Afternoon sights in the park/Newmooncook

It had been a hectic time for Aki, so much had happened, to get his mind off of things he took a stroll through the park to help clear and make sense of everything that was happening. He  actually wore a shirt, which he didn’t normally do. He continued his little walk, stopping at a cart to get something to eat, he saw a familiar face, it was Shinjira, even though he hadn’t talked to her much he felt to go and speak with her, other than the fact she was a woman, more than likely she would react the same way Shinji would. “Hey Shinjira why are you here by yourself?”

newmooncook started following you.

And now who was this? Naoto watched the new person carefully and from a distance, magic still in affect. Her current state would likely frighten off this new and rather unknown person, considering the lack of any clothes on her being. She gave a mild sigh, “Hello there!” The Shadow called out.