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A/N: Another one of @bonniebird‘s ideas when I asked her. And of course, I prioritize it because it was so cute.

Brett Talbot Masterlist

Teen Wolf Masterlist

You stumbled in through the front door with your hands full of bags with the week’s groceries and were immediately assisted by Brett who just came out from the bedroom.

“Did you just wake up from a nap?” you asked him kindly and couldn’t restrain your giggles when you saw his tousled hair standing in every direction, as usual after Brett’s been having a nice afternoon nap.

Brett rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and ran his fingers through his hair while he nodded. “Yes and it was very much needed after the late night lacrosse-practices that coach forces us to participate in.”  His voice was a combination of irritation and that tone you have when you’re newly awake.

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CS FF: In Your Arms Tonight
  • Contains spoilers for 6x16 anf 6x17.

‘How did you do it? Find me?’

Killian’s soft voice whispered over Emma as they lay out on their bed. Now that Snow and David were awake, the newly engaged couple had retired to their home, washing the grime of the past few weeks from them and bask in the joy of their reunion.

‘Pixie dust,’ she replied, running a hand up his arm, fingers tracing the sinewy muscles. ‘It can reunite anyone who shares True Love.’

Killian chucked at the reminder of the strength of their love. Her eyes meet his. She is a balm to battering his soul has taken during the separation. Her green eyes sparkle in wonderment. It’s not unlike the moment they were reunited after Zeus had granted him another chance at life. His fingers ghost down her spine as she rests her chin on his chest.

‘What was that place?’ she asked.

When she had dashed though the portal, she had barely taken in her surroundings, rushing for Killian, pushing anyone in their way aside.

‘Neverland,’ he murmured.

A soft ‘oh’ escaped her lips. ‘The shadow you sent, I should have realised,’ she said, her lips hitched into smile. ‘But how did you end up in Neverland. Did Gideon send you there?’

He shook his head. ‘The Enchanted Forest. I ended up in Neverland after using a magic bean and thinking of you.’

Her eyebrows quirked upwards. ‘And how did you end up getting a magic bean this time?’

‘In much the same manner as last time,’ he said, lifting his head to look at her.

A quizzical expression deepened on Emma’s face. ‘You bet the Jolly Roger?’ she asked, ‘but she’s here.’

Killian smirked. ‘Aye, love,’ he said, ‘but Black Beard didn’t know that.’

She stared at him for a moment before her lips hitched up as she laughed.

He joined in her laughter. ‘It was quite the plan, actually, Swan,’ he said when the chuckles subsided. ‘Had Gideon not cursed me, then it didn’t matter if I won or lost, either way I’d have a bean to travel with, and I’d have been back days ago.’

Emma looked at him sadly. ‘I missed you,’ she said softly, her eyes flaring. ‘Until you managed to get that message to me with the shell, I thought…’

She trailed off, looking away. Killian raised his hand to cup her cheek. ‘I know,’ he said soberly. ‘Not being able to tell you the truth was killing me.’

‘But now we also have a chance to defeat Black Fairy,’ she said. ‘You have to tell me everything Tiger Lily told you. We should have brought her with us.’

‘Aye,’ he said, ‘but I have a feeling she’ll find her own way here. I sense he has her own score to settle with the Black Fairy.’

Emma nodded. ‘We still need all the allies we can get.’

‘But I think your mother is right, between us all, we’ll stop her. You changed you fate when Gideon came for you, so there is no reason to fall at his hurdle,’ he scooted down the bed so they were eyelevel.

He cupped her cheek, running his thumbs over her lips. ‘I’ve seen you defeat some of the greatest evils our world can throw at you, Emma.’

‘I know,’ she replied, eyes welling with tears, ‘but the book, it’s coming up to the last chapter. And Henry, something happened with his author powers while you were gone.’

Killian pressed a soft kiss to her lips. ‘Sometimes the end of one book is just the beginning of another,’ he reminded her. ‘Emma,’ he continued, raising her eyes so she was looking at her, ‘we will defeat this, together. I promise you, I will never willingly leave your side.’

She chuckled as a tear escaped from her eyes and trickled down her cheek. ‘You’ve barely left my side since you helped us get to Neverland.’

‘I’d’ve stayed with you before then, if you hadn’t handcuffed in that giant’s den,’ he said.

Their eyes locked. She’d be so afraid of feeling anything, particularly for the roughish pirate aligned to their enemy, that she’d fallen at the first hurdle for him. Not that she ever imagined she’d be lying in bed with him two years later, True Love, engaged and somehow blissfully happy beyond measure.

‘Who’s to say this would have all worked out if I hadn’t,’ she asked with a mischievous grin.

Their hands entwined and Killian brought them up to press a kiss to the ring she had re-accepted scant hours before. She watched the gesture with brimming eyes, heart full of love for the man who knew no bounds when it came to his feelings for her.

‘How does the most feared pirate in the known realms end up falling in love?’ she asked softly.

‘You tell me, love,’ he replied rolling them so she was below him.

