for all those shitting on the Schott arena for being the biggest one, at least they added another venue. a whole lot of people wouldn’t have even got to go if it weren’t for that (including me.) and I don’t think people realize only 6,000 people were chosen out of >100,000 people who registered. that’s a whole fucking lot. so even if about 3,000 of us aren’t going to smaller venues, don’t say Schott “isn’t worth the drive” or not worth anything at all. for some of us, simply seeing twenty one pilots is what matters. not the size of the venue or how far we have to travel. rant over. edit: couldn’t get tickets before the site sold out but my argument still stands.


Aw I like them.

Twenty One Pilots “Holding On To You” Live


@steelpantherkicksass #SoldOut @newportmusichall #Columbus #LowerTheBar #2017girlsinarowtour @ohiostatefb #buckeyes (at Newport Music Hall)

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