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Family in Mississippi under arrest for cheering at graduation

Warrants have been issued for the arrest of the family of a student graduating from high school in Mississippi, according to reports.

Two of the group of four were reportedly ejected from the ceremony at Senatobia High School on May 21 because college officials had asked the crowd not to scream and to hold their applause until the end.

And just over a week later, they claim they were served with warrants for their arrest for ‘disturbing the peace’, with a possible $500 bond.

WREG News Channel 3 reported that Ursula Miller - whose niece Lakaydra Walker, 18, was on stage for her graduation - was told to leave alongside Lakaydra’s brother, Henry Walker.

Ms Miller told the news channel: “When she went across the stage I just called her name out.  'Lakaydra’. Just like that.”

Her mum, Linda Walker, said that her brother said, “you did it baby” before waving his towel at his sister and walking out of the door.

But then, she claims, they were served with papers a week or two later that threatened to throw them in prison.


Senatobia Municipal School District Superintendent Jay Foster, who declined an on-camera interview, reportedly confirmed to WREG that he had filed charges against them.

And he allegedly said that he was “determined” to have order at graduation ceremonies.

He told CNN: “The goal was to allow all graduates to have the privilege of hearing their name called.“

But Mr Walker said: “It’s crazy. The fact that I might have to bond out of jail, pay court costs, or a $500 fine for expressing my love, it’s ridiculous man. It’s ridiculous.”

The four people served with warrants are expected in court Monday, June 9.

my city is in lock down 😵 i’ve never seen it in lock down before, nor has my mother who’s been here for over 50 years

a speeding driver in melbourne’s cbd has run down approximately 23 civilians, 3 of them have passed away and the driver has been taken into custody

i must say i appreciate how quick we are to act in such events and how we take them very seriously; to have a section of the city in lock down immediately and have it all over the news on every channel, how everyone is doing what they can to help

all because of a speeding driver

and my heart goes out to everyone involved in this horrible situation except for that fucking asshole. hang him by his balls

Cough Syrup (AU)

There’s zombies in the park, they’re looking for my heart oh oh, oh oh oh…

“The viral out break has been in the civilized population for what’s reaching three days now, airports and train stations are flooded with people trying to flee to one of the twelve countries currently and officially cleared as virus-free, due to the extreme amount of people trying to evacuate passengers will be determined through daily lotteries assigned via social security numbers, if you have not recieved a phone call with your lottery number please contact your local police force immediately for instructions, only exceptions to the lottery are the families of the special agents assigned to extinguish the threats the out break is causing and of the scientists investigating the virus it’s self and how to cure it, this will be the last day I will be broadcasting Channel 3 news until the out break is over as my number was called this morning, this has been Yuki Yamada, wishing you a sincere good luck in surviving what has been called the international Zombie Outbreak,”

channel 3 ~ calum

unedited bc it’s 11pm and I’m dead ass tired and too lazy so sorry if this is absolute trash

You really didn’t want to get up at 6am for volunteering, that was the last thing on your mind on a Sunday morning. But you had to, it was part of your college graduating requirement, so your prof had set it up for you. You groggily drove over to the school, met with the teacher you were assisting and had a quick cup of tea.  You were really not excited considering they had placed you in a highschool, the last place you wanted to be. When you went to teacher’s college, it was because you wanted to teach kids, not teens. 

It had been a few weeks now, and you’d become unusually close with one of the students, she was smart, funny, and a bit of an outcast. It turned out that you actually didn’t quite mind the highschool, maybe you were lucky because most of the kids in the class were good kids, it almost made you miss being in highschool. You were grading quizzes at the front of the room while the teacher was giving a lesson when you heard her sniffing from the back of the room. 

“Billie? Are you alright back there?” The teacher called her out and she shyly shook her head no. “You can be excused with Miss Y/L/N for right now okay?” She nodded and stood up, grabbing her backpack, I followed her out into the hall where she immediately burst out into tears. 

“Jesus Billie, what happened?” I wrapped my arms around her, even if it was against school property. 

“ have to promise me you won’t tell anyone Y/N. Please-” She begged.

“Of course I won’t. My lips are sealed.” 

“So..I’ve been um..sleeping with one of my dad’s friends and..he just called it off because he was worried about my dad finding out. I know I shouldn’t have done it in the first place but- I’d had a crush on him since I was little and we were both drunk at a wedding and it just turned into something. I don’t know I’m so fucking stupid for thinking he’d want anything more from me anyways..I just really like him.” She ranted, tears streaming down her cheeks, I sighed.

“Billie…You aren’t maybe just let your feelings get in the way of thinking is all. Really, it’s his fault for taking advantage of you..I mean, at least you’re legal, so it’s not that bad. But…”

“He isn’t a bad guy Y/N, he’s..well, amazing. That’s why this sucks.” She smiled softly and I wiped a tear from her cheek.

