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The physical self forms the centerpiece of She of the Mountains

She of the Mountains
by Vivek Shraya
Arsenal Pulp Press
2014, 128 pages, 5.5 x 8.2 x 0.5 inches (softcover)
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The body is a tangle of sensations. It’s both a source of pleasure and a confusing amalgamation of parts that don’t quite seem to function in concert. Teeming with desires and repulsions, the physical self forms the centerpiece of She of the Mountains. The protagonist is unnamed in this slender, poetry-drenched novella by award-winning author Vivek Shraya. He’s keenly aware of his brown body in the sometimes hostile, sometimes indifferent world of Edmonton, Alberta, as he tries to discover what it means to be gay, then falls in love with a woman, and finally begins to establish a life for himself that feels honest.

A Canadian youth’s search for social and sexual identity would be fascinating enough in Shraya’s thoughtful hands, but by braiding his tale with a personalized vision of Hindu mythology, he casts it into timeless territory. The goddess Parvati describes herself as “the mother of the universe. … I am life itself, the spark that makes a heart pump, that keeps a tree alive for centuries, green and reaching.” But she isn’t immune to sorrow; a terrible error causes her beloved consort Shiv — Destruction himself — to decapitate her newly born son Ganesh in a fit of rage. Only the substitution of an elephant’s head for Ganesh’s own lets him escape death. In her own lyrical, searching words, Parvati describes her evolving love for Ganesh and Shiv, the wisdom that comes to her through incarnation in a mortal body, and even her newfound empathy for Kali’s destructive powers. Each mythic interlude in the novella mirrors the growing pains of a main character struggling to come to terms with his queerness, his brownness, and his capacity for love.

With a story so bound to corporeality, Arsenal Pulp Press has gone the extra mile to make She of the Mountains into a beautiful little book. Lushly enriched by stylized two-tone illustrations from Raymond Biesinger, the novella also features silky-smooth, heavy paper and meticulous design and typesetting. When tactile and literary pleasures combine so seamlessly with a surprisingly intimate tale, the result is a volume you’ll be glad to hold in your own two hands as you read and read. – Lisa Barrow

January 22, 2016


Pairing: Alexander x Reader
You watched as your husband, Alexander Hamilton, got ready to leave and march off with Washington’s troops. You didn’t want him to go, not now, not ever. You were proud of him yes, but now that you found out some very big news, you couldn’t let him go. He could die out there.

“Alexander, do you have to go?” you asked carefully.

He turned to you with a bittersweet smile on his face.

“You know I have to darling, Washington needs me there to help fight. We’re almost to the end of this,” he said, kissing you softly.

“But you could die out there. I can’t lose you,” you said.

“You aren’t going to lose me. I promise that I’ll be careful.”

You sighed and walked over to his bag, closing it up with tears running down your face. He walked over to you.

“There’s something that you’re not telling me. What’s wrong, are you sick?” He asked putting his hands on your shoulders and facing you to him.

“I’m pregnant.”

He stood there for a moment, and you could see his brain trying to absorb this new information. A smile broke out on his face and he picked you up and spun you around.

“I’m going to be a father!” he cried out. You laughed but you were still crying. He sat you down on the floor and looked at you.

“I know that it will be hard, but I promise you that no harm will come to me while I’m out there. Nothing will stop me from coming back to you and our child, I promise you that.”

You nodded and kissed him before he walked out the door. You waved until you could no longer see him, as he marched off into battle.

He has to come back, he promised.
In the midst of the battle of yorktown, all Alexander could think about was his wife and their unborn child.

He knew that he would have to win this, win this for them. And he would.

He fired his gun and struck down another redcoat.
He would win this.
You were staring out the window right now, your newly born son sleeping in his crib. He was only born two days ago, and you had yet to hear from Alexander about anything.

Your son stirred in his sleep. You smiled and gave him a kiss on the head before looking out of the window once more. There was a dark shape coming up the path.

It was Alexander!

Carefully, you scooped up son and walked out to meet him. As soon as he spotted you, he started running, running like there was no tomorrow.

He pressed you in a gentle but loving hug, not wanting to hurt the baby.


“We have a son. A son.”

He smiled and took the baby from you, gazing at him with such love and adoration.

“Don’t cry my love. I’m here now. And there is nothing that will take me away from my family.”

