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Beyonce is pregnant with twins and I don’t imagine she’ll be bringing them to the house either. Sorry Blue, I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Maybe you’ll get lucky and the twins will be boys. No one cares about boys… look at Saint. 

Crim Kardashian Breaks the Internet

Infamous socialite and TV personality Crim Kardashian launched a new internet campaign this week allegedly aiming to “break the internet.” Partnering with indie magazine, Parchment, Crim and her famous tail end hit over four million views online. While that doesn’t quite #breaktheinternet, it is an enormous number of views for the otherwise obscure magazine, making this move one of its best business decisions of its entire existence.

The images themselves were met with a great deal of controversy, though such is hardly unusual for Kardashian’s online antics.

More conservative members of Sornieth vocalized concerns at normalizing public nudity. As one concerned guardian mother told Sornieth Times, “it’s just not right for the hatchlings. They-“ The dragon paused to cover her hatchling’s ears, before continuing in a whisper. “They’re too young to hear about nudity.”

Of course, thousands of clans throughout Sornieth never wear apparel at all, and thus fail to see the issue. “……… what are clothes?” voiced a perplexed fae from the Windswept Plateau.

On a less polarized response, many dragons throughout Sornieth commented that they were unsurprised, citing the celebrity tundra’s past incidents with leaked films of similar material – which is what led to Crim’s fame to start with.

Parchment commented on their publishing in… hindsight, telling reporters, “We learnt so much and our traffic is 10 times what it was a year ago.”

Bringing you the bare facts, this is The Sornieth Times.