“I won’t say a word okay?”


Fast forward a week, I’m in the classroom after school, simply sitting and grading essays like usual. A faint knock at the door startled me a little bit considering I’m usually the only wont around school by this point in the day. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw a man standing at the door in a suit, his tie undone a little bit and his hair curly and messy. His tan skin making the white dress shirt he was wearing his bitch. I would have jumped him right then and there if I could. 

“Um, hi?” I stood up and he walked over to me, shaking my hand.

“Hi, I’m Billie’s dad.” A lump immediately started forming in my throat. “You’re Y/N right? I’m just assuming, you fit Billie’s description.” His eyes scanning my body, making me shift uncomfortably. 

“Well what do I owe the pleasure Mr.Hood?” I asked and watched his tongue flick out of his mouth and lick his bottom lip.

“It’s Calum.” He smirked down at me. “Billie speaks so highly of you, she really loves you. Says you’re kickass. She doesn’t really connect with people often, it’s nice that you’ve been here for her, she’s been going through stuff lately which she refuses to speak to me about. I wanted to know if you want to come over for dinner, as a thank you.” He said sweetly and ran his hand through his hair, I couldn’t find the words, I mean, Billie was gorgeous, so I assumed that he parents were goodlooking but, lord jesus. 

“I-uh..Sure yeah, I’d love that.” I smiled and he smiled back, 

“Right okay, we’re getting Chinese. I’ve never been a good cook, and it’s pretty late to start dinner now.” He rolled his sleeve up slightly and checked his watch. 

“Oh, you meant tonight? Um-” I stuttered.

“Yeah, is that a problem? If you have to get back home to your boyfriend or whatever I understand.” He was fishing, I could tell.

“Nope, I have an automatic feeder for my cat so, it’s all good.” I wanted to slap myself in the face, I was so lame. 

“Okay, yeah. Good. Want to follow me or?” He asked and I nodded. We chatted as I gathered my things and walked out to my car. I learned quickly that Billie’s mom wasn’t in the picture, he didn’t have to say it. I realized I recognized him from magazines, TV, something. 

“Wait…are you the news anchor on channel 3?” I gasped. “Holy shit! I’m talking to a celebrity.” I pretended to fan myself and he laughed. 

“Yeah that’s me.” He turned around and gave me a huge cheesy smile. 

“Billie never mentioned it.” I hummed and unlocked the car, sliding into the seat and rolling down the window, he leaned against the door with his arms up on the hood, I almost passed out at the sight. 

“She’s embarrassed of me.” He chuckled.

“I can’t see how anyone could be embarrassed of you.” I blushed and he smirked down at me. 

“I’ll see you at the house then.” He said and I quickly nodded. 


The house was huge, approaching it I felt as if I might be a little under dressed. I followed Calum closely behind as we laughed about a ridiculous news story he had to cover that morning. We both stopped dead in our tracks in the entrance when we heard moaning. I wanted to scream and warn Billie because I knew. I knew even before we walked in what we were going to see. His jaw tensed along with his fists.

“Maybe we should go-” I started to say and he shushed me. He marched straight towards the moaning and I immediately gasped when I saw Billie getting fucked over the kitchen counter. 

“What the FUCK!” Calum shouted so loud I swore the floor shook. The man, who I had to assume was the friend of Calum’s, pulled out of her and shoved his dick back in his boxers. He stood infront of Billie while she screeched and covered herself up.

“Dad! What the fuck are you doing here? You aren’t supposed to be home-” She hid behind the man who stood pale faced infront of us, I could see the panic in her eyes and I felt so bad for her. “Wait, Y/N? What?” 

“Don’t you dare try and turn this around to be my fault! Michael was just fucking you on the kitchen counter! What the fuck!” He practically launched himself at the blue haired guy, 

“Dad!” Billie cried out and tried to push herself inbetween them which did no good. 

“I swear to god, I’ll fucking kill you! You were supposed to be my bestfriend!” He screamed in the guy’s face, he said nothing, too in shock of being caught to speak. 

“Dad please!” She begged and pulled at his arm, he shrugged her off easily and kept his grip on Michael’s shirt, punching him once, twice, three times in the face while still keeping the grip. Blood sprayed across Billie’s bare chest and she shrieked. I took it as a sign to jump inbetween them, putting my hands up to Calum’s face and making him look at me.

“Stop. Calum, stop.” I said sternly and I put one of my hands on his chest which was heaving up and down. His eyes were wild, his knuckles bruised and bloody. “Just…I know..I know..please..come with me..calm down…” I said softly and he unclenched his fists. 

