newports 100

it was just kinda funny

i have a young looking face. most likely due to being overweight (chubby cheeks) and avoiding the sun like it’s death. nice skin… and on this day i happened to also be wearing makeup. so, that is your background for this interaction.  

Customer: “I’d like a pack of Newport 100s.”

Me: “Sure, I just need your ID.”

Customer: with attitude “I’m 27 years old!”

Me: “And I’m 33.”

Customer: eyes wide “What???”

Me: “See?”

Customer: “Alright then… good point.” And he hands me his ID without any other argument.

though i am usually annoyed when people argue against showing me their ID, this time it was amusing enough and it ended happy. Plus, it boosted my confidence LOL.

rosworms  asked:

lady on her phone, says "Newport, Newport 100s." i ring her for a newport short and a newport 100... cuz that's how i understood it. she pays for them... still on her phone. she is almost out the door when she notices two packs and gets on me because she didn't want the shorts. guy behind her said "maybe if you got off the phone, you would have noticed." she started yelling at him, continued yelling after she left (according to others). i gave that dude a free coffee for saying what i couldn't.

anonymous asked:

So I'm making a pizza, my coworker is at her own till. This guy comes up to my till and my coworker doesn't notice him. I pass by my till to get the pan from the pizza warmer. He goes "Yo can I get a pack of Newports 100s?" at me. Like, dude, did I even LOOK at you? Go to the other till!