newleaf art


  I was lucky to get these three in my town when I started my acnl game, it seems as though a good majority of Starra’s population is sheep. xD These three are all really interesting and different though, I couldn’t bare to part with any of them. :(

 Muffy has to be my favourite of the three, she has the caring but blunt personality I really like. Vesta kinda reminds me of myself, quite shy and would rather seclude myself in a book then parties. Willow is also awesome,  she appears sophisticated but is surprisingly laid back and usually the source of all gossip in Starra.

 Just quick watercolour pictures of the three, though not too impressed with Vesta I think they turned out okay. I know I said I relate to Vesta but actually now that I think about it they all have aspects I relate to. :)

I had to AC him because he’s such a brilliant character. Madaraaaa~ ♥
I might even draw his fatty cat version, Nyanko-sensei! (that hilarious little shit). But I wanted to draw his beast form for now. If he were a villager, he’d definitely be a cranky/lazy… ^^;

I own this artwork.
Madara (Nyanko-sensei) © Natsume Yuujinchou. /fav anime~