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PSA: You actually CAN ask your Autistic or otherwise Neurodivergent classmate to prom without inviting the news to cover it, or recording it and posting it on Facebook, fishing for people to call you “inspirational” or a “hero”.
That is all.

Peggy Whitson just broke the U.S. record for cumulative days spent in space — and she isn’t set to return to Earth until September. Whitson is also the first woman to command the ISS, has done the most spacewalks as a female astronaut, is the first female chief of the astronaut office and the first woman to become a NASA science officer. She’s a legend.

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Show of hands: how many of you cheated on this puzzle like i did

There are thousands of parks, refuges and wilderness areas in the U.S. that are kept in something close to their natural state. But one form of pollution isn’t respecting those boundaries: man-made noise.

New research based on recordings from 492 protected natural areas reveals that they’re awash in noise pollution.

Researchers from Colorado State University spent years making the recordings by setting out microphones in natural areas across the country. They caught all sorts of wildlife sounds, such as rutting elk and howling wolves. But they were also after “background” sound — wind, rain, birdsong, flowing streams and rivers, even bubbling mudpots in Yellowstone National Park.

They compared the decibel level of this natural background with the intrusive noisiness from human activity. And they have discovered that in two-thirds of the places they studied, the median decibel level of man-made sound was double the normal background sound. These were sounds that came from within the area, such as road traffic, as well from as outside, such as passing jets or mining and logging equipment.

America’s Protected Natural Areas Are Polluted, By Noise

Map: National Park Service

Nicki Minaj just tied Aretha Franklin for the most Hot 100 hits among women

  • Not even Remy Ma’s “ShETHER” hit job could stop Nicki Minaj from continuing to add new jewels to her pop crown. 
  • Wednesday, on International Women’s Day, Billboard broke the news that Minaj has now tied the record previously held solo by Aretha for most hot 100 hits among women. 
  • Aretha and Nicki have 73 entries apiece, with Taylor Swift sitting at no. 2 with 70 entries. 
  • Rihanna also just moved up a notch on the list, with her and Future’s “Selfish” debuting at No. 37 on the charts, surpassing Madonna to take the no. 3 seat. Read more (3/8/17 1:20 PM)

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Hackers just helped NASA save a treasure trove of climate data from an uncertain future

  • Roughly 200 programmers congregated Saturday in the Doe Library at the University of California, Berkeley, to take part in a hackathon focusing on NASA’s earth sciences programs and the Department of Energy.
  • Wired reported the group of coders had the common goal of saving data that could be deleted or otherwise tucked away under Trump.
  • Using web-crawler scripts and patching together data sets, the hackers were able to successfully preserve 8,404 web pages onto the Internet Archive — a digital library with a plethora of screenshots from websites — and download 25GB of data from 101 public datasets. Read more (2/14/17 3:06 PM)

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Sean Spicer refuses to say whether Donald Trump is taping conversations at the White House

  • Three days after Trump suggested he had taped conversations between himself and James Comey, press secretary Sean Spicer still refuses to say if Trump does, in fact, record conversations at the White House.
  • Spicer was pressed by NBC’s Hallie Jackson at Monday’s briefing to give a yes or no answer on whether Trump records his conversations in the White House. Yet Spicer repeatedly refused to say.
  • “Why won’t you just explain whether or not there are recordings of conversations?” Jackson asked.
  • “I think the president has made it clear what his position is,” Spicer responded. Read more (5/15/17)
BTS Breaks Own Record On Billboard’s World Albums Chart Ahead Of Comeback

As BTS gears up for their comeback in less than two weeks, their album “WINGS” from last October is still holding a top position on Billboard’s World Albums chart!

BTS’s “WINGS” was released on October 10 of 2016, and first made an appearance on Billboard’s weekly World Albums chart at No. 1 for the week of October 29 (as well as came in at No. 26 on the Billboard 200 chart). It held the top spot on the World Albums chart the next week as well, and has remained in the top ten for the past sixteen weeks.

This breaks BTS’s previous record for the longest time a K-Pop album has remained on the top ten of the World Albums chart, which was previously fifteen weeks for their 2015 album “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 2.”

Remarkably, “WINGS” sat at fifth on the chart for the week of February 4, but it has risen back up to fourth on the newly released chart for the week of February 11.

BTS is also currently No. 1 on Billboard’s Social 50 chart and No. 44 on their Artist 100 chart.

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GO ACOUSTIC: Pierce The Veil


BREAKING NEWS–Olympian and world record holding runner Usain Bolt found to be Team Skull grunt!