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Obama & Trump will be in Germany on the same day. Guess who Merkel will be meeting with.

Angela Merkel: What do I have coming up? I need to finish Big Little Lies before the Internet spoils the ending for me.

Her Assistant: Well, Donald Trump –

Merkel:  Next.

Her Assistant:  He’s actually –

Merkel:  Next.

Her Assistant:  There’s a request from Trump’s –

Merkel:  What part of next is confusing here?  I don’t care what he’s doing.  

Her Assistant:  He’ll be here in the country on –

Merkel:  I’m busy.  Every day that he’s here.  I’m busy.  What else do you have?

Her Assistant:  Barack Obama will –

Merkel:  Oo, set up something, some kind of dinner.  Or a talk!  Something where you need to build a stage.

Her Assistant:  But he’s coming on the same day as Trump.


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i’m surprised nobody’s written up a transcription/description of the steven and connie space adventure vid? i heard it.

begins with clunky dialogue from Connie saying “I can’t believe I’m finally going on a mission with you to space! Steven and Connie, space adventurers!” 

Steven shares the sentiment and then asks Lion to bend down. Lion does something cute and then obliges, Steven tells Connie to hold her breath, and the two travel through the mane.

They emerge on a planet/space station? I’m not sure, as it wasn’t featured, but you jump right into the action. Lars is commanding Flourite to fix [some sort of word for spaceship thrusters that starts with a P]. She says “Yes, captain!” He then tells the twins to do something else - I think handle the green Gem, and they also say Yes, captain - and Padparadsha says, late, “We’re under attack!”

Steven and Connie don’t have much to do, but everybody greets them. There’s a bit of a tense battle scene where the green Gem is screaming at everyone as she’s tied up, and references another Gem-controlled planet. “[Name] [Number]!” (Think of like Zephron 3 or something equally sci-fi).

Lars is like “If you didn’t want us stealing your ship, you shouldn’t have left it unattended on [another planet name] [another number]!”

Then the green Gem is shown onscreen. I have reason to believe that she wasn’t shown before now, because Michaela Dietz (the livestreamer) showed the screen right as the Gem was revealed, and everybody in the crowd gasped, making it seem like that was the first time we actually SAW the Gem who was shouting.

Then Fluorite announces that the space thrusters are powered up. The green Gem is like “You will not go into hyperspace!” (She explicitly calls it hyperspace, making me wonder why it’s not being called the gravity engine like before).

And then they go into hyperspace.

Please correct me if I got anything wrong!! This is just what I remember.

RTX2017 RWBY panel summary

I watched the stream on Twitch and will only post information that were meant to be on the stream. Spoilers for volume 4. 

  • Pumpkin Pete’s cereal is happening, along with a bunch of other merch 
  • Volume 5 premieres on October 14th 
  • We will get three character shorts before volume 5 airs. They showed the one for Weiss on the stream and it will be out in about a week for everyone to see. Also not all character shorts will be combat focussed. 
  • Monty’s brother showed up cosplaying Ironwood, he brought Haloid and Dead Fantasy posters he had found on an old harddrive from Monty and gifted them to the animation departmet. 
  • Someone was asking about Tyrian calling Ruby a bitch or adding curse words in general because they said they wouldn’t do that on a panel a couple of years ago. They said they wanted to be specific about who uses them and why, also the show is growing up. In that scene it just fit the character and situation, so they decided to do it there and then, but they don’t want to throw it in just to throw it in and some words will probably never be said on the show.
  • There will be RWBY at NYCC.
  • Someone asked how Jaune got Pyrrha’s weapons after the fall of Beacon. That probably won’t be covered on the show, but Kerry said he imagines Qrow picking it up when he got Ruby. Miles mentioned something about spare pieces of armour because Pyrrha probably owned more than one. 
  • Someone asked about whether or not Remnant has more than one language. Kerry said just the proper way to speak German (so I fully support people throwing German into fanfictions), but on a more serious note they said yes probably and it would be fun to explore that, but they probably won’t have the time to cover it. 
  • Vic records all his lines home alone in LA. 
  • Ruby’s dream in volume 4 was really just about Ruby trying to cope with what happend and also an effect of her overhearing Pyrrha’s voice every night while Jaune is training. 
  • There might be some exciting news leaking along EVO.
  • Also they announced a new RT animated show coming up soon (but definitely not this year) named gen:lock, something SciFi with robots, I’m excited.

That’s not everything that has happened, but I tried to focus on the stuff that would be most interesting to me. 


This is the best news

Edit:Can y’all remember what the actually premise of this show is, I don’t understand where people think it’s acceptable to bully someone to the point where they can’t show themselves on social media because groups of individuals forget that it’s just a cartoon, stop this self righteous shit, and grow up