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Here’s the problem with the values argument in relation to LGBTQ rights: it’s not about you. It’s not about your belief structure or what your interpretation of any religious text seems to say. It’s not about unsubstantiated fears of how public restrooms are utilized. It’s not about maintaining your comfort level at the expense of others. It’s not about your perception of what love, marriage, and families should look like. It’s not even about the overwhelming science that demands legitimization of LGBTQ individuals. It is not about you. Full stop. 

If, indeed, your values compel you to perpetuate so much tragedy, violence, and heartbreak, are they really as admirable as you have been lead to believe? Is the very real suffering of the LGBTQ community worth the satisfaction of having voted your conscience? If so, I see nothing of merit in the so-called values you seek to defend.

—  LGBTQ Rights Are Not About YOUR Values | Caitlin Antonides for HuffPost

Snapchat: Its a shame that fat shaming is still so blatant and in a medium so readily available to so many young people today.

Mariah carey is a strong, beautiful woman who has worked tremendously hard for where she is today. The Daily Mail chose her body, not her merits, deserved the spotlight today.

On today’s Snapchat story, this was prevalent. On the cover story, Ashley Graham, plus sized model being praised, then not a few swipes to the right, an entire outlet slamming someone for gaining weight and having the gall to link it to possible emotional, and mental health troubles linked to a past romance.

This stands as a perfect example of corporate sale of our pride as women, seeing beauty in others, then tearing down another. Completely shameful on the part of daily mail.

If anyone has the time, please.

Reach out on Instagram, twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

ask ASHLEY GRAHAM how she feels, no doubt being used to having herself pitted against other women against her choice by such ignorant entertainment outlets.

Ask THE DAILY MAIL if they feel ashamed, embarrassed for their contradictory, greedy, classless sell out fashion.


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Republic Holonet News - latest edition. We value you, subscriber!

We have exclusive previews of the upcoming art exhibition at the Naberrie Gallery on Naboo!

The exhibition, ‘Rook: The Lost Art’, is a showcase of previously unseen and private works by legendary war photographer Bodhi Rook, donated by his granddaughter Aya in exchange for an undisclosed sum (rumoured to be in the vicinity of two billion credits) being donated to the Republic War Orphan Fund.

Rook famously started out as a cargo pilot for the Empire before bravely defecting to the Alliance to Restore the Republic with valuable information which contributed to the destruction of the first Death Star. A veteran of the Battles of Scarif, Endor and Jakku, Rook turned to photography as a way of coping with the horrors of war and his images are studied as an integral part of Galactic History, as well as by aspiring art students everywhere. After the fall of the Empire, he turned to art full-time but kept his lens focused on the aftermath of war.

The exclusive images above were intended to be part of his first ever exhibition - a series of portraits of his closest allies in war (see also: Chirrut Imwe, Baze Malbus, Mon Mothma). But the pictures of the legendary veterans Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor were never revealed until now.

“My grandfather told me that he had changed his mind about making these public after he developed them, because they were too intimate for such private people. There are plenty of images of them out there, but he felt these ones showed too much of the people he knew.” Said Aya, who inherited the collection after her grandfather’s death. “After speaking to their children and grandchildren, we agreed that now was the right time to share them with the galaxy.”

“So much has been written about our parents,” Calix Andor and Nava Andor-Rook wrote in a press release on behalf of the family, “but nothing has matched up to the reality that our dearest Bodhi captured in these images. There are plenty of pictures of them taken during the war - in battle, in recovery and in intense moments. But these are images not of soldiers but of a man and woman starting a new life, with a family on the way.”

The pictures are dated roughly one year after the Battle of Endor, when the couple - who married during the war - were living on Naboo, and six months before the birth of their first child, son Calix (see also: Rogue Squadron, Fall of the First Order, Triumph of the New Republic).

The exhibition will also include exclusive images of such heroes of the Rebellion as Luke Skywalker, a young Poe Dameron and the hard-hitting outtakes from Rook’s previous exhibition Left Behind: The Forgotten Children of the Empire.

Tickets for Lost Art are currently sold out with more rumoured to become available in the coming weeks.

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One of my biggest problems with Utah Culture is the over-emphasis on exclusively consuming “uplifting” media and news. Yes, there’s a value in exposing yourself to inspiring material, but insisting on a strict G-rated Disney fantasy world makes it impossible to empathize with other people and experience the real world.

Anyway, that’s what I wish I could post in response to [name withheld], a 28-year-old man in my YSA ward who just shared a cute drawing from the Friend Magazine to the entire ward via Facebook.

I head canon that Steve wears a “Not Straight” shirt around constantly after being invited to speak at an event promoting “Christian Family Values.” Fox news and other right wing outlets swear that the images are all photo shopped at first. It take Steve literally wearing it on a Ellen and very proudly announcing that he’s bi-sexual for them to stop with that shit. After that, the Avengers all take to wearing “I’m with Cap” shirts to further piss off the media. When Bucky wakes up after Wakanda, the first pic the paps get of him is one with him wearing a “Vintage Gay since 1917″. 

So Pence’s speech to the National Space Council the other week, and all his talk of returning to the moon, and maybe venturing out to Mars, just conjured images not of shuttles and spacecraft blasting off to the grand adventure of the unknown, but of a moon base festooned with weapons systems, the legacy of the Strategic Defense Initiative. And I wondered if the heavenly bodies that so mystified and enticed scientists of old, one eye affixed to a telescope, would become the next commodity of real estate.

For that matter, why not build a casino so that the flashing neon of opulence could be seen during the orbital track? Behold the harvest moon, beguiling in its orange… and red, and purple. Or let’s be more practical and make the moon a place to stow our ever-increasing waste - a landfill in every crater.