DAD JOSH - a Josh Pieters imagine

Josh was always the clumsiest person in the group. He’d always walk into tabletops and knock things over. It always seemed as though he never really had full control over his long limbs. Everyone was nervous when it came time for him to hold his newly born son (not that they would ever tell him that). But it was almost as if Josh was a completely different person when it came to his baby; steady and sure. He wouldn’t ever admit it but Josh had also been so nervous and doubtful when he went to hold his baby boy. It was an amazing feeling knowing that he had grown and could have the steady hand that his child would need.

Three years later, it again came time for Josh to hold a baby for the first time. He wasn’t nervous this time yet not confident either. He had experience this time round. So when he cradled the unbelievably tiny boy in his arms, Josh made sure the baby could trust him. He kept his arms balanced and fixed as he brought his baby close to his heart; a place where both boys would live on forever.

Now, ten years later, Josh sat on a hard plastic chair in the audience beside his wife and eldest son. It was Father’s Day and the school had put on a Father’s Day performance; in which was his other little boy. His youngest son had worked long and hard on his part for the performance. He never let Josh anywhere near him when it did come time to rehearse. Josh, though knowing full well that his son had received a role in the show, abided by his son’s wishes and disappeared every time he rehearsed. Every inkling of Josh wanted to know what his boy had put together but he held himself firm (as hard as it was) away from hearing distance.

“There he is,” whispered the boy beside Josh, nudging his father gently. “There he is!”

Josh quickly hushed him, before sitting up straighter to see that his son had just walked onto the stage.

“My dad lived in South Africa until he moved here to London in his twenties. Don’t ask me exactly how old, he never says.”

Josh laughed the loudest out of all the parents and siblings in the audience. It payed off when the boy grinned at him from on the stage, before continuing.

“Whenever we go to South Africa to visit nan and pop, Dad always shows us the best things over there. He tells us stories about him and Uncle Caspar and what they used to get up to. He also tells us some sad things that happened there a long time ago. We’re both glad that they don’t happen anymore.”

That made Josh smile, from ear to ear. His boy was speaking so nicely on stage, he couldn’t be prouder.

“My dad is funny. He sometimes walks into things and knocks things over. He never walks into or knocks us over though.”

The boy on stage had begun to smile and enjoy himself. Josh could see that he felt truly comfortable on the stage, the nerves finally gone.

“My dad loves sports. He’s really good at pretty much all of them too! I love it when he takes us to the park with our friends to play cricket or football.”

Not being able to hold his pride in any longer, Josh let out a small whoop of joy. He quickly ducked his head to avoid the glares of those around him. The stifled laugh that came from the stage made it worth it though.

“I love my dad, Josh, for more than what I have said. He’s always there for me when I need him. He hugs me when I’m scared and he helps me with my homework. He always makes sure that my brother and I know that he loves us. I know you love me, Dad. I love you more.”

The small boy took a bow on stage as the audience clapped. Josh stood up though. He calmly and politely edged his way out of his row, before running through the aisle to the front of the stage. He helped his son step down before picking him up in a tight squeeze. Josh spun him around a few times, making them both laugh.

“You’re the best, buddy,” Josh said to his beaming little boy.

Part of the DAD series.

Five Years, Four Months and Four Days

You can blame @shady-swan-jones for sending me this prompt and making my mind go *crazy* with options.

cop!au i’ve been undercover for months/years and i know i told you not to wait for me but i’m still in love with you and it’s killing me

Slight M, and all the captain swan feelings

It’d been two years, five months and thirteen days since he last saw her. Her blonde hair spread lusciously on his pillow, her green eyes wide and mischievous as thrust deep inside her, her gasps filling his bedroom on that Sunday afternoon.

Two years, five months and twelve days until he woke up to an empty bed and a single sheet of paper folded underneath the pillow.

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Neymar Imagine for Anonymous and Anonymus

The house that you and Neymar had recently moved into was packed. The two of you had figured that now that your new son was born, it was time for Neymar’s friends and the rest of his and your extended family to finally meet him. Your parents, Neymar’s parents, and Davi had already seen him when he was born, but so far, Ney’s friends and the child’s aunts and uncles hadn’t yet seen him. That was the reason for the party.

You walked into the kitchen to get some food. Once you walked back out to where everyone else was, you smiled. The house seemed so full of life. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, Davi especially. Davi had come from Brazil only a few days ago with Neymar’s parents. As soon as he had landed he hadn’t stopped talking about and playing with the baby. You knew that he was very happy to be an older brother. 

