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Queen, the making of We Are the Champions 

“I was kind of quite shocked, cause I thought, ‘now come on, Fred.’ I thought, ‘we know you’re very, uh, egotistical and everything you know and, uh, we’re known for our arrogance but are we really gonna stand up and say we are the champions as opposed to every other group and every other person on the face of this earth?’ And he says, ‘actually. That’s not what it is.’ […] He could already see how it would be if we played it in a concert and everyone had their hands in the air and were saying, ‘we are the champions.’ And I could see that’s what it was about and years later we talked about it and he said to me, ‘rock ‘n’ roll is the only place where everyone has a feeling like being on a team but you’re not fighting anybody.’  You know it’s like, if you’re at, uh, at a game you have two sides who are singing their songs and feeling very much part of a team but they wanna kill the other side. The difference, at a rock concert, is everybody’s in the same team.” - Brian May  

Let’s talk about News of the world 40th anniversary video…

I think I may be obsessed with videos which show artists/singers/musicians/whatever before going up the stage. And c'mon, even Freddie’s back is beautiful (and his head profile too)

Yes, I’ve made a gif of Freddie’s legs walking (I think it needs to be more appreciated)

My boys together ❤💚💙

I think John was specially beautiful in 1977, I love it 😍 (and look at Fred’s face 😍x2)

My Bri ❤


My beautiful Freddie, I just love this perfect man

And, this finally killed me 😍 he is so cute

So this happens when queen yt channel upload an only 2 minutes video 😂😍 thank you queen


I’ve paid my dues
Time after time.
I’ve done my sentence
But committed no crime.
And bad mistakes ‒
I’ve made a few.
I’ve had my share of sand kicked in my face
But I’ve come through.

Queen - We Are The Champions - Live at Rock Montreal 1981

I need some help…

I know I don’t have many followers but this needs to get around. As a coach for a local swim team I am friends with a few youngsters. One in particular is 12 and insists that NICKLEBACK is better than QUEEN. Help me prove him wrong even though the whole freaking world knows the answer. Reblog and like. I need to prove something.

Crazy Crossovers #3 - The Martians

Well, Marvin was feeling left out after #2…

I love Looney Tunes, I love War of the Worlds (especially Jeff Wayne’s musical) and I discovered the Sesame Street Martians about a month ago and I adore them. Yip yip.

I combined all three, and it was originally going to be cute, but this scenario popped into my head and was far too funny to ignore.

Bonus points if you know where the crowd are from!


“Spread Your Wings” by Queen

News of the World (1977)