He dipped his head to hers, capturing her lips as she moved her legs so she could cradle him between her thighs. She was already ready for him, aching for him to take her and reunite in every way possible. Emma whimpered as he took her, inch by glorious inch, until they were one.

‘At one point, I thought I’d never see you again,’ she whispered as he stilled. ‘When I found out what Gideon had done to keep us apart.’

He silenced her with a kiss. ‘I’d have found my way back to you, Swan. If Hades couldn’t keep us apart what makes you think anyone else could.’

They moved together in a slow dance, hands mapping each other while whispering encouraging words. Keening whimpers of ‘I love you’ as they came together, falling over the edge in each other’s arms.

The Second Chance - W.D.W

series: the second chance - prologue {part two}

(1,463 words)

A/N: This is my first imagine, and I will admit that I was a bit hesitant to post it due to the serious themes it deals with, but I like how it turned out!

warnings: angst, death

The winter air was slick with mist, parting like a curtain as the white van veered around the sharp corners and sudden bends in the gravel road before it. 

In the absence of daylight, it was difficult to see more than three feet away due to the overhanging fog. Yet here they were, the Why Don’t We boys sitting together in drowsy ecstasy as the old vehicle closed in on their next tour destination.

Corbyn wistfully gazed out of his window into the canyon right beside the narrow road, propping his elbow on the door beside him so he wouldn’t bang his head on the glass, should he fall asleep.

After all, it was 2am, and the buzz of last night’s show was beginning to wear off.

He knew that he should’ve been sleeping right at this moment as his bandmates were, but the dark sky filled him with a jarring sense of alertness.

Ripping his focus from the chasm, he flashed a quick look around his surroundings to see Daniel tucked away at the very back, humming softly to himself. Corbyn reached over to him, gently tugging Daniel’s arm.

“Daniel? Are you awake?” he whispered. His friend straightened up in response, nodding in reply.

“Yeah, I’m awake.” Daniel yawned.

“Oh, I was just thinking, like aren’t we lucky to have all this? I mean, we’re not even 20 and yet we get to do things most kids only dream of, and it’s crazy, you know? I honestly don’t know how to take it all in.”

“So this is why you couldn’t sleep?” Daniel answered, smiling as Corbyn rolled his eyes.

“Hey, 2am is the time when everyone gets sappy and deep and emotional, okay? Especially me.” Corbyn retorted, earning a quiet chuckle from his tired friend-turned-brother.

“I know, I know. I was thinking the same thing, actually,” said Daniel, letting his eyes wander back to the stars. “I guess 2am really does have that nostalgic effect on people.”

“Well, at this rate, we’re going to be barely alive in the morning.” Corbyn sighed.

“That’s why such a thing as coffee exists.” Daniel grinned, pulling his blanket up.

“That’s if Jonah hasn’t drunk it all!” Corbyn exclaimed, accidentally causing Jonah to stir.

“That’s if I haven’t what?” asked a newly awake Jonah, voice still groggy from sleep.

“Sorry, bro. Didn’t mean to wake you.” Corbyn apologized, Jonah promptly shrugging it off.

“It’s okay. Now, you better not have been gossiping about me, Corbyn.”

“Nah, he was just saying that you’ve probably drunk all the coffee.” Daniel replied. That cracked them up, including their driver, Zoe.

“He’s not wrong,” Jonah smirked. “But I’m definitely not going back to sleep now, thanks to you two.”

The sudden jolt of the van swerving to the right broke the conversation, the three of them whipping towards the front of the vehicle.

“What was that?” they questioned, their driver remaining silent.

Corbyn looked outside again, the heavy fog now completely obscuring the view.

“Jeez, look at this fog! I can’t see a thing!”

Jonah leaned over and shook Jack and Zach awake, the two of them stretching as Daniel also stared out his window. Zoe finally answered.

“Boys, I’m having a bit of trouble seeing through this fog! I don’t think we’ll make it much further.”

Another sharp jolt was followed by what sounded like metal scraping against metal. Something had broken.

“That’s it!” she yelled, pulling out the key and stopping the van. It was far too dangerous to keep going, this was the most rational thing to do.

The fog was far too thick to drive through, they’d have to wait until it cleared up enough for them to continue.

A collective sigh of relief rippled across the group, who were now fully awake and slightly worried.

Of course, they had to be stuck on a one lane road in the middle of nowhere. What would happen if someone needed to pass them? What were they going to say to everyone waiting for them over in the city? There was no service or anything. They were literally off-the-grid.

As if things could get any worse, a huge wave of torrential rain began to pour and pour and pour down so hard that Corbyn could swear the droplets were leaving dents on the roof.

It was almost if someone or something wanted them harmed.

“Alright, who here has a death wish?!” Jack shouted, gesturing towards the ongoing storm.

“I do.”

Chills ran down Corbyn’s spine. No one dared to talk. It became so quiet you could literally hear a pin drop.

That voice. That deep, baritone voice belonged to no one sitting in their vehicle. There was nobody else out here except Zoe. So, who was it?

It spoke again. Slowly, words clear as a summer’s day.

“Your time here on Earth - is up.”

Out of nowhere, a tall, cloaked figure with a scythe in one hand materialized beside the five terrified boys.

