news! kiseki okose!

Host: What were NEWS doing 15 years ago?
Ryo: I played for a local soccer team.
Tegoshi: I played soccer the whole time.
Massu: I was in a sumo wrestling tournament.
Koyama: I was the captain of the baseball team.
Shige: I remember playing soccer.
Yamapi: I was hanging around with the cows from the farm in front of my house.

NEWS comeback!

All evidence points to OMFG NEWS IS COMING BACK THIS IS GLORIOUS. The LAST thing I want to do is seem unsupportive or like a “bad fan” or I don’t care or anything like that. (If you know me then you know I am a HUGE NEWS fan). 

But I am REALLY trying not to get my hopes up here. I just don’t want to be disappointed, again. I mean how many times have we had single rumors or thought they would release something in the past two years and have it NOT come true? None of those things were as glaringly obvious as the hints we have now, but still. I can’t take anymore heart break from those boys. 

Most likely a single since the countdown showed up on the record label website first, and they haven’t had enough singles for an album. As much as I want TWO YEARS worth of music from them I don’t think its going to happen. Secretly praying for a Summer concert tour too so I can see them! 

Thoughts? Opinions?

30 Day NEWS Challenge

Day 10: Which is your favourite duet?

Ahaha.  Ginza Rhapsody.  Forever and ever.  Great tune, suited both Yamapi’s and Koyama’s vocal ranges, good choreography, bittersweet lyrics, dramatic/angsty atmosphere – I love all of it.  Plus they wrote the lyrics together and the whole thing about Yamapi singing the woman’s part and Koyama the man’s, looooool.

Nope. Still stings. Still can't look at Tumblr. :c

I’m sad for fandom and the current division inside it, and inside each person inside it, that joint mixture of “I hate them~!” and “How can they–?!” and “I still want to love them!”

Mostly though, I’m sad for the music, and that there will never be something like the Unplugged live DVD with all six of them ever again.

Will probably not be around much on Tumblr until this dies down.  It’s kind of stupid for me to be so upset about a silly little boyband, but there it is.  And the friends I made supporting this silly little boyband and its silly little members mean a lot to me so after all of our collective sobbing and dealing on Twitter, I’m still happy I wound up where I am, even if it did lead to heartbreak and disappointment.

So really.  Thanks, NEWS – 9-nin, 8-nin, 6-nin, or 4-nin you might be.