news jersey

Danny squints at the cabin, taking in the walls, the roof, the chairs - hell, the bed.  He squints some more, highly suspicious, before saying, “You tricked me.”

Beside him, Steve shuffles.  “Yes.”

“This is civilization.  Well.”  Danny nudges his boot against the rocks around the fire pit.  “Mostly.  It’s civilized.  Civilization-adjacent.  As opposed to the nest of sticks I’d been expecting.”

Steve laughs, throws an arm around Danny’s shoulders to draw him close.  Tucked together, they amble into the cabin.  “You’re so dramatic, Danny.  A nest of sticks?  Were you also expecting stale bread and dripping for dinner?”

Danny scowls, abandoning his heavy backpack beside the table.  “You said we were going camping!  Kept droning on and on about ‘getting away’ and ‘returning to nature’ and other hippie-shit.”

“Nature is ‘hippie-shit?’”

“To one such as myself”–Danny plants a hand over his heart–”nature is absolutely hippie-shit.  Up means skyscrapers and down means the subway, and that is the way the world turns.  At least it was until you came along and sucked me into your life of sunshine.”

A mischievous gleam in his eye, Steve advances, toppling Danny onto the bed and crawling over him. He bops their noses together.  “I’ve got some bad news for you, Danno.  Jersey has nature.  And sunshine.”

Danny gasps, indignant.  “That is a lie.”

“Sorry,” Steve says, ever-so-gravely.  “But it’s true.  There are even confirmed reports of a tree.  Just the one, mind you, don’t worry.”

Danny’s hand, which had been doing something interesting between their bodies, wiggles free to poke a finger in Steve’s face.  “You take that back.”

“I can’t.  It’s on official New Jersey websites.  Who am I to disagree with the government of the Garden State.”

Despite himself, Danny can’t help but laugh, because Steve is such a goof and he loves him so very very much.  “All right, fine.  I will accept that there might be one single tree in my otherwise beautiful home state.  But this?”  He waves at the world right outside their doorstep.  “This is a lot of trees.  Why would anybody need this many?”

“Well, there’s this little thing called ‘oxygen’, but - mmrph!”

Danny interrupts him with a kiss, deep, dirty, full of promise and goofy-stupid happiness.  They indulge in the closeness that a kiss can bring, re-learning each other after such a hectic work week.  Eventually Danny pulls back, smooths his thumbs against the crinkles by Steve’s eyes.  “Why did you let me think we’d be slumming it?”

Steve shrugs, a full-body thing, and rolls away to divest himself of clunky hiking clothes.  Soon they’re tangled together, skin to skin, a nap on the horizon.  There’s something thrilling about being naked in the middle of the rainforest, sunshine streaming through the roof, canvas shutters rolled up and giving them a beautiful view of the beach.

“I don’t know,” Steve says, finally picking up the abandoned thread of Danny’s question.  “It was funny watching you act all stoic about the prospect of camping.  You were trying.  You were willing to sleep in a nest of sticks for me.  It was…” Steve trails off, flushed with equal parts contentment and embarrassment.  “It was sweet.”

“Well,” Danny says, “I am incredibly sweet, yes.  Finally you speak the truth.”

Steve laughs, and pounces, rolling Danny under him.  It’s going to be a good weekend, out in the rainforest, under the Hawaiian sun.