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Sorry for the delay for the next page. It’s been a pretty slow work week for me. It’s not necessarily busyness it’s just my motivation along with my spitefulness plus my brain came together and decided it was high time for a vacation. They didn’t even ask to leave…just packed everything and left. They even took my chocolate ice cream with them what. Well that left me with intense fatigue and a long depressive episode…it was so boring and I couldn’t even change the channel. But I appreciate all of you lovely peoples’s patience and as a reward I’m going to add stuff to this comic page and it’s more comic panels! Hah just kidding they double every page. No actually you’re getting a sneak peek

that’s it that’s all you get :)

I wake up to Selena Gomez apparently twittering that the blacklifematters thing is not important enough for her to talk about and Kim Kardashian fully destroying Taylor Swift’s lies on snapchat. If grown ass woman are going to destroy their career for stupid shit then everyone better grab popcorn because this shit is about to blow up.

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Thirsty for some Hirunaka no Ryuusei?

Next issue of Margaret (issue 3&4/2015) will include “Mini Margaret 100 page” “Comic book size”. This will include the extra chapter of Hirunaka no Ryuusei that Yamamori sensei mentioned and that I blogged few weeks ago.
Last pic (the one with Shisio) says on top “Shisio as the male lead this time”. So, for all you Shisio supporter, something to be happy about.

I’m excited about this. The cover of Suzume is pretty as hell. I can’t wait for it to be in colour!

Wow. Hussie felt compelled to post an explanation about God Tier clocks on his website. He must really have been seeing a lot of complaints. Or just complaints from Actual Fandom Members He Is In Contact With, idk.

From his commentary, it looks like Rose’s hammed up death was a poke at the sadstuck creators after all. 


But it wasn’t ordinary mind control. More like flipping an “evil switch”, removing her ethical filter, thereby letting her personality come through, and giving her license to act on impulses which she’d ordinarily suppress.

Good to know I was completely on the mark there. Take that, ‘what Jade doesn’t repress anything’ contingent. 

Rumor Roundup/News Update.

It’s good to be back doing this, for a while I was doing short bursts as nothing all that huge was going on. But today I got a collection of stuff we as fans need to discuss! SO without further delay lets dive in! 

Magic Kingdom

Okay I love Robin Williams, but I have been getting a ton of asks about this and I want to respectfully address this situation. There is no modified version of Wishes at Magic Kingdom called Genie Wishes going on at the moment. Despite what a few tumblr users have been saying. So don’t go to the Magic Kingdom expecting that. Now onto the news. 

Pandora Jewelry has sponsored WIshes and is indeed making a partnership with Disney to start selling Disney themed charms and other things in the Magic Kingdom.  Could an update be coming to wishes? It’s possible, but perhaps unlikely as rumor states that nothing could happen on that front till 2016

Haunted Mansion closing down for a 2 week Refurb in december, this could be to tie in the onride video and photo options for Memory Maker. Or something else entirely which I have speculated could indeed be the hatbox ghost. The new gift shop for this location should re open on january 1st. 

Wendy Darling as a character seems to be fading away from the Magic Kingdom, and other than the parade it seems guests won’t be able to meet her as frequently as they used to. 

Be our guest restaurant has a new lunch procedure (Which I am not a fan of) that requires guests to pick up a return time rather than wait a line. However Guests are already complaining that all of the return times are being given out rather early. Let’s see how this “Test” goes.

Captian Cooks is now open for guests again at the poly, except the DOLE WHIP MACHINE IS MISSING. FIX THAT TDO.  

Hollywood Studios

Now this one is a DOZY. Everything from this point is not really news, but Rumors and like with all rumors we should take them with a grain of salt until we see more evidence. That being said Let’s begin. 

DHS could be seeing a 700 million dollar investment being thrown into it, meaning a total re haul of the entire park much like DCA. A huge chunk of that number is devoted to Starwars land, which after seeing Diagon Alley Disney want’s something similar. Essentially a street filled with shopping and dining on Tatooine. Star Wars would be the first thing to come of this major re haul with construction beginning as soon as January. 

As for what will happen the rumor mill seems to be stating that echolake will be the location and that the American Idol stage could even be apart of this starwars overhaul. It would start around that area and be a huge street of land that ends with Star Tours. Now since this is just a rumor probably leaked from a blue sky stage of development this is all subject to change.

Other things rumored to come with this expansion is a replacement of the great movie ride. But as for what that could be it’s still not clear. But it seems the rest of Hollywood studios wouldn’t be touched upon until a latter date such as 2016 or 2017. Plus Jim HIll has mentioned that a ride using the ratatouille technology could be headed DHS way. But with a different theme. Lets see how that pans out!

Osborne lights could see a name/thematic change or additional improvements during this redo. Lot’s of B and C tickets are supposedly planned for this re haul. 

Now onto the News portion of Hollywood Studios. On ride video is being offered for Tower of Terror now so long as you have Memory Maker. Also the American Film Institute Gallery is sadly going to be closing. For those that don’t know what that is it’s the exit gallery you walk through after the Backlot tour. Could this be the first part of the re haul happening? What is going to be going in this space? I guess we shall wait and see.


It seems all is lost on the Frozen front. With some claiming this attraction could close as early as september 28th. Cast Members have reported that during that time they are being shuffled to other areas than maelstrom. The Time period for this is expected to be 18 months. With a reopening by Early 2016. 

Rumor is work is going to start going into improving Illuminations reflections of earth! With New Laser effects for the show being recently given the green light, Steve davison himself is rumored to be working on these upgrades. To give illuminations a real refresher which is wonderful!

Animal Kingdom

Supposedly a budget has been set for the Yeti fix up and that could be happening either later this year or early next year. 

Permits have been filed for the nighttime safari upgrade that end in 2015, so we could already see that happening next year? Meaning Animal kingdom could be ready for longer hours starting next year. That’s good news indeed! 

Pandora world of avatar is being heavily rumored to have a phase 1 and phase 2 like fantasyland. Phase 1 would be just the soarin like ride and the land as a whole, while phase 2 would be opening the boat ride a good 18 months after the land has opened to the public. I STRONGLY hope that this is not the case as it would weaken the entire experience greatly. 

That about raps it up for this LENGTHY update. Sorry I didn’t get to DCA or Disneyland, but this post was feeling long enough! Until next time then!