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i found this theory on Lucas Wiki, but at first, this is not a desperate try to let him look innocent, it just seems really interesting.

I talked with @six-eyed-disaster about it and we expanded the theory a bit. :D

like the person above already said, we just got one mention of Oliver and that was from his journal entry. never we’ve seen something by Jack or Marguerite. Or a newpaper article about a little boy who was missing and later found dead on his classmates attic.
Or something mentioned by Zoe. they shared a room at this time and I doubt that Oliver was quite the whole time. He would have screamed.
So one reason where that thr Bakers where all involved and covered it up what would be pretty disturbing, even for that game.
OR the theory that Oliver was just, in fact, a imaginary friend.
Or Olivers Parents where the worst parents alive who never looked for their son. Oliver had mentioned it that he will be at Lucas Birthdayparty, if he hadn’t come home the Bakers where the first they had checked to. so far can’t he have starved.

I KNOW that the game is not about Lucas, but the Oliver entry was… kind of random? It was just thrown in and never mentioned again. Not even by Lucas who is actually really proud of his kills. He had mentioned it ‘You know Ethan, I killed already before all that.’. But we haven’t heared something like that.

And Jacks hesitation at mention that Lucas is no Killer could have also been because, maybe this Jack knew that Lucas was cured, but he knows about his sons mentality. that he’s still, even cured, not still sane.

It’s still just a theory.

what do you guys think? :)


Sam Hose, a.k.a Sam Holt, was born under the name of Tom Wilkes in south Georgia around 1875. Eventually he would grow up and move to Coweta County, where he started calling himself Sam Hose. Hose was working for a man named Alfred Cranford, and approached him one day asking for some time off to visit his sick mother. Cranford, for some unknown reason, threatened to kill Sam with a gun pointed straight at him. Having an axe to defend himself he threw it and struck his target. Cranford was dead and Sam was on the run. As soon as Cranford was discovered the racists of Georgia wanted blood. These racist individuals made up a story about Sam sexually assaulting Cranford’s wife and assaulting his infant child. Eventually he was captured and on April 23rd 1899 Sam was sent back to Coweta County. A mob was waiting for him and in Newnan Georgia they removed him from the train at gunpoint. The Governor, William Yates Atkinson, pleaded with the crowd to release Sam into the hands of the authorities, but the mob continued to grow. They reached an estimated 2000 people and eventually, sadly, brutally murdered Sam Hose. Newspapers reported that his eyes, ears fingers and genitals were severed, and the skin on his face had been peeled off. He was doused in kerosene and tied to a tree and burned alive, an absolutely brutal way to go. Some members of this enraged racist mob kept souvenirs for personal gain, as souvenirs and to sell. The actions of the mob were condemned throughout most of the United States, probably more northern states than southern, and Europe. In Chicago a group of prominent citizens hired detective Louis P. le Vin to investigate the murder of Sam Hose. Although he only spent a week on the investigation, he concluded that Sam had indeed acted in self-defense and the allegations of sexual abuse were false, being made after Cranford was dead. He never named his sources due to fears of retribution from the angry southerners. His report was included in chapter IV of the Ida B. Wells Barnett article “Lynch law in Georgia”. Pictured above are a newpaper article from the time and Cranford’s grave. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a picture of the real victim of this story, Sam Hose. Source Wikipedia

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February 5, 1981AD Minneapolis, Minnesota newpaper article: Hometown Artist sold three million records before Age 20. (that’s #vinyl records…) #prince

Oliver's Company

Well…this was freaking obvious and I don’t know why it took me so long to put it together.  But watching The Flash tonight I finally did. If it takes you 7 episodes to put something together can you really be proud that you did? Eh. screw it.

They’ve showed that newpaper article from the future about 10 times and 6 of them were tonight.  In the bottom left hand corner the headline reads: Wayne Tech and Queen Inc Merge…or something to that effect.

I realize that this newspaper is from several years in the future (that’s a weird sentence to write) but…nonetheless….


Which means two things 1) Oliver gets his company back at some point and 2) He does his own renaming/rebranding 

Very interesting. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m tired of poor Oliver. I want him to get in the game on both the Felicity front AND the Queen Consolidated front and start mixing it up with Dr. Palmer.  Here’s hoping that comes in the back half of the year.