“Both of you get fucking dressed. Don’t you dare leave this house.” He pointed at them and turned around, making his way up the stairs. I turned around to Billie who whimpered a thank you before Michael wrapped his arms around her and kissed her forehead and whispered ‘it’s okay’ to her, just loud enough that I could hear. I ran up the stairs after Calum who was shaking, his hands tugging at his tie, ripping it off and throwing it along with his suit jacket, he gestured for me to follow him into the bathroom so I did. He opened the cabinet and sat on the toilet seat with his face in his hands. I rummaged through the cabinet until I found some stuff to clean his knuckles. I knelt down in front of him and took a deep breath, grabbing his hand in mine and carefully started cleaning the wounds. He winced and sighed deeply. “I…I can’t believe this..I’m…I…” He stuttered.

“I…can’t imagine what’s going through your mind right now..but I just want to say that Billie is a smart kid. She’s amazing. She would never do anything stupid or reckless, she seems to do everything with her heart. It’s obvious she feels something for him, she’s not doing this to hurt you. I don’t think either of them are.” I said and looked up at him, his eyes were vacant, like his heart was just in shock. “I think…I know I don’t know anything…but I think you should..listen to what they have to say..before you do something you might regret.” 

“Yeah…yeah you’re right…Billie is my smart girl.” He smiled. “I knew she always had a crush on Michael, but I never thought..I mean…of course I never thought she’d actually act on it.”

“It kind of looks to me like he cares about her. I know you don’t wanna hear that.” I mumbled and started to clean his other hand. 

“Thank you..for um..calming me down and stopping me before I killed Michael.” He laughed and stared down at me, I could feel his eyes but I didn’t look up. “God, you’re beautiful. Billie was right when she said I’d like you.” I blushed and continued to avoid eye contact. 

“You’re welcome.” I smiled and wrapped up his hands, my fingers lingering on his before standing up and finally making eye contact with him.

“I don’t know if it’s the adrenaline, but I really want to kiss you right now.” He stood up and backed me up so I was practically pressed against the cold bathroom wall. “And can I be honest?” He whispered, his hot breath hitting my neck I could have moaned right there. His hand finding it’s way up my dress and he wrapped his finger around the string of my underwear and tugged me closer to him. “I’ve been thinking about fucking you against this sink since the minute we stepped in here.” He chuckled deeply and I let out a small whimper unintentionally. 

“It’s definitely the adrenaline.” I managed to breath out and he smirked against the skin of my neck before biting it, my hand flew up and grasped his hair almost instantly. “I don’t think you know..” I whispered. “How many times I’ve watched channel 3 and dreamed of this happening.” I said and he laughed. 

“Mmmm, you should have come to the station. I would’ve taken any chance to fuck you over that desk too.” He hummed and kissed down my neck and onto my chest. 

“Jesus christ-” My knees almost gave out, it was all too much. The fight, now this. His hand moved from the string of my underwear to my ass and grabbed it firmly, still scattering kisses on my chest, I could die right here and I would be happy. 

“Is this okay?” He asked quietly, I nodded quickly and he grinned, making me gasp by pulling my underwear down without warning. “So pretty,” He ran a finger over my clit and I moaned, he covered my mouth. “Tsk, tsk, we have to be quiet now okay?” He pushed my dress up and slid a finger into me, it was almost impossible to stay quiet, I looked up at him, his curls dangling down in his face, the white dress shirt buttoned down almost all the way, revealing a few chest tattoos. This wasn’t something I ever did, I never hooked up with someone an hour after meeting them, that just wasn’t me. But maybe he was right, maybe it was the adrenaline. “I’m gonna eat that sweet pussy now okay? I wanna thank you.” He licked his lips and I almost passed out as he got on his knees infront of me, he ran his hands down my thighs before throwing one of my legs over his shoulder and going right in, not wasting any time. I pushed my back against the wall and groaned quietly, tilting my head back and shutting my eyes as he worked away. “What a sight you are..” He mumbled against my lips and started sucking on my clit, “You like that beautiful?” It hit me then that he was a talker, and I was so into it. “Answer me baby, do you like it when I suck your pussy like that? Hmm?” He flicked his tongue and ran it up my slit.

“Holy fffuck yeah, yes.” I bit my bottom lip so hard I thought it might bust open. 

“Do you know how sweet you taste? God I could eat you for breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert.” He moaned against me and pushed a few fingers inside me, it was getting hard to stand at this point, the pleasure almost too overwhelming. “Are you gonna cum on my tongue gorgeous?” He asked.

“Jesus-” I moaned as quietly as I could and he worked faster on me, “Fuck, fuck I’m gonna cum, Calum-” He continued to run his tongue back and forth while rubbing my clit harshly. I arched my back and came silently, too breathless and shocked by how damn good he was at that to even speak. He brought his fingers up to my mouth. 