Zach released a blood-curdling scream, being immediately silenced by the faceless man.

“Mr. Herron, there is no need to fear me. I am The Keeper of Time, otherwise known as Death. You all are coming with me.”

“You’re… Death?” Jack timidly asked.

“You assume correctly.”

“Wait, how is the rain staying in midair?!” said Daniel. Death chuckled in response.

“To answer your question, Mr. Seavey, I’ve merely paused time. I will reset it once we leave. Now, any more inquiries, gents?”

“Where are we going?”

“What is happening?”

“Why are you here?”

Multiple questions were thrown at the dark being.

“Ah, you’re an inquisitive group, I see.” Death remarked. “Good thing we have all the time we need. You five -” he paused to pull out a glowing scroll, “Jonah Marais Roth Franzvitch, Jack Robert Avery, Daniel James Seavey, Zachary Dean Herron, and Corbyn Matthew Besson - you are going to die in less than five minutes. A truck is going to collide with your vehicle, causing it to fall into the canyon, resulting in your deaths. I, the Keeper of Time, am here to escort your souls to the Realm of the Dead. That is why I stand here before you.”

Each of the boys began to weep bitterly as Death solemnly motioned for them to follow his lead.

In ugly tears, they found themselves shredding their clothes in sorrow as they trudged away from the van. They were now ghosts. Homeless souls.

Corbyn caught a glimpse of a pair of headlights coming towards the cursed vehicle as he dragged his feet forward. Death hadn’t lied to them.

In fact, everyone mutely watched as the rogue truck sent the van hurtling over the cliff, the boys falling to their end at the bottom. Zoe had already been taken by Death beforehand, as she’d died in the crash.

This was all real. This wasn’t some sick, twisted nightmare. It was the stark reality, and Corbyn found it hard to swallow. Jack never said another word, let alone breathed. Zach was still drowning himself in hot tears as Jonah tried to console him. Daniel was incoherently singing, red eyes once so blue & bright now dull with the blade of death.

Their lives had ended too soon.

Why else would’ve life allowed them to have so much so quickly? There was no reason other than they were never meant to reach adulthood.

Half an hour passed and The Keeper of Time abruptly disappeared for a moment, leaving a burst of blinding light and black feathers in his wake. But he returned just as fast as he’d left, now holding a gold stopwatch in his large, pale hand.

He immediately turned to face Corbyn and the boys, opening the watch with a flick of his long fingers.

“Gents, it seems there has been a change of plans regarding your passage to the Realm of the Dead. Your appointments have been postponed.” The figure stopped as if to wait for someone to say something but then continued. “I am returning you to the land of the living as of now, for the High Council have decided to grant you all The Second Chance. Must I tell you, each of you will awake with an entirely new identity that you will eventually learn to adjust to. It is for your own good. Farewell, gentlemen. We will meet again someday.”

With a fluid motion, he reset the watch, a high-pitched drone echoing from the ends of the earth.

Ticking like a clock, the ringing intensified every second until it was so deafeningly loud that Corbyn fell woozy, seeing stars spinning around his head.

One by one, his friends collapsed onto the gravel.

He caught three last words before he himself fainted.

“This is irreversible.”

Then everything went black.

part two is now released.  thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed it!

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Could you do a scenario with daichi, kuroo, iwa, and oikawa the morning after with their s/o? Extra fluffy please

“Groaning at the sound of the birds chirping outside you turn towards the direction where you had placed your phone the previous day.
07:04 it read and you grimaced at the numbers as if they offended you, which in a way, they did.
‘Too early to wake up….’ you thought to yourself as you put down your phone when suddenly you felt someone gently embracing you from behind”


• He rests his head on your shoulder and suppresses a yawn “Good morning love” he tightens his grip that he has on you a bit. “Did you sleep well?” You rest your hands on top of his and let out a soft hmm in response with a smile playing on your lips. You two stay like that for a while simply enjoying the lazy morning in each others company. ”Did you have anything to do today?” he asks and presses a kiss to your shoulder, you reply with a no to which he nods and closes his eyes once more. ”Then let’s stay in bed for a while longer” 


“Why does birds feel it necessary to yell in the top of the morning” he softly complains to which you snort in response. He never was a true morning person, at least not on weekends. You turn around and can’t stop the smile that decorates your lips, the sight of him newly awake warms your heart, and makes you giggle- his hair is out of control. Running your hands through his unruly hair makes him sigh in content. “You look absolutely ridiculous sweetie” you say fondly to which he just smiles in response. “But i am your ridiculous sweetie”


• ”What time is it?” he mumbles as he buries his face into your shoulder. You simply reply that it’s way too early before turning around in his embrace so that you are now facing him. Seeing him barely being able to keep his eyes open, bed hair sprouting everywhere, makes you almost giggle- almost. But you manage to bite your lip before it slips out. ”I really adore you, you know that?” You snuggle closer to his chest and he hugs you tighter. ”I adore you more”


• Feeling him snuggling closer to you, you smile at his actions before turning around to face him. He flashes you a sweet smile before kissing your forehead. ”Good morning beautiful, slept well?” You nod in response and then snuggles closer into his embrace. Gladly he cuddles you back and presses a kiss on top of your head. But it doesn’t stop there and he continues pressing playful kisses on your forehead, cheeks, nose- until you are a giggling mess and he as well. 

