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Rock n Roll Consciousness, the new album by Thurston Moore, is set for release on April 28th on Harvest Records/Caroline International. The album was recorded with producer Paul Epworth (Adele, The Pop Group) at The Church studios in Crouch End, London and mixed by Randall Dunn (Marissa Nadler, Earth) at Avast! in Seattle, Washington.

Watch the video for Smoke of Dreams:

Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon And YoonA Reportedly Preparing To Release Solo Music

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon And YoonA Reportedly Preparing To Release Solo Music

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According to news outlet Sports Donga, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon and YoonA will be releasing singles in April and May.

Their report states that Girls’ Generation has been greeting fans with new music and acting every month. Seohyun, YoonA, and Yuri were active with promotions recently. Following them, Taeyeon released her first solo studio album.

The news outlet claims that Hyoyeon and YoonA…

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Sharing NEWS’ messages for NEVERLAND album, along with my own translation notes








Hello this is Masuda Takahisa!!

Thank you for your constant support!

Today, NEWS’ NEW ALBUM ’NEVERLAND’ is released.

The range of songs is great!
There are many good songs!
It’s cool!
Did our best to sing!

Listen to this album, let’s go to NEVERLAND together ★






A niceーーーーーーーーーーーーーー↑↑album is produced jyo ★

I can’t hold back my excitement at the thought of being able to go on a date with everyone soon jyo ★★★ 

Everyone, too, come cutely dressed ne★

Listen to the album a lot and be prepared~!

From darling Yuya 


awesomeなALBUMがReleaseされるぜ!俺らNEWSがso Beautiful!なNEVERLANDに連れてってあげるからマジcheck it up!!



HEY! Everybody!

an awesome ALBUM is being Released! We, NEWS, will bring you to a NEVERLAND so Beautiful!, so seriously check it up!

unbelieveble LIVE is waiting too, so look forward to it!!





To Be Continued…!

This is Koyama Keiichiro.

This time, there are also wonderful people who are involved in the composition of the songs, it feels like we are a really lucky group.
Among the songs「Brightest」is a song that Koyama Keiichiro, who listened to * m-flo’s songs throughout his high-school and university days, is really excited about

For the album this time where there are many instances you’d think any of the songs is a ‘powerful song’, please enjoy it ne 

To Be Continued…!

m-flo: a Japanese musical group, I think they’ve done lots of collabs with other artists e.g. Namie Amuro, BoA

BTS’ Comeback : “The Story That’s Not Yet Been Told”

BTS is coming back.

On 23rd January, the Agency of BTS, BigHit Entertainment, announced that BTS will comeback with the continuation of Wings : You Never Walk Alone.

You Never Walk Alone is an album including the story that was not told in the album Wings (released in October 2016), which has received much love from all over the world.

This time, members of BTS have actively participated in the composing, lyric-writing and producing of the new songs. Higher expectations of the album can be seen.

Wings has reached no.26 in the Billboard 200 ranking, currently a record among Korean singers. It was also the very first Korean album to enter the Official Album Chart in the UK at no.62. And with physical sales of 75,1301 albums, BTS has been topping the Gaon Album Chart. Love has been felt both locally and overseas.

BTS will be holding the 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III The Wings Tour in Seoul on the 18th and 19th February. We look forward to seeing the record that will be made with the comeback this time.

Reporter : 박수정@ 헤럴드POP
Source :  ⓒ 헤럴드POP &

Translated by : Holly@Chez Bangtan

[TRANS] 170317 IU confirmed to comeback with 4th full album on 21st April (Official)

Singer IU is confirmed to comeback with her 4th full length album on 21st April.

According to her agency Loen - Fave Entertainment, IU will be meeting fans of her music again on 21st April with her 4th full length album. Ahead of her 4th album, 2 pre-released tracks will be out on 24th March and 7th April respectively.

IU took on the role of producing and has matured musically through her 4th album. 

According to her agency, ‘Currently, we’re in the midst of finishing the final preparations on the album. IU collaborated with a variety of talented musicians and will be showcasing work from different angles for this album.’ ‘With IU’s experiments (regarding music genres) and her unique lyricism, this makes the album something to look forward to even more.’

After IU’s pre-released track on 24th March, a large-scale PRE-RELEASE project will be underway over 5 weeks, to give everyone a taste of the concept of the new album through the pre-released tracks and teasers as part of her comeback. The high quality music contents are a present that fans of IU’s music who have been waiting for her comeback will welcome.

IU’s 4th full album will be out on 21st April on Melon and other online music sites and the pre-released track will be out on 24th March.

Translated by IUteamstarcandy

Source: Newsen

System of a Down is working on a new album. 15 songs are ready !!

In a new interview with John Dolmayan for the 1644 edition of Kerrang! Magazine, an excellent update on the new System of a Down album was confirmed. Check out the excerpt:

“We’ve been working on a new album for the last six months and there are about 15 songs that I think are worthy of being on an album. There is tremendous pressure on us, because we are 11 or 12 years old and we have not released anything. But we have not yet scheduled to launch”.

“Our ability to play is better than ever and we are trying new things. We’re not making a new ‘Toxicity’ just because it was by far our biggest album. The new work must mean something to a new generation of System of a Down fans, so everyone can see that we’re not resting on our laurels. I’m not going to put my name on an album I’m not 100% proud of.”

Ready for 2017? New emotions come SOAD fans !!


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