Newlyweds Skip Traditional Banquet to Feed Thousands of Refugees

After saying “I do,” most newlyweds pose for pictures, toast with champagne, and sit down to a luxurious meal with family and friends. Instead of being wined and dined, one couple decided to serve meals to those in need.

Enlisting their friends to dole out dinner from food trucks, Turkish couple Fethullah Üzümcüoğlu and Esra Polat celebrated their new life together by dining with 4,000 Syrian refugees. And they didn’t just serve the guests—the couple used the money that would have been spent on a traditional banquet dinner to throw a party for a group, The Telegraph reports

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Why I love my husband...exemplified by our ten minute trip to wal-mart

Let me tell you why I love my husband exemplified by our ten minute trip to wal-mart. We walk by pretty headbands and I say “oh,” and he says “you want one, get one,” stopping to look, helping me pick, saying “that ones cute.”

Because we walk through the little girls section and there are pants on the floor that he hangs back up on the rack.

Because he smiles as he helps a woman put her 50 pound dog food in her cart.

Because he calculates the cat litter prices and picks the most sensible buy.

Because he glides on the cart through the aisles, kicking off and rolling through with his feet on the rail, just gliding.

Because he puts his arm around me as he beat boxes while we wait in line.

Because he did all these little things in his sweaty cut off work shirt without complaining about his long day. We exchanged probably thirty words during this errand and most of it was about cat litter, but I smiled often.

I feel like we are all waiting for these grand gestures of love. Like someone needs to do something for us for us to love them. Of course I am guilty of this, also. I feel like we are so trained to be or maybe just naturally egocentric.

There is so much to love about each of us. we need to pay attention and appreciate those little (very big) things – especially tan arms in sweaty cut-offs ;)



I like this one :)