The Silver Chair

> “Leave us,” she said to the two Earthmen.  "And let none disturb us till I call, on pain of death.“  The gnomes padded away obediently, and the Witch-queen shut and locked the door.

> "How now, my lord Prince,” she said.  "Has your nightly fit not yet come upon you, or is it over so soon?  Why stand you here unbound?  Who are these aliens?  And is it they who have destroyed the chair which was your only safety?“

> Prince Rilian shivered as she spoke to him.  And no wonder: it is not easy to throw off in half an hour an enchantment which has made one a slave for ten years.  Then, speaking with a great effort, he said:

> "Madam, there will be no more need of that chair.  And you, who have told me a hundred times how deeply you pitied me for the sorceries by which I was bound, will doubtless hear with joy that they are now ended forever.  There was, it seems, some small error in your Ladyship’s way of treating them.  These, my true friends, have delivered me.  I am now in my right mind, and there are two things I will say to you.  First—as for your Ladyship’s design of putting me at the head of an army of Earthmen that so I may break out into the Overworld and there, by main force, make myself king over some nation that never did me wrong—murdering their natural lords and holding their throne as bloody and foreign tyrant—now that I know myself, I do utterly abhor and renounce it as plain villainy.  And second: I am the King’s son of Narnia, Rilian, the only child of Caspian, Tenth of that name, whom some call Caspian the Seafarer.  Therefore, Madam, it is my purpose, as it is also my duty, to depart suddenly from your Highness’s court into my own country.  Please it you to grant me and my friends safe conduct and a guide through your dark realm.”

> Now the Witch said nothing at all, but moved gently across the room, always keeping her face and eyes very steadily towards the Prince.  When she had come to a little ark set in the wall not far from the fireplace, she opened it, and took out first a handful of a green powder.  This she threw on the fire.  It did not blaze much, but a very sweet and drowsy smell came from it.  And all through the conversation which followed, that smell grew stronger, and filled the room, and made it harder to think.  Secondly, she took out a musical instrument rather like a mandolin.  She began to play it with her fingers—a steady, monotonous thrumming that you didn’t notice after a few minutes.  But the less you noticed it, the more it got into your brain and your blood.  This also made it hard to think.  After she had thrummed for a time (and the sweet smell was now strong) she began speaking in a sweet, quiet voice.

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A Lifetime (Part Three)

Part [1] [2]

Based on a request sent in by @im-beautifully-sewn, tagging @cassjoream

So here’s the last part, warning it may get a little sad (sorry guys)!

A whole year after your wedding you were sitting beside Jared and Jensen at a supernatural panel. You listened intently to every question the boys were asked and every answer they gave. Of course you had your own questions that you were more than happy to answer, but the boys always got the most not that you minded, you enjoyed seeing Jensen react to the attention.

“My questions actually for Y/N.” A nervous fan that Jensen had picked out held the microphone as steady as she could.

“Shoot away sweetheart.” You smiled at her as you tucked a stray strand of hair behind your ear.

“Now that you and Jensen have been married a year, are there going to be any little Ackles running any time soon?” The noise the crowd made proved that it was a popular question and you heard Jensen laugh amongst it all. You looked at him for support and all he gave you was a simple nod showing that it was okay to answer truthfully.

“Uh actually, baby Ackles is due in October.” The whole crowd went up in a chorus of cheers as Jensen placed his hand on your stomach. You’d found out you were pregnant two months ago and you’d both agreed to wait until you were showing before you announced it, but the two of you could barely contain your excitement.

“So you heard it here first.” He laughed as he waited for the crowd to die down before picking the next person.

“So first of all congratulation.” Both you and Jensen thanked her before she continued. “I just wanted to ask, did Jared already know? Or did he just find out?“

“I’m pretty sure Jared knew before me.” The crowd chuckled along with him as he made a reference to how close you and Jared had truly become.

“I actually didn’t, but my wife did.” Jensen playfully rolled his eyes as Jared confessed that you actually confided in Gen as soon as you’d found out.

“Of course she did.”


You tilted your head back, enjoying the warm sun wash over your body and the feeling of sand under your skin, the sound of the ocean taking every ounce of stress you had away. You were glad to be on holiday, everything had been so hectic over the last few years with your filming schedules and interviews and panels. Not to mention your personal life with your wedding, moving house and having your beautiful little girl, Callie Grace Ackles. Obviously you’d loved every part of it, and you would never change any of it for the world but the quiet break was needed.

A smile found its way to your face as you heard your daughter giggle proudly as her first sand castle stayed standing. You watched as she and Jensen continued to build their impressive sand fort, admiring how much alike they were. She may have had your hair colour and your face shape but other than that she was completely Jensen. Her bright green eyes shone full of life like his, his freckles covering her face. You loved the bond they’d formed over the last three years, there was no doubt she was a daddy’s girl and had him wrapped around her little finger.

