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Read all the Newmann panels and I am just in stitches over the way you've brought their sheer level of dork to the surface, and it is *wonderful* I just can't. Will never take them 100% seriously ever again, thank you.

I think you will find, there is no Hermann Gottlieb fan, more serious than I.
Disconnect, Connect Again
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title:  Disconnect, Connect Again

Pairing: Newt/Hermann

Rating: teen+

Word count: 13,400~

Summary: Raising Newt Geiszler has never been easy. Seeing him fall in love can be harder.

The development of Newt and Hermann’s relationship, from Jacob Geiszler’s point-of-view.

“You got a letter,” he says, walking back out towards Newt in the living room. Newt doesn’t even look up.

“Is it something I actually want?”

“It’s from England. Return address says Dr. H. Gottlieb.”

Newt snatches the letter from Jacob’s hand and gets up from the couch, abandoning his empty carton of lo mein on the coffee table.

Notes: special thanks to geniusbee for betaing and kurama2212 for this very helpful post on the realities (and utter falsehoods) of k-science

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Kaiju transformation AU, a continuatio of any of your stories where someone turns into a kaiju!

(Anteverse AU where Newt turns into a Kaiju)

“Oh for fuck’s sake;”

Newt starts upright and- oh wow that hurts; his wing is torn and that’s like a cut between your fingers only about a thousand times worse; beside him, Hermann groans and sits up, shaking his head;

Alison shoves up her welding helmet, she’d opened the blast door, “Doctor Gottlieb?” 

Hermann nods, “I’m sorry, Ms Choi;” he growls, then bends over and hacks up a horrible mess of blue gunk and a chunk of bone;

“Dude, gross;” Newt furls his wings away with a wince;

“Oh, like you’re much better;” Hermann grumbles and- yeah, they’re both a mess; covered in blood and the whole place is basically wrecked, with dead bodies everywhere;

“What happened to you?” Herc steps in, he looks shattered, and the sight of Hermann- really Hermann, is a bit much;

“No Marshall- I did not transform;” Hermann sits up, rotates all four shoulders painfully, “I am simply better at hiding that Newt;” he stretches and groans in pain as he pulls at the nasty wound in his side;

“You are-” he stares;

“I admit it was not the bravest thing;” Hermann snaps, nuzzles Newt, “But when Newt- I am his medical proxy, I had to remain human;”

Newt gently eases him down, nuzzles him; “It’s okay;” they’re hurt, but they can still keep going if it goes bad;

But Herc just groans and leans against the wall, rubs his face;

Alison kneels down next to them, “Do you need anything- you’re hurt;”

“We’ll be fine;” Hermann butts Newt with his head, “A shower, I think.”

Happy (late) Valentine’s day, you guys! This is super cheesy looking but I had fun drawing it, nonetheless.

Everyone is just happy that the two scientists finally declared their love for each other! SO HYPED………

also the peeps around Tendo are random but I remember reading a fic a few years back where Tendo was a bisexual who is into poly relationships and that sort of always just stuck with me as a headcanon 

so much love in the shatterdome

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In the Lilo and Stitch AU, Stacker mentioned planning for a possible invasion. How does that go?

“Would you mind trying- in your time, Hermann;”

Newt twitches in his seat- he knows how this goes, or is supposed to go, he’s watched ET and stuff;

But Sargent Pentecost, is smiling, and they haven’t been anything but nice to Hermann; so Newt smiles when Hermann looks at him uncertainly, “It’s okay;”

Hermann nods, looks back at the thick plate of metal;

“Don’t hurt yourself;” Newt adds, and Hermann sniffs at it;

“Is it alive?” his voice is soft, growly, still hesitant;

“Nah;” Newt walks over and raps his knuckles on the metal, he sees Pentecost wave back a soldier when the start forward; “It can’t feel anything;”

Hermann looks at it again, then nods;

Newt doesn’t really see what happens next, there’s a blur of motion, then a sound like a blackboard being torn in half, and Hermann is panting next to him again;

There are eight deep tears in the metal, Newt can see right through the holes, the edges gleaming raw white, curl in twists from the damage;

“Wow;” Newt bends down and Checks Hermann’s hands, “Are you okay?”

