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for all those shitting on the Schott arena for being the biggest one, at least they added another venue. a whole lot of people wouldn’t have even got to go if it weren’t for that (including me.) and I don’t think people realize only 6,000 people were chosen out of >100,000 people who registered. that’s a whole fucking lot. so even if about 3,000 of us aren’t going to smaller venues, don’t say Schott “isn’t worth the drive” or not worth anything at all. for some of us, simply seeing twenty one pilots is what matters. not the size of the venue or how far we have to travel. rant over. edit: couldn’t get tickets before the site sold out but my argument still stands.


Aw I like them.

Twenty One Pilots “Holding On To You” Live

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fic of female reader and tyler joseph's best friendship? strictly platonic, angsty then fluffy. au if u want

Tear in my Heart (Tyler Joseph x Reader) 

Note: Okay I love this request on so many levels. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

Word Count: 2800+ (It’s a big one lol)

Warnings: Um maybe some cursing. 


The little girl flattened out her pink shirt and tucked a wild strand of hair behind her ear as she wobbled over the the brown haired boy who sat alone in the playground. She stood in front of him and cleared her throat, catching the boy’s attention. “Excuse me, mister.”

“What?” The boy seemed confused as he looked up at the girl with a toothy grin.

“I saw you all alone so now you are going to be my best friend.” The girl stated plainly as taking his hand and shaking it.

“Is that how you make friends?” The boy asked and the sassy girl let out a dramatic sigh.

“Of course it is. Now, I am (Y/N). And you are?”

“Tyler Joseph.”




I stood nervously as I waited to see the brown haired boy that had been gone so long. Of course I was proud of Tyler. I always told him his music would help people but it was hard when Tyler was gone for long periods of time, performing with Josh. Part of me wanted to always pick up and go with him. He always offered but I never wanted to be a hassle so I refrained from doing so. But, he was finally back and for the next week, I was going to be with him as the boys wrapped up their Emotional Roadshow tour with Tour de Columbus.

As my eyes scanned the busy airport, I suddenly locked eyes with the brown eyed boy and I felt my body boil with joy as a huge smile painted my face. I pushed among the crowd until I was finally met with the boy that I had been friends with for so long. “(Y/N), get your butt over here.” Tyler exclaimed as he dropped his bags and I ran into his arms, feeling his arms envelop me and a soft sigh of relief escaped my lips. Tyler was like home to me and it just never felt the same when he was away. He had been my best friend for decades now and I confided in him, told him everything, and was closer to him than I was with anyone else.

“God damn, I missed you.” I whispered and felt Tyler’s body vibrate with laughter.

“You will never know how tough it is not having you with me to help me.” he replied and my heart burst with happiness as I heard his words. He finally pulled away from me and I examined the face that I had known for so long. His brown hair was wild and unhinged, probably from a nap on the plane. He looked slightly sleepy but a huge smile was on his face, bringing out his dimples and bright eyes.

“Well, I don’t mean to interrupt but long time, no see, (Y/N).” I heard a voice say and I turned to see Josh. I giggled slightly and he pulled me into a hug as whispering in my ear, “I finally don’t have to hear Tyler complain about missing you all the time.” He pulled away and we both laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Tyler said with a quirked eyebrow.

“Josh was just telling me how much you missed me.” I said with a cocky grin and Tyler rolled his eyes.

“Of course I did. You are my best friend.” Tyler put his arm around me and we walked towards the exit. “Come on, let’s go home. We have some shows to do.”



“Tyler!” I yelled out as I turned the corner into a small room and was met with a shirtless Tyler who had his back turned to me. He definitely has some muscle and was toned and tanned. My eyes wandered as I scanned him, feeling my cheeks become pink. What the hell? Tyler was my best friend for 23 years now. I had seen him shirtless plenty of times but everything had been strictly platonic. I pushed the thoughts away as Tyler finally turned around, meeting me with a smile. My hand extended a Red Bull to him.

“Thank you.” He said as grabbing the drink and opening it. “I am so excited for you to see tonight’s show. I feel like you haven’t been to one in forever.”

“Yeah. It has been awhile.” I hated not being able to be at every show for Tyler. But, I had a job here at Columbus and he had a life that I didn’t want to constantly interfere with. Tyler noticed my change in emotion and stepped a couple feet away from me.

“What’s wrong?” He said as he grabbed my hands, causing my heart to quicken.

“I just…I missed you. A lot.” I whispered and Tyler smiled at me softly before planting a soft kiss on my head, causing those thoughts to crash into my brain again.

“I missed you, too. But you and me are here, together. And I’m going to put on the best show of this tour for you. Okay?”