After a while Jensen noticed you watching and motioned for you to join them with a childlike smile, an invitation you were more than happy to accept.


A faintly familiar pain rippled through your body as you reached out in the darkness to find your husband.

“J?” You shook his shoulder in attempt to wake him up. “Jensen come on its happening.”

“Huh?” He opened his sleep glazed eyes to look at you, blinking several times to adjust to his newly awake state.

“The baby’s coming!” You tried your best not to scream out in agony to assure you didn’t wake up a sleep Callie in the next room. Your words finally sunk in for him as he shot up right, grabbing his phone to call Gen and Jared to ask them if they could take Callie.

Ever the true friends, Jared and Gen were at your place in minutes both Shep and Tom with them as they buzzed in excitement for you. They were practically pushing you out the door, eager to meet the new baby that they would happily adopt as their nephew just as you had with their sons.

You were at the hospital in no time, the pain of labour making you cry out. Just like the first time Jensen was by your side, guiding you through it all and being the best support you could ask for. All the pain was soon forget when you finally held your son in your arms. Aaden Levi Ackles was perfect.


You felt the tears forming in your eyes as your emotions bubbled over. Three years ago Callie had moved out and left for school and now it was finally Aaden’s turn to leave home.

Supernatural had been finished for years now, Jensen still continued to work staring in a number of different shows before eventually turning to films. You on the other hand had decided to retire from set life, completely happy with everything you achieve on the show to not want to continue your career further. Instead you stayed at home, raising your two beautiful children. Now to see your youngest finally leave home was breaking your heart.

“Are you sure I can’t drive you?” You asked hoping he’d changed his mind as he packed the rest of his things in his car.

“I’m sure mom, I’ll call you when I get there and you can visit when ever you want.” He laughed lightly as you sobbed before he pulled you into a hug and kissed you on the head as a goodbye. You watched silently as he said bye to his father before he drove off. You stayed there for a while, watching his car grow smaller and smaller with distance while Jensen disappeared back inside.

“J?” You called out as you closed the door behind you. You felt your heart break even more when you found him in the kitchen, tears streaming down his face as he realised that both his babies were grown up and didn’t need him as much anymore. The two of you broke out in laughter when you realised that you both had matching wet streaks on your cheeks.

“Don’t you go moving out.” He joked as he wiped his own eyes before yours.

“Never.” You smiled as you hugged him, your arms wrapped tightly around his neck as he nestled his face in your neck.


You hummed to yourself as your stirred one of the pots on the stove. You loved weekends like this when your whole family stopped over.

Callie had recently turned 27, and no longer owned the Ackles last name. She was now married to a fellow lawyer Gregg, and had been for five years. The man in question had fitted into your family perfectly and you were more than happy to call him your son. Of course, with marriage came children and they’d given you your first two grandchildren, the twins Eli and Eva.

Aaden too was on his way to parenthood with his fiancée. Just like Gregg, Rilee had been welcomed into your home with opened arms. Just like his parents, he’d followed in your acting footsteps and was currently in the audition process for a main character on a new tv show. You had no doubt that he wouldn’t get the part, not only did he have his fathers extremely good looks but he was beyond talented.

Both your children now had their own homes, their own lives, their own little families. They reminded you so much of both you and Jensen when you had both first started out. Neither of you could have been happier for them nor have wished for things to turn out any different.

“Grandma grandma come play!” The twins ran around your legs in circles, their energy making you feel dizzy.

“Carefully kiddos grandmas getting old.” Jensen winked at you, his whole body leaning against the door frame. Even years later he still gave you butterflies.

“Hey less of the old.” You scolded him with a smirk as you playfully punched him in the arm.


Jensen clung on to your hand with his own, his sobs racking through his body as he cried, not caring how loud he was being. The several familiar figures all remained silent as they gathered around your bed side, each and every one of them finding their own way to deal with the grief and pain.

You and Jensen had, had a great life together. An amazing one. He couldn’t help but smile when he thought about meeting you on set for the first time all those years ago. From that day he had given himself to you, he had been yours and yours only. He felt a tingle run though him as he remembered the friendship you’d shared, the bond you’d grown together before eventually you’d become the greatest love of his life.

Even now he still felt like the luckiest man alive that you’d agreed to become his wife, that you were willing to be his forever and always. He would forever be grateful for the life the two of you had shared and the two amazing and beautiful children you had blessed him with. Who in turn had given him just as equally brilliant grandchildren, the total number now hitting a loving seven. He would never stop thanking God that he’d been the one to love and hold you for most of your life, or for the fact that he got to grow old with someone as wonderful as you.

But as he sat there at your bed side he couldn’t help but feel like everything was wrong. It was meant to be him on the hospital bed, he had been the oldest of the two of you, wasn’t it fitting that he’d been the one to go first? Yet here you were, laying lifeless before him as he grieved and found himself wanting nothing more to hear the words ‘I love you’ fall from your lips one last time.

But that was never going to happen again.

And Jensen wasn’t sure how he was going to deal with that heart breaking pain.