His hands look fine, but when Hermann touches his lower right hand, Hermann winces and pulls away; there’s a faint trickle of blue from his claw;

“You’re hurt;” Newt fishes out a tissue to wrap about the wound;

“Okay;” Hermann smiles, and nuzzles his hair, “Not hurt;”

“May I-” Pentecost is suddenly there, kneeling beside them; he takes Newt’s tissue and replaces it with a cotton bandage; “That was quite something;”

“He shouldn’t be able to-” Newt hears from behind them;

“Tell me- did you have to do that a lot- where you came from-”

Hermann blinks at him, “Like me;”

“To those like you-”

Hermann turns away and can’t look at either of them; Newt leans in;

“Just look at him- how does he have the strength-”

“It’s okay if you had to fight;” Newt hugs him, “Wasn’t your fault;”

“Not fight;” Hermann says dully, “Kill;” he flexes his claws, and turns his head into Newt’s shoulder;

“The way he moved- he’s using all his body strength-”

Newt strokes his back, “You won’t make him fight;”

“No, of course not;” Pentecost smiles, “He’s just a little boy;” he sighs, “But if those Masters of his try and come through- we need to know what they can do;”

He looks at the damage Hermann has done to the steel, and his smile fades a little.

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More of the realistic magic au and how the world is handling it.

Newt opens his eyes and he can smell everything;

It might be a layover from the whole dormouse thing, but for a moment, Newt feels like he could step out of himself, through time and back to himself twenty years ago, when he had stepped out of the house to go to school and the world had just- struck him in the face;

It was a few more months before he started to find he could do- things; make seeds grow in his hand and turn starlight to silver; but he’d known then that the world had changed;

A bar of light is visible under the door, Newt gets up and doesn’t put on his glasses, walking over and pushing the bedroom door open;

Hermann is still up, bent over his laptop; Newt leans in and kisses him, “Hey babe;”

“Hmmm,” Hermann answers absently, eyes still fixed on his screen;

He’s wearing his glasses again, Newt reaches down and touches his temples, rubbing gently; Hermann closes his eyes and sighs happily; “Not good?”

“No;” Hermann sighs; “I couldn’t sleep;” he rubs his leg;

“Want me to have a go?”

Hermann pushes his chair back, “I can wait until tomorrow- I want to monitor you;”

“You can’t sleep-”

“It’s nearly morning anyway;” Hermann snaps, his eyes are heavy and dark; “I can’t keep- using you like this, if I can learn how to do it-”

“Yeah, and it might take years-”

“I have to start somewhere;”

The look at each other, stubbornly, and fuck, Hermann looks tired; he still hasn’t managed to call up balls of light or a cloud of flies- and that’s pretty fucking basic;

“You might not be able to do it;” Newt prods, gently;

“Why would people have bothered writing books and tablets of magic- if they couldn’t learn it-” Hermann answers grimly;

He’s not gonna budge, and Hermann’s treading on the edge of relapse; “Okay,” Newt gives in,

Hermann blinks;

“Just come on- lets get this done with so I can make you feel better- and you can go to bed;”


It takes Hermann about a hour to set up the monitoring computers and get Newt rigged up- he could do that in like half the time if he just let Newt help him and get some fucking sleep, but noooo;

“Okay-” he raises his eyebrows, and Hermann nods;

It’s a bit hard to kneel down with all the gear on him, probes stuck to his temples and monitoring heart-rate and even a half-MRI trying to scan him as he works;

Newt wishes he could tell Hermann how he did it, that it would be that simple- but it’s been a thousand years since the last person to understand magic died, and all they have are- people like Newt, who know how to do things but who don’t know how;

Newt puts his hands on Hermann waist, curls his fingers around to the base of his spine, closest to where the damage is;

He can feel it, like raw, scratched skin; like wires where the plastic coating has been scoured off; Newt closes his eyes and smooths them out; rolling the protective myelin back over the nerves and he feels Hermann go lax under his hands;

“Oh God-” he breathes;

Newt grins; “Yeah-”

“Oh hush;”

Newt smiles and checks him over, in case the damage is appearing in new places- but it’s okay, it’s no worse;

He does wonder though- lame men walk and blind men see- and here’s Hermann setting his stick aside and him not wearing his glasses;

It’s not permanent, of course; Newt’ll need his glasses in a few hours, and Hermann’s MS isn’t gone- Newt’s just fixed the damage it’s done this time;

But maybe- if Hermann is right, and they can understand how he can do these things- then they could expand it; and then everyone could play at being Jesus;

Newt kisses his leg, “Just don’t start worshiping me just yet;”

“Be quiet;” Hermann sighs, but his heart isn’t into it; the lines of pain are gone from his face, and even as he leans over the laptop to save the findings, he’s already yawning;

Newt waves him off regally; “Newt 1.1- go the fuck to bed;”

Hermann rubs his face, and for once, does as he’s told.

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