TV Guide 11.27 NEWS 2 Shots

The pictures in this magazine are so lovely, and the questions regarding the other members were cute too~ One more week until Yonjuushi is released!!!

Yuya x Shigeaki
What do you want to do for Kato?
ーSince it looks like he’s lacking activeness, I want to take him out to a place where people are gathered, like a BBQ. Both Shige and me are shy around strangers, but if we’re together we’ll probably be alright…

What do you want Kato to do for you?
ーBecause he has an image of being good at cooking, I want him to make me a meal. My wish is for seafood. Since it’s special, cut up the fish you caught in front of me!

What do you want to do for Tegoshi?
ーTegoshi has been saying “teach me how to fish” for a while, so I want to teach him. I think I really want to make that a reality within this year.

What do you want Tegoshi to do for you?
ーI always give him birthday presents, but he doesn’t give me any. I don’t have any memory of receiving one (lol). That’s why I want one already.

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