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She smiles down at her newly awak son who's still in bed and leans forward to press a kiss on his cheek before stroking it. Though he had surpassed her height a long time ago, Luke would always be her baby boy. As soon as Luke sits up, Padmé gives him a gentle squeeze. "Your father's made breakfast and there are presents waiting for you in the kitchen. " She said before pressing another kiss on his cheek. She couldn't ever get enough of her precious firstborn. "Happy birthday, baby."

Luke’s birthday celebration

It had become a sort of tradition, his mother waking him on his birthday while his father woke his sister. He doesn’t remember when it had started, but he’s come to expect it. He rubs his eyes when she first touches his face, stirring slowly. He still feels groggy, so even when she pulls back from hugging him, he pitches forward til he’s buried against her shoulder again. While normally an early riser, he still doesn’t want to wake up and move away yet. “Mmk…In a minute,” he mumbles. His mother is soft and warm and familiar, as she’s always been, and it seems more important today to take note of it. He’s a little clumsy getting his arms around her, but he manages it and hugs her right back. “Happy mother’s day, kinda,” he says, and finally sits up enough to smile at her. It’s the day she became a mother, after all. It seems only fitting to say it. He yawns and scrubs a hand over his face. “Ok. Ok…Getting up. Leia will never forgive me if I sleep through Twin Day.”

Drabble for the imagine "Thranduil's face as he defends you from spiders, only to find out later you've been bitten."

Hi there,this is my first drabble ever so it would be really nice if you don’t be harsh on it :’)

Characters: Thranduil, Reader

Words count:2,281 (Whoa… I didn’t expect it to be so long)

Notes: In the movie(dos) the chase after the dwarves escape with barrels was in daytime.So the dwarf company espaced during the daytime in the drabble.

Thoughts are written italic.

Aaaand (Y/N) means your name. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading! :3


”I am only here for boring diplomacy.” You murmured. I am just a messenger between Rivendell and Mirkwood you reminded yourself while climbing the stairs to reach the main floor of the huge wooden palace. You stopped and tried to swallow the beauty of carven columns and bridges that look like huge, ancient tree roots. You failed as usual.

Woodland Realm may feel sick or darkened but the palace was still beautiful enough to stun you. You forced yourself to continue as you were going to hold a meeting with the Elvenking Thranduil. You had spent mostly a week here as Lord Elrond demanded you to. Your duty was to talk about the foul things that was haunting Mirkwood; huge, ugly spiders were the main ones. And of course you had to persuade King Thranduil to accept the help Rivendell was offering. Things grew up to be like your lord Elrond warned. King Thranduil was not very negotiable although you still had hope. You planned to keep your meetings often with the king but an unexpected visit from a dwarf company ruined this plan. But still you had a meeting today that you hope to achieve something. By the time you were thinking about these you have reached the meeting point King Thranduil told you to wait at. You started to look around and to examine. You were in an isolated part of the palace that no keepers wandered or no guests were allowed in. Here was the door that the Elvenking used to run away from his businesses unseen. It was very early in the morning, sun was newly awake and light was touching the ground softly. You wondered why the King of the Woodland Realm held a meeting in such time. Maybe, unlike me, the only thing he cares is not the diplomacy between the beautiful elf realms. As this thought flowed into the immense ocean in your mind your nervous laughter filled the isolated area. Don’t be ridiculous. Why would he care about an unimportant and ordinary messenger?

While you continued scolding yourself, the graceful and glamorous Elf King turned the corner and entered into your field of view. His slow but confident walk that was formed with long and silent steps stopped as he reached you. The expression on his face was impossible to read as usual but this time it looked a little more amused. His frosty, drilling eyes scanned you and he tilted his had back a little. His long, soft, blonde hair was banished from the tight hold of his crown so they swung with his movement.

“Holding a conversation in your mind?”  He asked. Maybe his amusement was not so visible on his face but his voice showed it clearly. You cleared your throat with a small cough.

“Well… Erm,I… Yes.”  You managed to say. Just like he mentioned you were talking to yourself. His gaze danced upon you for seconds after your answer. When he finally decided to talk, he offered you to go outside. Passing the door you embraced a beautiful view. There was an abandoned wooden arbor in the distance. The arbor had the same colour with the trees around. You imagined how it would look if Mirkwood did not feel sick. It almost gave you the same feelings Imladris gives. Elvenking’s deep voice splited you up from your thoughts.

“Today is your last day here.” he reminded you while he was walking through the arbor. You quickened your steps in the order to catch King’s long steps. “Did you enjoyed your days here (Y/N)?” You didn’t know why but you felt movements in your stomach. Just like a stone was thrown into a tranquil water and cause circular waves, some kind of excitement spread in you.

“Yes,my lord.I am grateful for your hospitality.” you said while looking at the tall king. “But…” you added hesitantly. He walked a few more steps and stopped. He looked over his shoulder to see you.

“But?” he demanded. His voice was away from the amusement it had once. For a second you felt nervous under his cold stare but you forced yourself to continue. I am here to persuade you and I am going to do it right.

