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That moment when Jason Momoa “Khal Drogo” lowkey threatens an unimpressed Kit Harington “Aegon Targaryen” … just because (¬‿¬ ) | Part 1 … (Part 2)

BTS Reaction: You staring into their eyes

Namjoon: *gets flustered immediately*

“baby I can’t handle your stare it’s way too sexy for me” “please stop”

Yoongi: *stares back at you intensely*

“oh are we having a staring contest now? cuz I can do this all day if you want”

Hoseok: *stares back at you and ends up laughing*

“oh shit I laughed” “aw I lost against you~” “baby you are so good at staring”

Jin: *starts feeling uncomfortable as you stare into his eyes for a long time*

“uh.. jagiya what are you doing?” “I feel awkward” “can you stop seriously~”

Jimin: *gazes at you fondly*

“oh is this what we are doing now princess?” “princess you are so beautiful”

Jungkook: *stares back and moves closer to your face*

“baby what are you looking at?” “oh I can see myself from your beautiful eyes”

Taehyung: *after having an intense staring contest, he kisses you*

“jagiya your eyes was trying to tell me you wanted a kiss” “this is what you wanted right?”