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I just finished my 2nd 39 day cycle, and the one before that was 40 days. I’m seeing a pattern! And my periods have shortened down to a manageable 6 days. It feels like a miracle. I’ve never been so regular before. It’s CD 7 and despite crippling depression, I’m feeling good. Now this is a body getting ready for a baby.

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One day after Jack comes out, a misguided news source pushes some white nonsense article about the “new B and JZ of the hockey world” implying that Bitty and Jack are new Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Of course there’s a lot outrage, memes, and angry fans. Then sometime just after it happens Bitty tweets something along the lines of:

“Y’all need to stop scaring me, I thought something happened.Thank you but no thank you. There will only ever be one Beyoncé and Jay-Z.” 

Then Bitty and Jack go ahead and mass like and retweet a bunch of angry memes and tweets detailing why the comparison is flat out inappropriate.

One of the most effective ways to do this is vote. Educate yourself in the issues. If you just read headlines or have to say “I don’t really know about that…” on most political subjects that’s not enough.
If you don’t educate yourself and vote other people will do it in your place and you can’t guarantee they’ll be things that will benefit you.
Commit to reading one news article, from a credible source, once a day and you’ll be amazed at what you can learn.

Tony ends in the hospital after Siberia.

Months later, after he was done fixing the accords, he thinks there is nothing more for him. He tries to find something, but he can’t see anything. He knows the team, his ex-team, the Avengers, are back in the States but he hasn’t had news directly from them.

He works in his workshop, he works in future designs to keep SI going… he watch the news, he sees Steve and Widow saving the day. And one day he also sees Bucky next to them, and Steve is smiling at him just as he used to smile to him…

He doesn’t remember much about that night, but he is surprised to wake up to another day. The lights are too bright, the smell is wrong and there is some beeping that wouldn’t let him rest…

He hears a sob.

“Why, Tony” says Pepper…

He doesn’t say a word. He doesn’t get released. They psd him to the psychiatric ward…

Several weeks later he wakes up, in the middle of the night, he feels like someone is watching.

“Why are you here?” He ask to the red headed that’s looking at him “gonna betray me again?”

Widow says nothing. Tony sighs and ignores her, unable to go back to sleep.

“I’m sorry” he hears after a few hours

“If you were sorry you would help me finish it” says Tony, not looking at her

He thinks he hears a sob, but that makes no sense. Soon Widow is gone.

Weeks pass. He says nothings. He does nothing.

Another night, another pair of eyes looking at him. Rage.

“Gonna finish what you started, Cap?” He says with a smile, the name like acid in his tongue.

“Tony.. I–” a hand in his shoulder, a metal hand in his shoulder

Tony sees red. He launches himself to the body protected by the shadows, he tries to choke them just to get pushed by the Cap…

Tony hates him. He seems them from the floor, when did he fell? He hates them. He yells. Nurses enter the room, there is none there. No one but Tony.

They take him to another room. Tony says nothing. He stars trough the window, at the corner where a two men with caps are looking back to him.

Tony says nothing. He waits. He waits for someone to come back and finish what started in Siberia. He knows that he just have to wait, one way another is going to end. It can be a metal hand or the key to the meds gabinete that shines in his hand and that the nurse hadn’t realized that is nosing.

Tony waits. One way or another, this is going to end.

endernat589  asked:

In the angry hau hc can you make an alternate story where his crush never went back to Alola and kept traveling and beating other gyms?

ENDERNAT YOU GOTTA STOP!! I’LL DIE!! (jk keep going i live for your submissions)

- as you slowly grow more famous, hau finds what exactly happened to you. you battle more and more gyms, succeeding to heights not even former champions thought possible. it’s stunning, and hau can’t believe its actually you, the kid he yelled at over 5 years ago
- professor kukui and oak always invite you to alola, but you always turn down. your mother (who provides your contact) always explains that you just don’t want to come. there’s no explanation why, by hau and lillie know
- you occasionally pop up on TV, your mother always looking out for when news stations interview you. one day, a reporter asks you why you haven’t gone to alola…after all, it’s the only region you have left, right?
- your answer is simple; “i have some bad memories there, and while i’m sure everything is alright now, i don’t think i want to risk it. it was really small, but i feel like every time i grab a ticket there, i end up not going because i’m too nervous”
- guilt that hau thought he got over hit’s him like a truck. that’s what’s holding you back? because he yelled at you and accidentally made everyone petty at you? oh god
- he probably sends you a letter at some point, again, explaining his apologies, unable to get over this now. whether you reply or not is up to you
- blease just forgive this boy he is suffering