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Lauren on Channel 4 News tonight. 


Ugly and terrifying scenes from Glasgow’s George Square tonight - stay safe everyone.

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Additional info: 1 (images of a fight) 2 (The Independent article on events) 3 (Channel 4 news) 4 (Mirror article) 5 (MNF article)

Pics and content at sources may be triggering; please tread carefully!

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Do you remember the video of Jon Snow visiting Gaza last year after the horrendous attacks, well he’s back a year onward to see the progress or lack there of.

Children of Gaza: Jon Snow returns to meet victims of war 
Jon Snow returns to Gaza to find the girl with “panda eyes” whose image defined a summer of suffering. Last year 3,446 children were injured.

CHANNEL 4 announces new comedy starring Olivia Colman and Julian Barratt titled Flowers

Channel 4 today confirmed the commission of a darkly comedic new six-part series written and directed by BAFTA nominated writer and director Will Sharpe, starring Olivia Colman (Peep Show, Broadchurch, Rev) and Julian Barratt (The Mighty Boosh, Nathan Barley, A Field in England). Flowers is produced by Kudos (Utopia, Humans, Broadchurch, The Hour, Life on Mars, Spooks) and is to be made in association with NBCU’s new comedy focused subscription VOD platform.

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Channel 4 to broadcast footage of 9/11 New York attacks filmed from space

Video footage of the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks on New York filmed from space is to be broadcast in full on British TV for the first time by Channel 4 later this month.

The footage, in which a huge plume of smoke is seen stretching from the site of the devastated World Trade Centre towers, was captured from the International Space Station by astronaut Frank Culbertson. Read more

Photograph: Allan Tannenbaum


Watch this weatherman nail the pronunciation of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, a town in northwest Wales.

Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry speaks out about misogynist trolls

Unfortunately, dealing with online trolls spewing violence and misogyny is commonplace for many women these days. Chvrches singer Lauren Mayberry has been vocal about the problem for some time, calling attention time and again to an online climate in which men feel comfortable subjecting women to the kind of abuse that would constitute an actionable offense in person. And now, the musician has granted an interview to Channel 4 News in response to a new wave of abusive comments in the wake of the band’s video for new song “Leave A Trace.”

Saying, “Ignoring it doesn’t make a difference,” Mayberry outlines a lucid and empathetic response to all the online viciousness, explaining why it was important for her to speak out about this issue:

This happens to women all the time anyway, and I hate the idea that young girls who follow our band deal with stuff like that. I don’t want them to feel isolated, I don’t want them to feel like it is just happening to them, because it happens everywhere.

We won’t cite any examples of the sorts of appalling threats Mayberry has received online, because they’re exactly as bad as you might imagine. Mayberry lists just one example, and it’s sadly on the milder end, to give you a sense of these guys and their mentality:

Somebody tweeted me the other day, ‘If you can’t learn to deal with this sort of shit, stick a gun in your mouth before the record even comes out. I have one and I’ll give it to you.’ Personally, that’s horrifying. If somebody put that through your door, you would go to the police with that.



Actor Idris Elba, star of series The Wire and Luther, speaks to a group of MPs about the lack of diversity in British television. Elba says there is a large gap between the TV world and the real world, saying positive change in the TV industry is slow to catch up with reality. (X)

“Talent is everywhere, opportunity isn’t.”

For the past year - since the day we first were mentioned by Polygon and Kotaku - we’ve been trying to get in contact with Atlus.  We knew that fan-projects like ours walk a very fine line, and we figured that, if we were going to be taken down, it would be better to suffer it sooner rather than later. So, we tried.  We emailed.  We hunted down contacts.  We received no response.

After a certain point, we decided to simply keep moving forward.  Our name was getting bigger, and we decided that, if we were causing Atlus any problems, they would let us know. Around the time of the read-through, a loyal fan and friend shared with us a few personal contact emails for PR representatives at Atlus, and we decided to give it one more shot.  We reached out and received favorable feedback, which is why we felt comfortable announcing the performance in June. Unfortunately, the kind responses from Atlus were a stalling tactic that allowed them to put together a cease and desist without drawing our attention.  As of today, we are required to take down all materials related to P4M and Midnight Channel: The Musical and cancel all performances. I must say that I am…disappointed.  Probably not for the reason that you think.

We have been religious in our attempts to work with Atlus.  We understand - we have always understood - why they might not want us to exist, but I am disappointed with the way that they handled this.  I am disappointed with the way they ignored our efforts to reach out.  I am disappointed in the fact that they refused to talk with us during their consideration process despite our continued attempts.  I am disappointed with the extremity of their backlash. I am disappointed that they could not tell us this when we first arrived on their doorstep, begging for consideration.  I am disappointed that they waited until the very last minute to shut us down. I am disappointed that those of you who were dedicated enough to travel to GEORGIA to see this show will not have a reason to make the journey.  I am disappointed that the Atlanta theater scene, who has been so brave and so forward-thinking, will be punished for their faith.  I am disappointed that something new - because a show of this scale written by amateurs (and a high-schooler at that!  You are so, SO amazing Jake) IS new - will not get to live up to its potential.

As I say, I am disappointed.

Thank you - all of you - for everything that you have done.  Thank you for your time, your support, your loyalty.  Thank you for being the very best part of what made Persona 4 so special. Thank you for teaching me what we can be capable of.  This has been a magical experience for me, and I don’t regret a minute of it - even this minute.

I love you guys.
George R.R. Martin addresses his Edinburgh Festival remarks: "Gay people are an important part of our world and any imaginary fantasy worlds."

George R.R. Martin‘s appearance this week at the Edinburgh International Book Festival set off a great deal of discussion on the subject of gay characters in his A Song of Ice and Fire novels, and the possibility of…

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