“This picture of us hugging at the Newport Folk Festival … Leonard did “Suzanne.” I’d met him and I went, ‘I love that song. What a great song.’ Really. “Suzanne” was one of the greatest songs I ever heard. So I was proud to meet an artist. He made me feel humble, because I looked at that song and I went, ‘Woah. All my songs seem so naive by comparison.’ It raised the standard of what I wanted to write.”

- Joni Mitchell, from “Joni Mitchell In Her Own Words,” Interview by Malka Marom.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri, June 14, 1901

But of all the garbled language
And the terms employed by these
Addle-pated folk in London
There are two that take the cheese.
Here they are, O gentle reader:
“Undies” - ha! - and “Cossies” - ho!
(Blow me, but I hate to write it, it embarrasses me so!)


This Huracan has no chill 😎
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