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Man uses flesh from his leg to find out what humans taste like

Ever wonder what human flesh tastes like? Chicken? Venison? Rabbit? A meaty, gamey combination of the three? BBC science reporter Greg Foot did — so much so that he removed flesh from his own leg to find out. It’s not like any of the above three.

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Emmett Scanlan: Things coming up in 2015

Never one to have a quiet year, Emmett Scanlan had a hugely impressive 2014 with his roles in Guardians of the Galaxy, The Fall and Constantine and made everyone fall in love with jumper-wearing, poetry reciting PDS sufferer Simon Monroe in BBC Three’s In The Flesh.

Coming into 2015, his workload hasn’t eased off and we’ve still got a good number of things to look forward to and I’m sure there will be more to come as the year progresses. As ever you can track Emmett’s currents projects on the right hand sidebar on the website.

Suspects - Channel 5 - 10pm 13th January 2015

Episode description: When a popular art teacher is brutally attacked at her college, the janitor comes under immediate suspicion. However, at least two other people had a motive and one of them may be a serial killer.

Atlantis - BBC One - Winter

At the moment we know very little about Emmett’s character in Atlantis, only that his name is Delmos and he has a mighty fine costume. He appears to be a guard of the queen (certainly in this shot from behind the scenes anyway!). We’ll see him sometime soon when Atlantis airs their second block.

Constantine - NBC/Amazon Prime - Season Finale - Winter

We’ve already seen Emmett’s rough and ragged Jim Corrigan when he appeared in Episode 5 of NBC’s comic adaptation Constantine and he immediately got involved in the supernatural goings on. But he’s set to appear in the season finale this year too so look out for that!

A.D. - NBC - Easter

In the second Biblical epic to come from NBC, Emmett plays Saul (aka St Paul) in A.D. which is set to appear on screens in the Spring. No word on if it will be shown in the UK, but Channel 5 showed The Bible so it’s possible they might show A.D. too.

What else?

  • No Offence - Emmett has a role in this police comedy drama written by Paul Abbott of Shameless and State of Play fame. It’s due to air on Channel 4 in the Spring.
  • Breakdown - Writer and director Jonnie Malachi tweeted that the movie is in post-production so here’s hoping we’ll get to see it soon.
  • Hope for In The Flesh? - still no word from BBC Three about any more In the Flesh and decisions are being made about other shows of theirs moving to BBC One and Two so make your opinion heard. Get tweeting, get on their Facebook page and Save In The Flesh.


WIP coloured pencil sketch of Simon Monroe

by Claudia Boleyn

(This one is taking forever and I’m still not happy with it yet. For some reason I am finding it way harder to draw Simon than Kieren. He has the most difficult face. But I made myself do it because Simon is Kieren’s one true love and I couldn’t leave Kieren all alone.)

(Also nobody mention today’s In The Flesh news. I am in denial.)

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So I thought seananmcguire would like this- my dad made it for me!
When we share fandoms, he tends to make me fandom shirts, and this might be my favorite one!
When he read the end of Feed, he was very upset, because “he sees a lot of Georgia in me”, and put down the series for a while. I love that your work has enabled us to grow even closer.
Your writing about gender in Parasite and Symbiont made him comfortable with my non binary identity and calling me “they”, and I can never thank you enough for that.
We are going to be running a pathfinder campaign in the news flesh universe. I’m really excited.