“Tyler, we got twenty minutes left.” I turned around to see Josh peeping his head from around the door. He was all suited up in his red tux and I turned to Tyler.

“Now, go kick some ass, Tyjo.” I said as Tyler shot me a beautiful smile.



I felt a pair of arms wrap around you as you stood in the middle of the Newport Music Hall stage. I turned my head to see Tyler’s on my shoulder, smiling brightly. That same feeling in my stomach returned and it was one that you had been feeling a lot as I have been around Tyler. It was gnawing at me completely and made me feel absolutely crazy. This man was my best friend and if my feelings continued to develop, it would completely derail our friendship which I would never allow to happen. “Hello there.” He whispered in my ear.


“What are you thinking about?” Tyler asked.

“How proud I am of you.” Tyler pulled away from me and stood at my side, smiling brightly at the empty concert hall. “I always knew you could do it. But, seeing you last night at the Basement… I mean this is where it all began. And while that was years ago, it feels like just yesterday that I was watching you perform in front of less than a dozen people. And now you are performing in front of hundreds.”  

“Thank you, (Y/N).” Tyler whispered and I raised an eyebrow, slightly confused.

“What do you mean?”

“I am only here because of you. You are the one who always pushed me with my music and told me I can do it. Without you, I wouldn’t be standing here, wrapping up a world tour in my hometown where all this started. You have been my rock this whole time.” Tyler said and I felt my heart swell and eyes water at his words. I pulled the brunette into a hug and I buried my face into his neck, feeling him wrap his arms around me and pull me into his body tightly. He kissed my cheek as whispering “I love you.”

“I love you too, Tyler.” I mumbled quietly. I felt Tyler pull his body away slightly, still holding me in his arms as he stared into my eyes. He smiled at me in a way he never had before and my body felt tingly as his lips moved closer and -

“Tyler, we need you.” I turned around to see Mark pop onto the stage and then his eyes widened as he saw Tyler and I. “I’m sorry…umm..I just needed-” He mumbled awkwardly as he stood a small step back.

Tyler pulled away quickly and smiled at Mark. “I’m coming.” He turned to me and said “See you later, bud.” before walking off.

I stood on the stage alone, completely shocked and stunned at what had happened. Was Tyler going to kiss me? Or was I imagining stuff due to my thoughts that have been clouding my mind lately? I wanted to scream as I buried my hand in my face, realizing that my newfound feelings for Tyler were blossoming into something that I wouldn’t be able to control.



I sat on a couch in a empty room as I scrolled through my Twitter. Obviously, since I was best friends with Tyler, the clique knew who I was so a majority of my feed were tweets from the boys fans. I read comment after comment about the fans reactions towards the end of the Blurryface era and Tour de Columbus. As reading each individual tweet, I felt enormous pride and joy towards the boys success. But, as I was scrolling through, a photo of Tyler and I caught my eye. I smiled softly as seeing a photo of us in the airport, with Tyler’s arm wrapped around me and both of our faces had full grins on them. I read the caption and felt my smile fall upon doing so.

“I swear, if @(Y/T/H) and @tylerrjoseph don’t date one day, I might die #(Y/S/N)”

What did that mean? My mind wandered as I clicked the hashtag that featured Tyler and I’s name combined. I sat there completely shocked and dumbfounded as I read over tweet and tweet that seemed to endorse a relationship between the two of us.

“Okay if #(Y/S/N) isn’t love, what the hell is?”

“@(Y/T/H) and @tylerrjoseph are meant to be. Don’t tell me otherwise #(Y/S/N)”

What you were reading was surely ridiculous. Tyler and you had sleepovers, cuddled, facetimed constantly during tour, and told each other everything but that was because he is my best friend. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I then felt someone plop down on the couch next to me and I quickly closed Twitter before looking over at Josh. “Hey (Y/N).”

“Hey Jishwa.” I giggled and Josh rolled his eyes playfully, running his hands through his neon yellow hair.

Josh’s tone then changed from playful to serious as he said “Can I ask you a question?” I nervously nodded and Josh let out a sigh before continuing. “So, what the heck happened at Newport yesterday?”

I felt my throat close up as a blush overcame my cheeks. “What do you mean?” I stupidly mumbled, knowing what he was discussing but not wanting to face the truth.

“I’m not stupid, y’know. I saw what happened and Mark wouldn’t shut up about it.” Josh said with a smirk as I groaned, leaving my head back and closing my eyes.

“It wasn’t anything. He just hugged me and I talked about how proud I am.”

“Really?” I looked over at Josh who had a cocky smirk on his face, one eyebrow raised as he knowingly looked at me. I rolled my eyes and I sighed.

“Yes. Really.” I claimed and Josh shook his head, standing up with a chuckle.