“But we still haven’t came to a determination.” you said while getting your head up and trying to meet the Elvenking’s stare without being scared away. A small and playful smile showed up at the corner of his lips. He started to walk around you. He was in a silver robe that held a elegant brooch in his chest. The robe shone with the weak rays of the early sun. It made the King look even more pretty. He walked and you watched. In seconds you were no longer watching his face. Now you were facing King’s straight, long hair. His hair shone better than his robe and made you watch him without even closing your eyes. As he walked you were slowly and slightly turning to keep him in your sight. When he reached a point where you can see a half of his face, he asked with a tone that you couldn’t really understand.

“Haven’t we?” You couldn’t say if he wanted answers or not. He walked two or three steps before stopping and turning at you. Again you saw all of his face. A face you could never forget. A face that shaped delicately like sculptures. But it held life and grace in it at the same time and this situation didn’t even feel awkward.

By his firm gaze you decided that he wanted an answer.

“We haven’t.” you said, trying not to sound cold. He then looked at you long enough to cause your body send shivers.

“I believe that I have revealed a steady position about it.” He said. His voice was effective you had to admit. But you were trained a diplomat. Your job was to persuade and negotiate. You opened your mouth to list a number of sensible reasons for him to accept Rivendell’s help but he raised his hand to silence you.

“The spiders outside my borders are not one of my problems. And the spiders inside my borders…” He stopped and scanned you from head to foot. “…is a problem I can solve.”

There is no need for this. Why wouldn’t he just accept the help and get rid of those horrid spiders? He was looking at you just like you had lost the fight then suddenly you protested his decision.

“But, my lord, wouldn’t it be merrier for both your lands and the others outside of yours?” You said. He only let his soft lips curve into a smirk as he stepped towards you.

“Problems… Problems… Problems…” he said while he took three steps. He said a word in each step in an amused voice. You watched the Elvenking with widened eyes. He was very close now. You were able to notice how smooth his skin was and how detailed was the cloth on him.

“What a boring companion you are.” He said, his voice almost playful. You released a small and surprised laugh. Your already fastened heart tumbled in your chest.

“Is it a companion you seek?” you asked in a small moment of unawareness. Oh no,I didn’t… I couldn’t have asked the King of Mirkwood something like that. The fact that you didn’t know and you were never going to learn was the Elvenking felt lonely. His little green leaf used to be around when he was younger. But now he was going on spider haunts.

Thranduil sent you a look that was saying he is enjoying the moment and he slowly turned his back to you. He faced the forest and the small arbor. He welcomed the distant sounds of water floating.

“If this…” he stopped like he was searching the right words. “…dwarf situation hadn’t showed off we could have held more meetings.” he said. If you didn’t know what happened to the Queen of Mirkwood and how the King acted after that ,you could have think that he was cheerful.

You opened your mouth but the words “My King…” did not belong to you. Elvenking turned around to face the attendant who interrupted the meeting. So did you. You turned around to see who had came. The elf looked ashamed and afraid.

“The dwarves,my king…” he stopped hesitantly. “…they have escaped.”

“What?” cried out Thranduil. He looked as he wanted to believe that this wasn’t true. He rushed through the attendant as he gave the orders.

“Send a troop after them. Get me the keeper of the keys!” As you heard the soft footsteps go lighter second after second you stood there. After all this was still your last day in Mirkwood so you didn’t follow the elves immediately. You enjoyed the open air and the forest some more. When you thought it was enough you turned on your heels. You saw the door you and the Elvenking used. With small and slow steps you made your way to the door. Until you heard a strange sound half way to the door. You stopped as your heartbeats fastened. The sound was a ghastly combination of diminishing waves. With every second passing the sound was getting deeper and further. Like dominoes you thought. You stood still with your senses alarmed. No sound followed the first one and you decided to leave as fast you can. You started to run to the door. It didn’t matter if you were scared by a usual sound. It didn’t matter if the elves of Mirkwood would laugh at you. You wanted to get out of there.

It was nothing, an animal passing nearby maybe. You tried to relax yourself.

Then suddenly a shadow fell upon you. A mighty, hairy, outrageous spider landed in front of you. And you were running towards it hastily. You stopped yourself with your heels but you were late. And with that sudden brake you fell on your back, shifting a little on the forest ground. The spider looked at you with eight angry black eyes. It let a roar out of it’s monstrous claws. With that venomous roar it’s greasy spit covered your face. As you released a disgusted voice due to the awakening nausea inside of you, you raised a hand to clear the slippery substance. The spider walked towards you with heavy, vowel steps. It bumped it’s main, big claws. I need to do something. You had no weapons with you. You were here to talk with the King not to assassinate him. All you could do was to scream for help. There was maybe a chance, you were near the palace. Please someone be around. You inhaled a sour breath and let out a needy scream.

“Help!” you cried out. The monster was nearly upon you. Without the bravery to stand up you stumbled backwards on the ground. It was following as you crawled. Are there nothing to defend myself? Unfortunately there were only branches and leaves. With a quick instinct you threw all you had in your palm. Broken branches and wizened leaves flew to the monster’s eyes. It may disturbed it but it did not hurt. The huge spider turned it’s head and ugly body to it’s side with the objects filled it’s eyes.

