I’m having such a crazy amazing time doing these New Year Readings for y'all! It’s been really fun to experiment with different decks, according to what feels right for each client, and to see what cool shit everyone is cooking up for 2016! If you fancy a New Year Reading of your own, you can lock that down here: Back to work! #tarot #tarotcards #tarotreadings #newyear #wildunknowntarot #spiritspeaktarot #newpalladinitarot

Daily #Tarot for Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I had #love on the mind when I pulled today’s cards. This morning I asked them, “What can we do to invite more love into our lives?”. The Hanged Man and the Page of Rods highlight the contrast between passivity and action.

Ruled by Neptune, The Hanged Man is content to hang out and fantasize about the having of love, but he isn’t the kind of person to go out in search of it like the Page of Rods is. Rather, The Hanged Man prefers to see himself as a martyr, telling himself that love will find him when the time is right and he is “deserving”, or when some great moment of epiphany occurs and everything falls into place. So he remains patient and waits.

However the Hanged Man may be waiting forever unless he steps into action. The Page of Rods Rx suggests a reluctance to get out there and have new experiences. We must go in search of what we want. The Page of Wands is bound to make many false starts, but it must be accepted as part of the learning process. Love is not an easy thing to find. But nothing worth having comes easy.

The New Palladini Tarot

CARD OF THE DAY - EIGHT OF RODS. It might be a Sunday, but it’s time to get productive! The Eight of Rods gives us all a short burst of energy, and it’s important to channel that into something meaningful, lest you spend the day restless and pacing! It’s still the first week of the year, so think about what you want to get done in 2014. Today’s a great day to make some progress! #tarot #dailytarot #dailydraw #tarotcards #newpalladinitarot #vscocam #rods #twosidestarot

CARD OF THE DAY - ACE OF RODS. One of my favourites! There’s so much potential and possibility in this card. It signals the germination of new ideas, inspiration, creativity and the possibility of making your dreams a reality. A perfect time to make a start on your plans for 2014! #tarot #dailytarot #dailydraw #newyear #newyeartarot #vscocam #newpalladinitarot #twosidestarot