“You two are too stubborn for your own good.” Josh said and I felt my cheeks darken even more.

“Josh, please. Don’t say anything.” I pleaded. If Tyler knew of any feelings that I was having, he would completely hate me. It would make everything unbearably awkward and I couldn’t live without Tyler.

“Okay. But, may I just say, you two would be simply adorable.” Josh let out a deep laugh and I hid my face in my hands, my whole face going red with shame and embarrassment.

“Who would be adorable?” My head flew up as I was met with Tyler walking into the doorway, an unreadable expression on his face as he grabbed a water bottle from a table.

“No one.” I quickly replied, shooting a glare at Josh as if to warn him to keep his mouth shut.

Tyler turned to me and raised an eyebrow. “Since when do we keep secrets?” He asked with a stern tone and I heard Josh clear his throat as I silently cursed him.

“I’ll see you two later.” He replied and ran off, giving me an apologetic smile.

“So, who is it?” Tyler continued and I stood up, grabbing a bottle and nervously opening it.

“Tyler, it is really nothing. Josh was just joking around.” I muttered and looked down at the bottle, too nervous to look into Tyler’s eyes.

“Fine. Guess this is how it will work.” Tyler huffed. I finally met eyes with him and was shocked to see an agitated expression riddle his features.


“We tell each other everything, (Y/N)! Why are you lying to me?” Tyler exclaimed.

“I’m not, Tyler. Just drop it.” I lied and seeing his betrayed face broke my heart.

“Fine.” The room stayed eerily silent as we both stared at the ground. “Maybe you shouldn’t watch the show tonight then.”

Tyler’s words cut the silence like a knife and I couldn’t help but to be hurt. I felt my eyes become watery as I still avoided his gaze. “Fine.” I muttered as grabbing my bag and leaving the arena.



I stood in my kitchen, sipping a cup of tea as scrolling through Twitter again. It broke my heart everything I saw something about the boys Express Live! performance. I had hurt Tyler because I didn’t tell him the truth, but telling him the truth would just ruin things further. It was 10:32 AM and by now, I would be in the arena with Tyler. There would be a twinkle in his eye as he talked to me about the previous night’s performance. But, it had been two days since their last performance and the two of us  hadn’t sent even a single text to each other.

My train of thought broke as I heard my doorbell ring and I walked over to it slowly, pulling a sweater that I stole from Tyler onto me. I grasped the door handle and pulled it open slowly, met with the figure of my best friend. I couldn’t help but to smile softly as the brown haired boy that stole my heart stood in front of me, giving me a dopey smile. “Come on in.” I whispered and Tyler walked past me into my apartment.

“Listen, I am sorry. I was being a total dick and shouldn’t have-” I interrupted him as I wrapped my arms around him, feeling him pull me in tighter. It may had only been two days, but it had felt like forever since he held me. I leaned my head against his chest as he kissed my head. I closed my eyes and felt a smile come upon my face as he rocked me back and forth slowly. I heard him quietly start singing.

She’s the tear in my heart

I’m alive

She’s the tear in my heart

I’m on fire

She’s the tear in my heart

Take me higher

Than I’ve ever been.



You watched as Tyler and Josh stood on the stage, both of them getting ready to play Tear In My Heart. Tyler looked over at you on the side of the stage and winked quickly, causing you to blush slightly. “Okay, okay, before we start this next song, I want to thank someone who has now been by my side for 23 years. It’s been an incredible ride with her and without her, I wouldn’t be here. So, thank you (Y/N).” Tyler looked over at you and you smiled, feeling tears in your eyes.

“I am so grateful everyday that you went up to me on the first day of kindergarten and told me we were going to be best friends. Never did I think that I would still be your best friend or that I’d be in an arena like this, singing this song that I wrote about you.” You suddenly felt frozen in place as you heard Tyler’s words, hearing as the crowd screamed hysterically and Josh pumped his fist. Of course you understood what Tear In My Heart was about. Everybody did. But you never, ever imagined that he had written the song about you. You couldn’t move as your heard Tyler perform the song, continuously glancing over at you with a semi-nervous smile as the huge crowd of people sang his very own lyrics back to him.

You had spent these past few days (and years to be frank) scared to reveal feelings for Tyler due to your friendship. But, you now watch the same boy sing a song about you in front of hundreds and you realized he wasn’t only your best friend, but also the boy you were in love with. When the song came to a close and the fans cheered, you ran onto the stage without any doubt in your mind and crashed your lips onto Tylers. You heard the crowd roar wildly as Tyler’s arms wrapped around you and you linked your arms around his neck. You kissed each other like you had wanted to for years as you smiled into it. You pulled away from Tyler to hear him whisper “I love you.” so only you could hear.

“I love you too.”