Davi was completely surrounded by a large number of people, most of Neymar’s friends and family. In his arms he carried the small bundle that was newly born. Yours and Neymar’s son looked a lot like Neymar, more so than you. He had Ney’s eyes, ears, and mouth. Your son did however, have your nose. Watching the large group of people fawn over your son, brought a strange sense of pride in you. You couldn’t help but smile as you set the food you had gotten out of the kitchen. 

“Can you say ‘Gil’? Say 'Gil.’” You couldn’t help but laugh when you saw what was going on. Most of Neymar’s friends had all made and attempt to get the baby to say their name. It seemed as though everyone was hell bent on making their name be the first word that the baby said. It was quite comical to watch. “He’s not going to say your name first, he’s going to say mine.” You couldn’t help but laugh at what Davi said. 

It seemed like Davi was the most motivated person. He really wanted his name to be the first thing that his little brother said. “Say 'Davi.’” Aware of all the people looking at him, the baby still refused to say anything. He simply looked at everyone surrounding him with his big eyes. The person he stared at the most was Davi, however, because he seemed most comfortable with him. “Say 'Davi.’”

Most of the people in the circle surrounding your son, friends and family combined, said their names in the hope that the newborn infant would repeat what they said. It was cute, watching fully grown men and women try their best to coax the child into speaking. “Da-vi.” Your eyes widened, much like everyone else’s in the room. That sound didn’t come from any of the adults. Instead it came from the tiny bundle in Davi’s arms. Yours and Neymar son had just said his first word.

The best expression by far was Davi’s. The look of shock and pride was evident on his face. “You said my name.” It took Davi a while, but he finally realized what happened. The smile that appeared on his face, seemed to be mirrored by half the people in the room. Davi looked up and the first person that he went to was Neymar. “Papi, look, he said my name.” Neymar leaned down and ruffled Davi’s hair. “Yeah, I guess your brother loves you the most.” If possible, it seemed Davi’s smile got bigger.

He looked up to where you were. You walked closer to him and joined the huge group of people. “He said my name. I’m going to be the best big brother ever.” You had no doubt in your mind that he would be. After all the effort every one put in to try to get there name to be your sons first, you were glad that it was Davi’s name that it had been. Davi was going to be an amazing brother and your son was going to be very loved. That was something you would never doubt.

- I hope you like it Anons.

Leon Married Life Headcanon

In honor of Leon’s birthday, I tried to get this out as fast as possible but i’m a little late -_- Ahh! I’ve gained so many followers since I started doing this! I’m so happy everyone enjoys my (perverted or otherwise) headcanons :3 This one is REALLY long so I put the rest of it under the cut. Next is a requested NSFW headcanon of Joker/Kamui <3

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❤️  Wife. It was such a strange word. After calling her ‘sister’ for many years, wife was something he never expected to call Kamui. He recalled years ago when she forced the siblings to play House with her and she wanted to play the mother, (Camilla was the daughter and Marx was the pet horse named Buttercup) and she tried to force Leon to play the son.

“I don’t want to be your son!” he shouted, tearing off the bib Kamui forced on him, “I want to be the man of the house. I’m going to be the father!” Camilla giggled, throwing a knowing glance at Marx, “But Leon~ being a good father is going to be hard work. You have to promise that you’ll take care of your wife and children for the rest of her life!”  Leon puffed up his child body to try to make himself look bigger than he actually his, “That’s it?! No problem!” He took Kamui’s hands in his, “Kamui! Let me be your husband! I will take care of you and our children for the rest of my life! I will guide you to be a good mother!” (Unfortunately during that particular session of House, Leon forgot to fed his daughter twice and Buttercup escaped from his pen to return to the wild. Kamui was furious.)

Mother. That was also a strange word. He hardly remembered his mother and he was raised by countless nannies and butlers. But he could picture it perfectly: Kamui being a mother, rocking their child to sleep at night, holding them to comfort them during the day and placing kisses on their boo-boos when they cried. They would have her hair but his eyes, her beauty but his intelligence and her skills with the sword and his talent with tomes and spells. Yes, he could picture Kamui as a mother and he would also be there, as their father and they would be family.

Family. Now, that wasn’t a strange word at all. He thought he knew everything about family from his siblings. But it turns out, he couldn’t wait to start have his own family with Kamui.

