news graphic design

A fun story on how The New York Times lays out their front page, and what happens when a breaking news item forces a change:

At 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, when Tom Bodkin, The Times’s creative director, commenced his ritual of drawing up the page at the A1 print meeting, the day’s top news had a different focus: President Trump, despite strong objections from Turkey, had approved a plan to arm Syrian Kurds. As the would-be lead of Wednesday’s paper, the story was given prime placement (at the top right) in Mr. Bodkin’s layout of the front page; alongside it would run an accompanying four-column photograph. The rest of the page grew from there: Above the fold would be stories on the South Korean election, the effects of cyberattacks on the recent French election, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s plans to toughen rules on prosecuting drug crimes. There was no mention of the F.B.I. or its director.


The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

In April, the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books was held at the University of Southern California. Here is an illustration that I made about the event that printed in the Los Angeles Times a couple of weeks ago.
A few of the people that I’ve met out in LA found their way into this image. Shout out to David, Peter, Jared and the NPCs in this illustration (that look vaguely familiar) for keeping it cool.
Thanks to Paul for the assignment.