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I don’t think so sorry

Newlyweds Skip Traditional Banquet to Feed Thousands of Refugees

After saying “I do,” most newlyweds pose for pictures, toast with champagne, and sit down to a luxurious meal with family and friends. Instead of being wined and dined, one couple decided to serve meals to those in need.

Enlisting their friends to dole out dinner from food trucks, Turkish couple Fethullah Üzümcüoğlu and Esra Polat celebrated their new life together by dining with 4,000 Syrian refugees. And they didn’t just serve the guests—the couple used the money that would have been spent on a traditional banquet dinner to throw a party for a group, The Telegraph reports

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did somebody say wedding day destiel?

newlywed husband Luke taking you to ikea to look at furniture for your new cozy apartment you two had just saved enough money to buy, when you stumble upon the mattress section giggling, trying (and failing) to shove Luke’s hands off of you, and you two can’t decide whether to settle for the queen size in order to save a few bucks or go all out with the king size until Luke suggests “let’s test it out, see how we like it” and once you’re snuggled comfortably on the cloud-like mattress, you feel Luke’s gentle hands snake around your waist in the middle of the semi-crowded furnishing store and pull you to his chest tightly, his chiseled jaw rubbing against you, his breath warm against your neck whispering softly, “I think the queen will do…considering I’ll be holding you this close every night” and you can feel his stupid smile at the thought of having you in his arms forever.