❤️ During early years of their courtship and marriage, Leon was not an affection man in public. In fact, during royal events, the couple would hardly talk to each other, let alone dance or kiss. In fact, when they announced the marriage, it took everyone by surprise. Sure, Leon did spend quite a long time at her side in her room and on the battlefield, but did he really love her? He never spoke about her in romantic terms with anyone and Kamui didn’t share any details of their relationship before the announcement. So naturally, people assumed it a political match to strengthen the bloodline of the dragon.

Due to this fact, suitors still tried for Kamui’s affections (for there is still much to gain if a noble gained a favor of a royal) even after a very public marriage. For the most part, Leon was unaffected by these men, Kamui could handle herself and at the end of the day, she was still his wife. But overtime, Leon noticed his patience wearing thin as desperate nobles and rakes began to test boundaries. Sometimes, it was a hand around her waist (to which Kamui would politely threatened to have it cut off) or if they were bold, it would be a kiss on the cheek that was a little too close to the lips (to which Kamui would impolitely elbow the man in the gut to get away). The breaking point happened when a drunk baron began openly flirting with Kamui (”My dear princess… you are utterly ravishing tonight.” “Thank you, my lord.” “Ahhh now, don’t be so cold! But if you are, I can warm you up very well, my lady.” “That’s highly inappropriate, my lord.” ) and being quite powerful in the court, she couldn’t refuse his conversation. The moment he grabbed Kamui’s rear quite publicly in front of her husband, Leon snapped.

“Get your hands off my woman, you lecherous fool!” Leon grabbed the offending nobleman’s hand off his wife and pulled her towards him, “What makes you think that my Kamui would want such a peasant such as you when she already has an exemplary example of a man as her husband? Let me show you how to properly court a princess!”

He wrapped his arms around his wife’s waist and pulled her blushing face in closer to his, “You are my most precious woman. No one else will love you more deeply than I.” Caressing her soft cheek, he leaned down to kissed her so passionately  that several noblewoman fainted at such a scandalous display. For such a publicly shy couple, their kiss was burning, bright and beautiful as any deeply in love couple’s kiss should be. Camilla whistled, Elise giggled and Marx rolled his eyes at the display. As they began to separate themselves, the baron slunk away and the nobles around them began cheering and clapping. “I know you can take care of yourself, my wife,” he murmured to her as he nuzzled her cheek, “But I have neglected my duty of setting an example as a loving husband. I’m afraid we are going to have to rectify this issue.” He pulled her in for another kiss and never left her side for the entire night.  

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This ugly man is playing peekaboo with his newly born infant son, who does not yet posses object permanence. Koichi truly thought his father was gone, even though he was just hiding behind the Morioh map. Now, he cannot be happier to see his father’s return. Soon, Rohan will return behind the map, causing Koichi to become distressed, only to pop out quickly before any real damage is done. A game of pop goes the weasel! Soon, Koichi will be old enough to recognize that Rohan still exists although he is behind the sign!

  • Toriel: *tenderly holding her newly born son* What should we name him?
  • Asgore: Ummm.... Son?
  • Toriel: Gorey please.
  • Asgore: Alright, how about Asgore Jr.?
  • Toriel: *gives him that same look she gives the froggit in the beginning of the game*
  • Asgore: *sweating* Er... er... As... As... riel? Asriel?
  • Toriel: *sighs* Well I suppose that's the best you can do.

Prompt: Reader’s dad is Tony and Step-Mom Pepper. Reader is married to Steve and she has just given birth. They decide to give the child the middle name Stark. Tony and Pepper come to visit and get emotional. 

Warnings: None

Pairing: Steve x Reader

This is a really cute request the anon who sent this is adorable!

It’s a boy!

It has been hours since you went into labour, now it was time for one final last push. The pain is indescribable, like nothing you have ever felt in your entire life. Steve was of course holding your hand throughout it all. Talking you through it, helping to calm you as much as he possibly could. He admired how strong you are being. 

That’s when you heard a high pitched crying, your baby was finally introduced to the world. You threw your head back on the pillow, totally exhausted from all the efforts of giving birth. Steve looked over to the doctor expectantly wanting to know the sex of the baby. 

“It’s a boy.” the doctor announced cheerfully, while they got your baby all cleaned up. 

