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"They-" clary sniffled. Leaning into the side of her father figure. "They took Isabelle. I knew that boy was bad news. I just prayed Maddie isn't with her ." (Steleangel)

This was news to him, but the sight of her tears combined with the news that his flesh and blood may be in whatever danger Isabelle was in did no good either. “What?” He asked, frantic, and unapologetically fearful. “What’s going on?”


WIP coloured pencil sketch of Simon Monroe

by Claudia Boleyn

(This one is taking forever and I’m still not happy with it yet. For some reason I am finding it way harder to draw Simon than Kieren. He has the most difficult face. But I made myself do it because Simon is Kieren’s one true love and I couldn’t leave Kieren all alone.)

(Also nobody mention today’s In The Flesh news. I am in denial.)

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Man uses flesh from his leg to find out what humans taste like

Ever wonder what human flesh tastes like? Chicken? Venison? Rabbit? A meaty, gamey combination of the three? BBC science reporter Greg Foot did — so much so that he removed flesh from his own leg to find out. It’s not like any of the above three.

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Kieren and Simon’s first meeting (extended clip) | In The Flesh