news graphic design

Alrighty, listen up.

This Starbucks Holiday Cup “controversy.” It’s bullshit. There is no controversy. This is a classic case of the media trapping itself in an echo chamber. ONE DUDE had an issue with the cups, and when the media got wind, they ran with it. When other media got wind from them, they went with it too. What you get is an artificially inflated niche perspective on the issue that in no way really reflects what the public actually thinks. I work at a Starbucks. The only people who have even mentioned the cups are people who think the “controversy” is dumb as hell, Christians and non-Christians alike. The controversy doesn’t exist on the street, only on TV. This is part of why I don’t trust the news anymore.

Now, if you want my opinion on the real reason Starbucks changed the cup designs, I’ll tell you. It has nothing to do with “covering up Christmas” and everything to do with a current trend in marketing and design called “minimalism.” Product designs are becoming more focused on practicality and simplicity, and are moving away from that kind of noisy look that they had in the ‘90s and ‘00s. Need an example? Remember a few years back when Starbucks changed their logo?

Yeah, same deal. Clear as day.