Researchers Believe They May Have Located a Famous Ship Once Owned by Captain Cook

Researchers working with the Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project say that it is 80 to 100 percent possible that they have found the location of a famous shipwreck. The HMS Endeavour, once owned by Captain James Cook, is known for being the ship which reached Australia in 1770, during the first of three expeditions led by the explorer. However, the ship may have met its demise while serving another purpose.

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The Newport Bridge (now the Claiborne Pell Bridge) opened in 1969, making it the longest suspension bridge in New England.

It not only linked Rhode Islanders, but gave us a thing of beauty to look at as well.

Up until then, the Jamestown ferry carted people and their vehicles back and forth across Narragansett Bay. Gov. Frank Licht was the first person to cross the bridge on a brilliantly sunny day in June of that year.


Today I have something special for you guys. My best friend, Andrew took a trip to New England last year and brought back some amazing photographs. I wanted to feature a few of them here, as well as his thoughts. Enjoy!

Photographs from Newport, Rhode Island by Andrew Childress

“The last few years have been kind of a whirlwind for me.  I finished college just before I turned 22 and about three weeks later, was on a plane for training. I had made my way through college half heartedly, mostly focused on real passions like photography. I slid through my classes and politicked well enough in interviews to land interviews which I turned into internships.

Photography for me had started in force when I was a senior in high school. I was the yearbook editor and picked up my first real camera the in 2008. I wound up shooting most of the key photos in the annual and wound up hooked.

When college started, I was obsessed. I made a lot of friends just by carrying my camera and I quickly realized it was a part of me that I didn’t understand, but I knew I had to have. I found that same path that so many others have, that people start hiring you and the passion dims a bit in the process. No longer free to shoot under your own constraints, your enthusiasm wilts and your passion becomes unrecognizable. I think my best friend Forrest has this whole thing figured out, because he takes enough commercial shoots to subsidize passion projects. That inspires me.

By the time college was coming to a close, I had decided that it was time to Grow Up and take a “Real Job.” When I arrived in the corporate world, I quickly realized what a mistake I had made. I knew I had to get back to shooting, eventually.

I always kept a camera - I just forgot how important it was to keep using it.

Last year, I hit several key milestones in my life. I was beginning to find a good deal of success in my corporate job and had a successful relationship for the first time in my life as well. And these two things culminated in something I hadn’t done in years: take a vacation. I took an amazing trip that went through Newport, Rhode Island. The photos in this post are just a few of my favorites from an evening of shooting.

I’m very honest with myself as a photographer. I know that I’m not meant to be one of the world’s greatest shooters or be published in Nat Geo. My only goal is to show anyone, regardless of what they do by day, that creative work is important. And even more importantly, that creativity has a place in everyone’s life regardless of profession.

The greatest mistake I made was letting the world tell me that I either had to be successful worker in the corporate world, or be a creative. I hope everyone can realize that it’s not an either-or for someone to dictate to you. Creativity is just a way of seeing the world, and not a one track path in life.”

–Andrew Childress