren’t exactly betting odds, but maybe the networks would soon learn from their mistakes (not realizing that Erma Bombeck works better in book form, for instance). Let’s take a look at what potential treasures 1983 promised…

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Ever feel like US news shows are a more of hotbed for wild, gaffe-filled drama than a place where you get information?

Well, guess what: it’s not just an American thing. Watch our hilarious supercut of the funniest moments from local news here. 


Asian-American 15-year-old  Jason turns Jeb Bush’s ignorance into a positive trend  

After Bush’s insensitive “anchor baby” comments, Los Angeles teen Jason Fong decided to focus not on criticizing a single candidate, but productively exposing the truth about the Asian-American experience. It snowballed from stories of immigration, to adversity, to incredible perseverance.


Cincinnati News Anchor Sings Traffic Parody of Frozen’s “Let It Go”  

Tune in next week, when all the anchors perform the news in their own interpretation of Newsies.

It doesn’t matter that we don’t speak or read Japanese. Our favorite news source is Japan’s SBK News where the anchor is an adorable Shiba Inu named Shibao Inuyama. The smiley anchorpup doesn’t actually share a whole lot in the way of news, but he sure looks great in a suit. Most of his time at the news desk is spent napping, playing with a squeaky toy, and occasionally licking his news briefs. He’s the News Doge! Wow! Such news. Many Story. Much informed:

Truth be told, these short broadcasts may actually be playful advertisements for Seven Bank, Japan’s 7-Eleven banking service. But the thing is, they’re so awesomely cute that we still feel surprisingly well informed. Current events go right out the window where there’s an adorable dog sitting at the news desk. Or on the news desk. Or sleeping on the news desk. 

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