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Hello, I came across a post you made about notebooks/journals and I really loved the 52 and 30 days of lists ideas. I would love to make one as a wedding gift, but geared more towards love, relationships, etc. that the couple could fill out over the course of the first year or so of their marriage. I was wondering if you have any ideas or sources that I could use as inspiration for a wedding gift. Thank you!

That is an AMAZING and WONDERFUL idea!

I can’t find anything online that matches quite what you’re looking for — but here are a few ideas that might help.

My “Why I Love Brian Today” Journal

A Marriage Journal: set goals & write out things you love and notice about your spouse

Write daily letters (warning: this one might make you cry)

Ten Journal Prompts for New Love

If you don’t want to create a physical journal, you can also make a journal in a jar!

The Love Dare Journal

Keeping an engagement journal

Project Life Memory Keeping — you could add cute pictures and quotes but leave open spaces for them to document their own thoughts!

Some ideas for “lists” for the couple to fill out:

- list favorite memories of your courtship (best dates, happy times together, maybe you got a thrill out of the way s/he met your eyes across the room…)

- list your mutual interests

- list the items and traditions that define your relationship (maybe s/he always buys you double delight roses because those are your favorite, maybe “Moondance” is “your song,” maybe you started making homemade pizza on Friday nights two years ago and haven’t stopped)

- write your marriage bucket list (where do you want to travel together? what do you want to experience together?)

- what are your favorite things about your spouse? (one list for each person to fill out)

- list your favorite memories from the honeymoon

- list the craziest/most exciting/adventurous things you’ve done together

- write down your short-term goals together

- write down your long-term goals together

- list what you’re grateful for in the relationship

- list some cheap but fun date night ideas

- list some expensive, swanky date night ideas

- list your favorite quotes about love

- list the books/movies/media you want to introduce to your spouse

- list the defining moments of [the first month of marriage/the second month of marriage/etc]

- list everything that you remember about [how you met/your first date together/the moment you realized you had fallen in love/your engagement/your wedding day/etc]

- list everything your spouse can do to make you feel taken care of or cherished (maybe you crave chicken noodle soup when you’re sick, maybe you really appreciate foot rubs on days when you work overtime, maybe you adore the way s/he reaches for your hand when you walk down the street together and you want to express your appreciation for making you feel so loved)

Thanks for the question and hope this helps!!

(Original 52 Lists and 30 Days of Lists)

My best friend got married this morning, and her groom took one look at her, started crying, and was left speechless because she was the most stunning bride I’ve ever seen. The love that they share is so special, and I had tears in my eyes as I watched the two of them throughout the ceremony, holding hands and passing the tissue back and forth, trying to keep it together. I hope I meet someone that feels the same way about me someday. Today was a beautiful day. 

The greatest newlywed moments (according to us):

This is the first part of a few of the moments that have been great so far.

  • Leaving the wedding

This might sound weird, lol but it really was one of our favorite moments! When you take the hand of the man or woman after you’ve said your “I do” and partied with your family and friends, you really just want to be alone with them to soak up all the emotions that you’re feeling. You want privacy and intimacy so that you can really be with the person you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with. When you leave your wedding you look behind you and see all these people that you love standing there smiling, waving and clapping - celebrating the two of you coming together as one and you know they’ll always have your back. Then you look forward and see a long empty road that seems daunting but when you look beside you, you know that the person standing at your side will always be there no matter how daunting and empty the road ahead of you may look.

  • Sex

For many Muslim women (like me) this will be your first sexual experience (besides the sex you have with chocolate and imaginary sex you have with sexy movie stars…ahem I digress…) and the thought of it is both exciting and terrifying! I was definitely looking forward to it but also worried that I’d do it wrong, lol. Apparently when it’s right it just… happens or at least that’s what happened with us. Don’t be so wound up that you think too much into it or worry too much because it is totally okay to laugh and joke around and all that beforehand and even during. Sex is a big step but when you have someone you love there that you feel safe with* just let it happen naturally.

* If it comes to the night of your wedding and you do not want to have sex, the sex hurts or you feel uncomfortable do not be afraid to let your spouse know you need to stop or you are not ready! Don’t be ashamed.

  • Living together

Living together has its pros and cons. There may be an adjustment stage when you guys may feel like your tiptoeing around one another not really sure how you should act or what you should say but that’s normal. Once you get a routine and start feeling more relaxed everything runs (mostly) smoothly. You’ll probably notice some great and not so great habits that your spouse has but they’re noticing the same about you, lol so if it bothers you talk about it! Talking is the biggest and best thing to do in a relationship, it helps to nip things in the bud before they turn into bigger issues. Our favorite part of living with one another is always having the other person around to share your excitement, sadness, laughter and pain with. We love cuddling up and watching movies or just laying around playing board games and eating junk food. Remember to take everything slow and really get to know one another because hey, you have the rest of your life together.

  • Laughing and enjoying one another’s company

I don’t think either of us has ever in our lives laughed as hard as we did on our wedding night when I tripped over the bottom of my wedding dress and landed in a puddle of silk and puffy fabric. Instead of helping me up, Naseem just came and sat next to me on the floor and we talked there for about an hour. The simplicity of just sitting with one another and laughing at ourselves and all the things we’d seen that night at the wedding (Uncles trying to breakdance) was so beautiful to me because we didn’t have to do much at all to be happy. We try to keep that in our everyday life, we take out time each day to just sit with one another and talk about anything and everything or to just sit quietly and enjoy the nearness of someone you love.