All this seemingly optimistic talk, this gung-ho attitude to return to the stars, could very well be, with the scars wrought by this administration, the foundation of our dark future - dystopian, apocalyptic, and wherein space exploration takes a backseat to Satellite surveillance.

What sucks is that if they hadn’t totally annihilated Laurel’s character I would be pretty happy with the show, all things considered. I like the Annalise plot line, especially now that Connor is working with her. I love seeing Michaela kick ass at Caplan and Gold and seeing another queer WOC dominate her profession. And while I don’t like Bonnie at all her actions make sense given her past. Even the micasher plot with Asher getting jealous and everything makes sense to a point. Laurel seeking justice for wes BECAUSE SHE LOVED HIM made sense.

But suddenly having Laurel cheat on Wes and deciding that everything she’s done is out of guilt and making her into this horrible, unlikable person?? That doesn’t make sense to me. That’s not the Laurel I know, the Laurel that had been developed over the past 3 seasons. She’s not driven by love or even friendship anymore, she’s driven by guilt. And she’s manipulating her friends to help her based on that very idea that they’re doing this for Wes, for the guy she loved. It’s such an unnecessary thing to do.

There was so much they could have done with her storyline, and they ruined all of it by introducing a cliche that has been done a million times before. And why? To increase ~*shock value*~?

News flash, Pete: that doesn’t work if it’s a really awful idea. We learned last season that when you killed off a main character for no good reason.

Anyway, I know a lot of this has been said already. But I just hate that one plotline of what should and could be an amazing show with an INCREDIBLE cast is dragging down the entire show.

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I did these quickly for my friend @elvenartifact because we share a love for Raleigh Samson, and he wanted to see him before he got on red lyrium. Check out his beautiful Samson sculpt

I lost most of his features somewhere in the value study, but good news is…my values are getting a little better?

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Hi! I've never worn a binder before, and know that no matter what I do it won't get me totally flat (I'm a size 36G/34H in bras). I'm nervous about my breast tissue deforming though, The Internet has informed me that that's a Thing that can happen. Would the chance of that be lessened if I used one of your sports bras instead of a binder? Could I even get a sports bra/binder that was the right size for me? (i've never been able to find bras that fit properly bc of my large chest/small ribcage)

Hey, anon! I’ve got good news and bad news for you here. Two bits each, in fact!

Good news: don’t believe everything you read on the internet. There’s no data what says binding deforms your chest tissue.

Bad news: There’s no data. At all. Just a bunch of random anecdotes repeated over and over, often attached to completely unrelated topless images just for shock value. 

Bad news, part two: Everyone sags over time. Everyone. Some people will say it’s because they wore a binder, some say it’s because they wore a bra. Some say it’s because they didn’t wear a bra. And some say it’s because their bra or their binder didn’t fit. Nobody has data on that, either.

Good news, part two! Yes, you can totally get a sports bra or a binder that is the right size for you, because we custom-make to your measurements. It’ll fit! It may even get you to a satisfactory degree of flattening - we’ve had customers your size who’ve been happy with the results.

I hope this helps! I know it’s not totally reassuring, but it’s quite honestly the extent of what we know.


Thomas Scally stated that, while he was sitting in Alley Pond Park on Winchester Boulevard at dusk with a female friend, a yellow Volkswagen Beetle rolled up to his car, door to door and only three inches apart from his vehicle without its engine running. Tom kept an air gun under his seat and as the VW rolled up to Tom’s car, the VW driver [later established to be serial killer David Berkowitz] was met with the gun pointed straight at him.
—  I was just reading David Berkowitz’s wikipedia article (I wikiwandered from a research project) when I came across the realest example of Genre Savvy you will ever find.

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Shakarian, Nettle

Nettle: cruelty.

He’d thought he’d be used to it by now, the waiting.

Wars like this are always full of it. Comm towers down, relays interrupted all the way to the Perseus Veil, fractured reports contradicting each other as Liara does what she can to sort them through, half her screens black and the rest choked with static.

The Citadel is destroyed. No survivors, no wreckage. Hackett is dead. No, Hackett’s alive; Anderson is MIA. Huge chunks of the Citadel have landed in major cities, pulled to earth after the explosion. No–only fragments survived the atmosphere, and Hackett himself has landed in London to oversee the city’s clearing. Millions of people are gone; more are still missing. Billions.

Shepard is dead. All the reports agree on that.

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“ഉറുമ്പ് ചത്താൽ തവള ചാവണ വരെ
തവള ചത്താൽ പാമ്പ് ചാവണ വരെ
പാമ്പ് ചത്താൽ കഴുകൻ ചാവണ വരെ - Urumbu chathaal thavala chaavana vare
Thavala chathaal paambu chaavana vare
Paambu chathaal kazhukan chaavana vare.”

Roughly translated, it says “An ant’s death is news till a frog dies, a frog’s till a snake dies, a snake’s till a vulture dies…” It means the news value of something is relative. We’ll forget a story as soon as a new one emerges.

This dialogue gained fame through the movie Left Right Left. In the video clip, we can see Joseph Annamkutty Jose use it to further illustrate his point about the news and how we just have ‘passing emotions’. In the rest of the original video, he questions whether what we need is passing emotions or permanent solutions. Here, he quotes Santhosh Pundit who in turn echoes Gandhiji a little: “The world won’t change easily. So the best thing you can do is, you can change for the better and through your example maybe two people you know may change. And with these small steps perhaps we can do some good.”

Joseph is a writer, speaker and more recently an RJ. Through his viral videos on facebook (now Youtube as well), he attempts to send out positive messages and bring about social changes.