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it has been announced that onew will not be performing at the shilla beauty  concert this coming friday. the official announcement reads as follows:

sm entertainment has announced that onew will not be performing at shilla beauty concert.
this change of plans is deeply regretted by all parties involved and we have taken time to discuss and negotiate for a positive outcome.
unfortunately, a compromise could not be reached and artiste management holds the final decision and reserves the right to amend as they see fit.
we deeply regret that this news has to be announced so close to the concert.
nonetheless, we will continue with the concert on the 24th of nov, with minho, taemin, key, jonghyun, red velvet, and eddy kim. as shinee has been our longstanding ambassador, we will continue to stick by them and we hope that shawols will continue to support shinee.

人形達ノ記憶 NieR Live Music Concert Tokyo  

Part of the Story Live Reading- 2B, 9S, Pod042

Story summary:

9S‘s Data was 80% infected. 9S refused to recover himself because it would delete 9S’s memory of 2B, even though it would cause him to die. 2B said her real name was 2E and was made to kill 9S. 9S said he already knew it, even so. For 9S, 2B is the most important person for him.

Performers: Yui Ishikawa , Hanae Natsuki , Yasumoto Hiroki


James heartfully sending his support in such a heartbreaking and tragic time.

his inner pastor came out tonight and i’m so proud of him