Steve turned to you, his mouth open in surprise. Tears escaping both of your eyes. It didn’t matter what sex the baby is, knowing that they are healthy is all that was important. The doctor finally handed over the baby and you cradled him in your arms lovingly. Steve smiled joyfully at his newly born son. He sure looked like his father more than he looked like you. 

“Hey little guy, I’m your daddy.” Steve spoke to him, his voice shaking slightly. It is an emotional moment. Knowing he was a part of creating this life before his very eyes. Never in his life has he felt so proud. 

“What are we going to call him?” you asked Steve with a huge grin on your face. Names is something you have been discussing with him for the longest time. 

“How about James?” Steve suggested and you knew exactly why he had chosen that name. It had special meaning to Steve and you respected that. Plus James is a nice name, and you did like it. You could see your baby being a James. 

“Yes, I like it. His first name will be James. Can his middle name be Stark, for my dad.” you agreed to the name choice and Steve nodded at your request. He had no problem with his child’s middle name being in honour of his grandfather. 

“James Stark Rogers. It’s got a nice ring to it, don’t you think?” Steve rose his eyebrow, his face full of delight. You were both glad that you came to a decision of a name. Both having an equal input. 

“Do you want to hold him now?” you then asked, seeing the desperation on his face to hold his child. 

“I’d love to!” Steve’s whole face lit up. The last time you saw him look this happy was your wedding day. It truly warmed your heart. 

“It’s daddy’s turn to hold you.” you looked down at baby James, who grabbed hold of your nose briefly. 

When you handed him over to Steve you couldn’t help but look at his face. In his steel blue eyes, tears were forming. Somehow he managed to hold them back. It was amazing to see him being such a proud father already. Steve would be a great father. 

“You and your mommy are the two most important things in my life. I will protect and love you both with all my heart.” Steve spoke to James as he held him in his arms. You wiped away the tears from your eyes. Being married to Steve was one of the best moments in your life. This was the only thing that could top your wedding day. Starting a family of your own with Steve. The both of you agreed that four children would be a good amount. 

-A few hours later, during visiting hours-

Your father Tony Stark emerged from his car with Pepper (your step-mom). She was holding flowers and he held the balloons. He was over the moon when he found out his daughter had a healthy baby boy. Eager to meet his grandson for the very first time. 

They were both directed to your room in the hospital. As soon as they walked in they saw Steve by your side, and the baby in your arms. When you caught a glimpse of your parents, a huge smile spread across your face. 

“This is baby James Stark Rogers.” you announced to them and they both looked at each other. Pepper put a hand on her chest, not believing the baby was actually here. 

“You gave him Stark as his middle name?” Tony made his way over to his grandson slowly. Leaning over to look at him properly, giving Steve a quick nod. He was touched that Stark was a part of the child’s name. 

“Of course, that way he always has a part of you. Would you like to hold him?” you asked your father and he nodded. Taking the child into his arms. In that moment he became rather emotional. Crying as he cradled James. 

This is his grandson, he is such a beautiful little boy. You definetely made him proud, giving birth to something so precious. James put his hand on Tony’s face, which made him smile. 

“Hey there small fry. It’s grandpa Tony. Weird to think huh? When your old man is technically older than I am. But that will all make sense when you’re older.” he decided to speak to James. You couldn’t help but laugh about what he said, even Steve was laughing.

Tony held James for a while before passing him over to Pepper, since she is the only one who hasn’t held him yet. This is truly a happy moment for you all to remember. Everyone was excited to see baby James grow over the years. 

anonymous asked:

Cuddling your new baby as a family? Fluff please, I'm really not feeling to well and your stories always make me feel Better xx

A/N: I hope you feel better soon, love you!!! (I fell asleep half way through writing this)

Michael: It had been a hard three weeks taking care of your newborn. He tended to stay up all night; crying and whining for attention. Little bug didn’t understand you needed sleep. This morning you and Michael were cuddling in bed watching TV when the cries started again. Sighing you started go get up but Michael pushed you down, “I’ll get him babe.” A few minutes later the two returned, “I think he just wants to cuddle his mummy and daddy.” Your husband whipsered. Crawling back into bed, baby inbetween the two of you, Michael pulled you close and kissed your forehead. Occasionally whispering in your ear how much he loved you.

