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Take Apart Our Very Heart // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: secretagent!phan, angst, fluff

Words: 12.0k (whoops)

Relationship status: friends-to-lovers

Warnings: swearing, guns, kidnapping, mentions of death, mentions of homophobic attitudes, implications of sex

Summary: Agent Howell and Agent Lester, best friends and two of the top agents for the MI5, are sent out on a mission that could potentially get them transferred up to MI6, their dream position. However, issues arise and Dan and Phil are caught in a sticky situation that causes some undisclosed feelings to come forth.

A/N: warning: this is very poorly written, but I don’t know what to change to make it better lol. I have no clue how secret agents work, so I just kinda made it my own. I hope you guys still enjoy it.

The title comes from “Isle of Flightless Birds” by Twenty One Pilots.

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Band Practise

Guess whos back… back again.. This fic is for troylersikleyscoffee :D Enjoy ^~^


Dan picked up the guitar pick and started to admire it whilst the rest of his band were taking a break from practice. Dan softly sighed as he turned to the group of friends. Right now the boys are talking about this music festival they are planning auditioning for.

Chris picked up a leaflet from God knows where, he said it would be pretty cool to audition. “I think we could actually win this!” PJ exclaimed as he stood up meanwhile searching for more information.

“Oh,” he murmured as he sat down again, “you can only play on stage if you have four or more players”. “What?!” Chris screeched whilst he snatched the leaflet out of PJs hands.

It was true. “Where are we going to find another player?” I asked, kind of pissed off. “I don’t know-uh..” PJ mumbled. The three boys went silent to try and think who is suitable for the job.

“I know!” PJ said in a cheery tone, “I know this boy, Phil. I met him a few years back, he said hes good with guitars!” PJ smiled proudly as he slouched back into his chair. “Cool, do you have his phone number?” Chris asked as he started fiddling with his wooden drum sticks.

“Uh, yeah. I have it here somewhere” PJ quietly spoke as he started to go through his phone. PJ put his phone to his ear, it wasn’t long before he ended the short call. Turns out Phil would love to come practice with us.

PJ decided to let him start practice with us on Thursday. A few days later Dan couldn’t help but feel slightly nervous, he didn’t know why but he actually thought that Phil was quite a cool person from PJ’s description. Phil wouldn’t think that Dan was cool at all, Dan was just a clumsy dork.

Dan walked in to see his beloved band starting at him. “Hey,” he mumbled. He looked up to see eyes he could just swim in. “Uh-hi.. um I’m Phil” Phil spoke as he smiled softly. Dan blushed as he also smiled. Dan suddenly noticed that he’s been staring at the man stood in front of him, admiring him.

“Oh, uh I’m Dan!” He cheerfully replied as he put his hand out to shake the others. Phil took the friendly greeting happily. Chris asked Phil if he could she us what he could do. Phil picked up his case from the ground and started to unzip it.

He quickly plugged the red electric guitar in the speaker and played what sounded like Psycho by Muse. Dan had to admit, he was pretty good. Not a single note out of place. Dans eyes wandered from the instrument onto Phils concentrated face.

Dan wasn’t going to lie, Phil was pretty cute… and hot. Dan was blushing at what he just thought. Oh God..

PJ giggled as he stood up from his chair and walked towards me, snapping me out of my gaze. “You have a crush on him, don’t you?” PJ whispered. Dans eyes widen as his face turned deep red. “I-uh-shut up PJ..” Dan mumbled.

“Good news, he’s single..” PJ giggled, “and he’s gay. Why don’t you ask him on a date?” PJ quietly asked, “I’m thinking about it..” Dan softly whispered. Dan felt some sturdy hands on his back as a force pushed over to Phil. “The little shit! He pushed me to him!” Dan thought, soon his eyes made contacts to Phils.

The two boys found out that the have a lot in common. Food, gaming, anime, stuff like that. “So uh-Phil.. um.. Would you..?” Dan stuttered. The boy took a deep breath and looked Phil in the eyes. “Will you go on a date with me?” Dan quickly asked as his chubby cheeks turned pink.

Phil giggled at his cute question as he kindly accepted by nodding.

blue light

based off this prompt and dan and phil’s july calendar photo

word count: 1500

warnings: some language

summary: Three things Dan learns about Phil Lester in between the hours of 4:12 and 4:19 pm:

One: he owns a gerbil named Brado.

Two: he has a tendency to expel arbitrary facts when he’s trying to distract you (see above.)

Three: he does this thing where he bites his lip absentmindedly as he works and it slams all the breath out of Dan much more effectively than a five hour match.

a/n: so it turns out that (a) I find it incredibly difficult to write completely happy things, and (b) happy endings are the worst things in the world to write. add /mobile to the end of the url for increased legibility 

Wimbledon finals 2015. It’s kind of a big deal: Dan’s first Grand Slam final ever. He’s not nervous, no, not now that he’s on the grass courts, in an all-white ensemble which is definitely against his aesthetic (at least it’s monochrome) and he’s filled with this strange sort of euphoria – an athlete’s high.  

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DP/30 @TIFF: The Imitation Game, Cumberbatch & Knightley via [x]

If Beyoncé changed how we release music, PJ Harvey is going to change how we record it 

The beloved indie musician has decided to record her next album in full public view in a custom studio built inside the Somerset House, a museum and cultural forum in London. The walls of the studio will be one-way glass, allowing visitors to watch the musician and her production team as if they were a “mutating, multi-dimensional sound sculpture." 

As the Guardian reports, there is "no precedent for a recording artist of Harvey’s stature to open themselves up in this way.”

Former WWE Diva Kaitlyn Gets Married:

Congratulations go out to former WWE Diva Kaitlyn, real name Celeste Bonin, as she was married yesterday to fiance and long time friend PJ Braun.

The two were engaged last November, and this comes just a week after her best friend, AJ Lee, got married.

Celeste noted when she put up this picture, that their first dance was to “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica, my kind of girl.

I would like to send the hap couple my sincerest wishes on a happy marriage, I wish you guys nothing but love and happiness.