“Help!” you shouted once again. The spider turned it’s head to you causing you to face that disgusting face again. It roared again and walked to you even faster. You stumbled your way back, fastened with fear but against the eight footed spider it was no match. It was upon you and it was hungry. With really fast moves it attacked. You desperately held the big claws and tried to push them away. But it was tiring. In seconds your muscles felt sore, the spider was strong and heavy. It shook it’s head in order to get rid of your hold. You swung with it’s movement inevitably as you were still holding the claws. The spider leaned on you again to make it’s claws meet your flesh. But luckily, it stopped mid air. The bending loosened, you felt through the claws. The dangerous light beneath it’s black eyes faded. It cried in pain which hurt your hears in such distance. Above the spider, in the background you saw a little flash of light. Could it be a weapon, shining under the sun?  The spider’s eyelids started to cover it’s grieved eyes. You thought you were safe again and you let the claws go. The weapon you saw shined once more and landed on the spider. But the spider deceived you. It opened it’s eyes with one last vicious will. It pinned it’s claws right in your stomach. You screamed as you felt the severe pain. You felt your body got warm as your blood dampened you. Spider’s dead body fell upon you for a second -causing your pain to get more bitter- before your savior removed the horrid creature’s body.

Your sight was blurring. You didn’t know if the tears was causing it or the pain. You didn’t even know if you were crying. In your blurry sight you saw a silver shining robe. Just like King Thranduil’s. Your savior leaned on you and held your head as he pulled you in his lap. You were now laying in his arms. What had happened? You tilted your head but only to see the blood fouling your beautiful light mint dress. Oh no… Even that little movement hurt you. You flinched as you lay your head back again.

“Ne sal.” (Be still) a deep voice said. I know this voice. You took your eyes of your bleeding stomach to see the owner of the voice. You shut your eyelids and opened them quickly to make the blur in your eyes disappear. Your vision was better now. King of the Woodland Realm was holding you with a pure expression of anxiety shading his face. His ice blue eyes were scanning your face as you were a fragile gem that was broken. You couldn’t think straight but hey, it was your last day in Mirkwood. You chuckled with the last strings of your might. The chuckle turned into a chesty cough that spit little blood droplets.

“You are very stubborn,you know.” you said as an another wave of pain haunted and shook your body. Your sight started to blur again. You turned your eyes to the sky clogged by the trees. You watched as autumn danced on the leaves causing some of them to leave the branches and flow elegantly to the ground. You wanted to talk. You opened your mouth and inhaled slowly. Even breathing hurts.

“Just accept the help already.” you whispered in an amused tone. Well, you didn’t mean to whisper but all you could do was this. You chuckled again. This time the chuckle didn’t end with coughs, it ended with a peaceful smile carved on your lips.

I am all into the touch starved Stiles thing

But my mind keeps taking it to this dark place. Like, newly awake Peter runs into Stiles after killing Laura and is just like… yeah, he’ll do. So instead of biting Scott he just swoops Stiles off, who kicks and screams and fights until Peter knocks him out, obviously. 

And Peter knows he needs to break his newest toy first so obviously he just tosses Stiles in a basement of some farmhouse Peter sets to renovating. The Hales have a thing for it, and Peter’ll go back to Beacon Hills eventually… he just needs a little time to get his thoughts together, make a plan. 

A few days tuns into a few weeks of Peter slipping in the twice a day meals and Stiles stops screaming and kicking and threatening, stops plotting, because no, you can’t use a single mattress and dishes to break out of what’s essentially a storm bunker guarded by a werewolf. 

(It takes Stiles a few days to come to terms with that too) 

Not that Stiles doesn’t try at first, he does. Even stabs Peter’s hand a couple times, and once his eye, saw the wound close up in seconds. Well… fuck. It’s two months in that Stiles reaches out to touch the back of the hands that give him food, just desperate for any sort of human contact. Seven more days and Peter finally opens the door and Stiles just clings to him, holds to him. Cause really, it’s the only option he has at the moment. 

And Peter is very pleased with himself.
He's got happy feet! Bradley Cooper wears goofy over-sized slippers as he enjoys a lazy weekend

The 38-year-old swapped a suave suit and tie for sweats and enormous slippers while at a friend’s house in Santa Monica on Saturday.

I think i just feel more in love with him. I love those slippers and i take this look above every stupid fancy suit he wears. 

Title: Hide & Seek

Pairing: Ninya (Alya x Nino)

Notes: This is short, it’s nearly 12 pm and I have to go to bed soon but I couldn’t resist to write something about Alya x Nino after taking another look at the planner (which I totally need btw) :D

Dedicated to: @patrolcus , @faith-xx-love , @heartpanorama , @ladyofacat and @ladyduchance

The rules were simple and everyone knew the game since kindergarten. One player counts to ten and covers his eyes while everyone else searches for the perfect hideout. Once the player reaches zero, everybody must wait in their hideout until they are found by the searcher. The one who’s found last, or cannot be found, wins.

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