Ashton: You gave birth in the middle of 5SOSs tour: luckily while they would be in the US for a while so you wouldn’t have to worry about flying with a newborn. And with being so young you weren’t ready to take her to the loud concerts yet; you were in a hotel with her all day. You two were doing some cuddling after a late night feeding when Ashton came in from the show. “There’s my girls!” Running into bed with you. “Hey baby. How was your show?” Running your hands through his hair, thank God he took a shower before coming home. “It was amazing. But I’m happy to be back with my girls, I need some cuddles.” Putting your daughter on his chest and bringing close to his side, soon falling asleep in his warm embrace.

Luke: Nothing could beat relaxing days off at home with your husband and little boy. He even cooked you breakfast in bed, and took care of your newly born son while you took a nap. The sound of a loud snore startling you awake; looking over to see that you had already been sleeping for over three hours. Then noticing your soundly sleeping husband and your wide awake son staring at you. “Hi.” You smiled playing with his fingers, and waking Luke up in the process. Starting to say hi to him as well he cut you off, laying the baby inbetween for you to cradle so he could wrap his arm around you. “No talk, more nap.” He said kissing your forehead eyes already closing.

Calum: As much as you and Calum both hated to admit it; you were working like a single parent right now. The band writing and recording a new album meant very long days at the studio. Days that could be spent with you and your new baby girl. Always sound asleep before leaving in the mornings and after when he would come home. Sometimes too tired to even get up with her in the middle of the night. On some days the only communication he got with her was over FaceTime while eating lunch. When he got the chance to go home early for the weekend he immediately took it, almost sprinting to his car. Walking into your house he was greeted with, in his eyes, the perfect view. You laying down in your shared bed while feeding your baby, softly talking to her with her holding your finger in a tight grip. Calum climbed into bed with you, pulling you by the waist closer to his chest. Rubbing his baby girls little head and kissing your shoulder a couple times. “Daddy’s home.”



“On Monday 5 December, an extraordinary Council of State was held at the Royal Palace in Oslo, where His Majesty King Harald V announced that Their Royal Highnesses The Crown Prince and Crown Princess, in consultation with The King, have decided that their newly-born son is to be named Prince Sverre Magnus. The King asked for the Council of State’s assent to the choice of name. The King has decided that Prince Sverre Magnus will not have the title His Royal Highness. The Prince’s birthday will not be an official flag day, and there will be no military salutes on this day. The King’s decision does not entail any constitutional changes. Prince Sverre Magnus is third in line to the throne after Her Royal Highness Princess Ingrid Alexandra.” the Royal Court’s press conference after the birth of Prince Sverre Magnus.

“I think that’s so hard to say. A good portion of the crown princess and a good part of me,” said Crown Prince Haakon when asked who his newborn son Prince Sverre Magnus resembled most.

findcrskccpcrs  asked:

could you do something like you and luke having a baby and when he gets to hold him/her, he starts crying or something? it's not very descriptive.

Exhaustion weighed down your body from the countless hours you endured in labor, making your body sag against the bed and your eyes remain hooded in fatigue. Luke, however, was just as energetic as he could possibly be, almost bouncing on the balls of his feet since he wanted to hold your son so bad.

Your baby was whisked away the moment he came out, his cries bringing tears of joy to both of your eyes as he was swept away to be cleaned. After you delivered the placenta, it only took about ten minutes to clean and treat your baby, so when the nurses walked back in Luke eagerly reached out for him.

Through lidded eyes you watched the nurse carefully transport your son into Luke’s arms, a smile on her face at the new father and son bonding. Luke took one glance at your baby and his face visibly crumpled, never breaking his gaze from his son’s soft face. The nurse shuffled away, leaving the two of you alone in your hospital room.

You felt your own eyes water at the sight of them, your nose stinging from the upcoming wave of tears. Luke sniffled, glancing away from you for a moment as he wiped his face against his shoulder. He laughed a little, turning towards you and walking over with his eyes teary and red rimmed.  

“I didn’t think you’d cry, Luke,” you whispered in a hoarse voice, blinking up at Luke as he slowly bent down and sat on the edge of your bed. “You always said that you wouldn’t cry, but look at you now!” He laughed at your humor, taking one more glance at his newly born son.

“Because I didn’t picture it like this,” he responded, rapidly blinking to clear his full eyes. “I didn’t think it would affect me this much. But experiencing it now, it’s like you’re looking into you and me shoved into one person.”

