Philosophy in Stars

The stars are beautiful tonight.  Staring up into the abyss above me and absorbing the sparkles, I can’t help but think again of the world out there that I miss out on daily.  The clean air I breathe, the wonder of new places.  The thought of exploring beyond what I know fascinates me.  How many new people can and will enter my life?  Each person I have met has enriched my experience on earth on some level.  Made me understand more about what I am here for, who I am, and why it all really matters. At the end of the day, maybe none of it does, but I can say, know, and think that every moment I have lived has been worth it.  Good or bad, everything I have experienced up until this point has shaped who I am. I am thankful to humanity and the universe for putting me in a place where I have the freedom and ability to recognize and live my life as I wish. I can’t wait for every second I live.  


In reverse.

Ride the horses through the wind. Feel the sunshine on your skin.  Like lemon drops, glistening.   The whole world is listening. For some reason it is silent.  White light all around.  Turn around. Turn Around. All you can see, glows forever. No you. No me. Shield part of your eye from the light.  Is this a dream? No it is night. 


YOUR world




In your world,

Only you can be happy.

Only you can have friends.

Only you can do things that matter.

You are the only one who things happen to.

You are the only one who people fall in love with.  

You are the only one who can fully accomplish anything.

There are events that happen that revolve entirely around you.

There are people who exist only to please, adore, and worship you.

There are moments in which you think only happen about, for and to you.

Look at your world. It’s lopsided. You built half a pyramid, which will never be whole.