newport jazz fest

My Time At Newport Jazz Fest

This past weekend members of the jazz faithful from across the country packed into their cars and headed towards the grand display that encompasses the annual Newport Jazz Festival. Thousands pack onto the tiny peninsula where the historic Fort Adams resides and which for two weekends each year houses some of the best sounds from across the globe, with the second occasion hosting the hottest and brightest talent from the world of jazz. This year did not disappoint with it’s wide array of artists and groups that showcased the entire spectrum of what we can consider jazz. Being such a diverse category of music, I would imagine that it’s hard to try to present a well rounded lineup while also finding artists that can draw a crowd, but seeing as how they where able to sell out the Saturday it appears as though they had no difficulty with the balance. While all of the three days had a good smattering of talent, they all felt as if it each had it’s own unique character and statement to make. With that in mind, here are some condensed thoughts on the 2016 edition of this historic festival.

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