You nodded in agreement, reaching up and tiredly pushing back your hair as you said, “I wonder who’s eyes he has. Either way they’d be beautiful.” Luke looked up, looking into your eyes before glancing back down at your baby, slowly nodding his head.

“I bet he has yours. He’s gonna be a heartbreaker, Y/N, I can tell…” Luke trailed off, his bottom lip beginning to tremble once again after a few moments. You held back a laugh, leaning forward and swiping your thumb across his cheek to remove the tear that fell.  

“Oh my God, stop crying!” you quietly laughed, peering into his face as he continued to look down at your son. “Why are you crying?”

“I’m just really happy, Y/N,” he mumbled, turning away and rubbing his shoulder against his eyes to dry them. “Happy to have my son here and healthy and happy to have you in my life with me.” You smiled, leaning back and resting your head against the pillow as the fatigue set in again.

“Such a sap,” you joked, sending him a lazy smirk as you became more drowsy by the second. “Luke, I love you.” He looked up, carefully leaning over to kiss you while making sure the baby didn’t stir before saying, “I love you, too.” 

Just when you sunk into a slumber, you could hear the room door opening and some of both of your family members walking inside. They were all eager to see you and the baby, but you were way too tired to stay awake. The last thing you remembered before you fell asleep was Luke handing over your child into the arms of your mother.

JOHNNIE LYNE-PIRKIS shares Personal Recollections of Tom Hardy: From Shotgun Theatre to Kleenex.

After taking a stand on the No Gossip Rule on THAAC, the wonderful and generous Johnnie Lyne-Pirkis stopped by to give his support and shared some meaningful insights on Tom Hardy, the Artist and the Man. It’s a beautiful expose by a man who spent meaningful time with Tom and ought to be shared. 


 Johnnie Lyne-Pirkis Co-Founder of Theatre503 shares his personal recollection on THAAC of TOM HARDY from his SHOTGUN THEATRE days: "I don’t know what has passed recently on the site, and nor do I wish to, but may I just say this: I co-founded theatre503 in 2002, and a few years later had the very good fortune to see Tom’s mesmerising performance in the stage adaptation of FESTEN at the ALMEIDA Theatre in London. Tom is arguably in my mind one of the most exciting and honest performers of his generation. To see him live on stage is a privilege. 

A few weeks later, Tom walked into our theatre wishing to stage a piece written by Brett Lennard from the LAB in New York. His passion for his art poured forth in gushing torrents, washed over you and drew you in, I was swept along by the force of his love. We gave him our space for the one week he requested, and he and the production were phenomenal. At the week’s close, as we said goodbye to him and his co-star, he grabbed me and gave me the biggest warmest hug of gratitude. In that hug I felt his vulnerability, his strength, and his pure love. His gentleness and strength evenly matched

Soon afterwards, he popped back with a proposition to us, and SHOTGUN THEATRE was born, and he and his company took up residence at 503 for a year and a bit. It was a wonderful relationship; Tom drives himself harder than any actor I know; he doesn’t give 100%, he gives 300% and more. I knew when Tom was due to appear in the theatre lobby, as Max ( his faithful hound at the time ) would appear first at the top of the stairs, Tom barrelling in soon after. I also got to know his Mum and his Dad, Chips. Tommy is a family man, and stoutly loyal to those he loves and respects. Naturally, his imminent Hollywood stardom meant he was with us less and less. 

 The last time I was physically with Tom, was shortly before I moved to the States, I was acting in the Kleenex Commercial for his Dad’s Agency, Tom had just finished filming, Warrior. I had shot my scene in the morning, and Tom was due in after lunch. I texted him, as neither of us knew the other was on the same shoot, he texted back asking me to wait. He turned up, one hand heavily bandaged from an injury on the set of, Warrior. Despite the injury, he still managed to give me the hugest hug, again I felt that combined gentleness and strength (even more strength, since he was much more muscular than when we last met), and pure love. 

 He then excitedly showed me photos of his newly born son, Louis. Quite simply, Tom Hardy is pure love, whether he direct it towards the recent project he is working on, his family or his friends. I have been one of the lucky ones to have shared a little time with him, and to get to know him a little better than some. Tom is unique in every way. Anyone who has anything derogatory to say about him, quite simply doesn’t know Tom. He is very special!“

Words written by Johnnie Lyne-Pirkis.