“Taste how sweet you are.” I’d never, ever in my life been with someone who wasn’t overly vanilla, so this was pure bliss. I took his fingers into my mouth and sucked on them, his eyes burning into me, I probably looked wrecked. “So damn delicious. Can I fuck you now sweetheart?” He asked.

“Oh god yea, please.” I begged and felt so dirty watching him unbuckle his belt and throw it across the room, not daring to tear his eyes away from me for a second, he reached into the drawer behind him, lifted a small container and pulled out a condom, putting it inbetween his teeth and unbuttoning his pants, my hands went to his shirt and unbuttoned the rest of his shirt, practically ripping it off of him. His lips pushed against mine for what I realized was the first time, he had got right into eating me out that I hadn’t even gotten to kiss him until this point. 

“Turn around baby.” He tugged my dress off and dropped it to the floor, I turned around and bent over the sink, his hand rubbing my ass cheek before slapping it hard making me gasp loudly. “Every part of you is just…gorgeous..I can’t wait to watch you in the mirror while I fuck you.” He smirked and kissed my shoulder. 

“You don’t want me to?” I asked and looked down at his cock which was pressed against his stomach. 

“No baby, I just wanna fuck your pretty brains out.” He chuckled and without warning thrusted himself into me, I moaned loudly and he stopped, “Remember we have to be quiet or we’ll have to stop, and we don’t want that do we princess?” He grinned and I shook my head. “Answer me.” He demanded and grasped my ass hard.

“No. Please, please, I need you.” I begged and I watched him bite on his lip in the mirror, he pressed his palm on the small of my back and held my hip with the other hand while he thrusted into me, harder and deeper everytime, I couldn’t breath, watching him fuck me was going to make me cum in seconds. He pushed his sweaty hair out of his face and threw his head made, grunting loudly. 

“I can usually…go longer than this…but you’re so hot…and god I’m not gonna last long..” He admitted and I could see his cheeks turning a deep red. He whimpered and grabbed my hair, tugging it slightly, I moaned and he took that as approval to tug even harder. His hand coming down on my ass again, the sound echoing through the bathroom. There was no way that we weren’t being heard downstairs. I grasped the edge of the sink so hard my knuckles went white and he mercilessly thrusted into me, we were both whimpering and groaning so much like we were in a damn porno. “I’m not gonna cum until you do gorgeous..think you can cum soon?” He breathed out and I nodded, “Good girl…” He wrapped his arm under my stomach and leaned forward, kissing my neck and pushing me right over the edge. 

“Fuck, Calum, fuck I’m gonna cum.” I almost screamed and he covered my mouth. 

“Mmmmoh my god, oh my god. Fuck, fuck.” He swore and slapped my ass one more time, slowly, but intensely bringing his hips to mine one last time before pulling out of me. Watching him cum was a religious experience, I was seeing stars, I turned around and kissed him, he smiled against my lips. “That adrenaline eh?” He chuckled and I let out a loud laugh, resting my head on his chest, barely able to stand at this point. I picked up my dress off of the floor and he took it from my hands. “Have a shower. I’ll grab something from Billie for you to wear….say you spilled something on your dress or…”

“Calum, there is no possible way they didn’t hear us fucking up here.” I laughed and he sighed. 

“Well…they deserve to hear it after we walked in on them..” He slid his boxers on and opened the bathroom door, quickly turning around and kissing my forehead before disappearing into the hallway. I stepped into the shower and started to laugh, I couldn’t believe that actually just happened. I got out to find a pair of yoga pants and a baggy tshirt laying on the counter. I put it on and threw my hair up into a ponytail before tiptoeing down the hallway. Calum grabbed my hips and pulled me back into him, he had changed too, into a band tshirt and black jeans. “Those pants were a bad idea, I wanna fuck you again.” He said and I giggled, pushing him away. 

“Easy big boy. I think you should probably go talk to Michael and Billie now.”

“Do I have to?” He groaned and I nodded.

“Unfortunately. I should..probably go..I mean, this is a family affair and-”

“No. Stay.” He coughed awkwardly. “We still have to have dinner. I don’t want you to think I’m the kind of guy who fucks you and makes you leave. Stay. We can all have dinner…you can restrain me from punching Michael again…then we can watch a movie or something….” He winked and I rolled my eyes. 

“Okay..yeah, I’ll stay. Only if you order me an extra spring roll.” I teased and he grinned. 


“Alright, put on your fake news anchor smile and go downstairs.Actually, can you order the food first? I’m starving.” 

“Me too, but not for chinese food.” He smirked and I punched his shoulder.

“Such a charmer Mr.Hood.” 

“If I’m a good boy and play nicely down there, will you go down on me later?” He asked and I shrugged.

“Deal. As long as I get that extra spring roll.”